Hi I’m Mark Moritz with Human Touch and I want to talk to you a little bit about one of our newest massage chairs the
Human Touch Zero-Gravity 3.0 massage chair this chair is a fully immersive
experience that will help provide comfort and relaxation and ease of sore
muscles from the top of the head and neck area all the way down to the bottom
of your feet. This chair comes with a Smart 3D FlexGlide technology and what
this technology does it would be like getting massage from a masseuse that’s a warm oil massage. Very smooth, no friction no pinching just a great stress reducer,
relaxation, comfort, and easing of sore muscles that get fatigued throughout the
day. You can adjust several softening pads to provide for your individual
preferences if you want something more intense or less intense. This chair has
three auto programs that are 15 minutes long each. You also have four individual
massage techniques. You also have a foot and calf massager that comes with our
patented and proprietary Figure Eight Technology that not only does above and
beyond what normal foot and calf massagers do, where most will just tend
to clamp on the foot trapping blood down in the foot, these will actually go
around the foot and calf pushing blood back up towards the heart, improving
circulation and blood flow. You also have the ability to extend out the foot and
calf massager so for the taller customers you can get more length for
the height to accommodate that as well. If by chance you only want to experience
a massage in the upper portion of the chair, or say you’ve sprained an ankle or
something like that, you can still get the benefits of the chair and this foot
and calf will convert over to an ottoman and you can rest your feet on top and
not have to worry about too much pressure on a sore ankle or something
like that. There are several ways you can modify the intensity of your massage chair to make it more aggressive or more mild as your preferences may dictate.
If you want a softer, milder massage there is a softening pad already in the
chair to help provide that, you can also pick the intensity mode by using soft
medium or intense modes for massage. The more you recline back it’ll make it more aggressive as well. There is also an a
softening pad that comes with the chair that you can take out if you want a more
aggressive massage. Leave it in if you want a milder massage. For people who
prefer a little more vigorous massage on the neck you can flip some of the head
pillows off and your neck can rest right on the rollers which will provide more
comfort to the neck area. So as you’re thinking about a chair to help reduce
stress and to comfort tired, sore, aching muscles or just a comfortable relaxing
experience the Zero Gravity 3.0 Massage Chair is your answer