Hi, I’m Susan Bratton, your trusted hot
sex adviser, and I’m here with my friend Amara Charles.
She’s a sacred spirituality trainer and author and I’m so happy to be here
talking to you today about yoni massage because whether you’re going to give one
or receive one or both, all the better. We’ve got some great tips
for you to make it the most spectacular experience you’ve ever done. So Amara
tell us your thoughts about yoni massage. What would you give as advice to someone
so that they would be in the top 1% of all yoni masseusers. A piece of advice
that I feel will really bring you to the place of totally enjoying giving yoni
massage and will open your partner exquisitely is to really treat first of
all the yoni like a flower, like petals. The lips are like petals in that they
never want to be crushed or treated roughly especially in the
beginning and so you really treat like it’s like a flower that is is gonna open
for you. So that’s one of the things that I think really helps with a beautiful
approach. I would also say from the receiver’s perspective as the woman
who’s receiving thinking about opening your yoni like that flower, actually
opening, pushing out even to the point where you’re playing back with their
hands or their tongue, your giver, and actually meeting them with some
energy from your yoni and not just expecting it all to be coming to you but
also coming toward it is something that takes yoni massage to another level. Yes,
and I would agree and it’s fun also to really become curious, to
become sort of a yoni investigator, I like to call it
be a comer, a yoni whisperer. So you can really explore
and delve deeply by watching what happens to the yoni
because when we become aroused, we become engorged with
blood and so what happens is that it begins to to spread, and as the
yoni fills with blood and with circulation and with energy, the
natural things start to happen, but you can watch for them and it’s fun.
You watch the thighs begin to spread apart slightly, the hips
begin to relax, the body flushes and of course we become more plump and juicy
and so these are signals that, number one, your partner is enjoying this and
you’re doing a good job and also it means that you can start out very
delicately, very lightly often and then start to go deeper. Yeah I was also
thinking that some advice that I would give would be first of all when Amara
talks about engorgement, I think the massage of the yoni starts
from the rest of her body. Make sure you
watch our video on erotic massage because you want to start there first
and awaken, enliven her whole body before you ever touch her genitals. But this is
really that moment when you begin to touch her genitals, you’re still working
your way from the outside and you’re still bringing blood to the area. You’re
helping her engorge her genitals, number one. Number two, there’s a difference
between being intentionally directed toward trying to make her have an orgasm
and just allowing her to feel all the sensations and pleasure in
her vagina, her outer labia, her inner labia, her clitoris, the hood of her
clitoris, that soft slippery skin above her clitoral hood,
before you hit her mons all the way down to where her labia come together at the
bottom, at the base, that’s called the fourchette. That’s an incredibly
nerve-rich area for a woman and the more you were touching and stroking
everything, working from the outside in, the more the engorgement comes in, the
less she feels pressure to have an orgasm. If she can open, like we were
talking about as a flower, the orgasms will actually flow out of her and
you’re not pushing her, you’re pulling her toward her orgasm. She’s
coming toward her orgasm. You’re not making her have an orgasm, and
I think that’s the distinction. I don’t know how you explain that but
I’m sure that’s a big thing especially for a lot of men
who are goal-directed to understand. There goes my glasses. Keep going.
That is a beautiful distinction because I think for myself and most of women that I
talked to they say that really the best thing would be to to have all the time
in the world. To feel like we just have all the time. We’re not going
anywhere. We’re really going for pleasure.
The secret is that we’re giving pleasure and not going to have
an orgasm, and interestingly when you let go of the the need or the desire, of course you want to have multiple orgasms, but the
interesting thing is that when you let that goal go,
she’s free and she’ll have more and you both really have the
enjoyment of many, many orgasms, and I also saw another little
place that is is really a wonderful place to remember is around the opening.
What do you call that? The introitus around the opening. If
you just lick there and i’m not talking about like a 30-second lick or a
30-second little touch of your finger, I’m talking about staying there for
about 10-15, even go for 20 minutes and stay there. You’ll drive
her crazy and she’ll start to pull you. She’ll start to
want more. If you hold back and be a bit reserved
and notice what she’s really enjoying. I liked so much what you said
about as the receiver to show your pleasure, to really moan, to
show your partner what you like by moving, by moaning, by being very direct like “Yes, that’s great.” The more positive feedback you
can give your giver makes you an even better receiver. It’s one of the skills
of being an incredible receiver is the feedback loop and the only other
thing that I was going to say when you talk about licking around the opening to
the vagina, the introitus, that’s a sphincter muscle actually and what
you’re doing is you’re opening that sphincter. If you have a make-out with
your partner before you give them a yoni massage, that’ll also open up her yoni
which is really nice and a breast massage which we will also talk to you
about in this video series. So all of these things are beautifully intertwined
inter-twinkled as I like to say. So another very important
thing is that women vary. We’re gonna be talking about this in the video. Yeah, of
course we vary. We’re all very different and checking in with her as “Does
that feel good? You like that?” That’s very important. The clitoral head covering
over the clitoris is different on different women. So some
women are barely hooded and some women the head of the
clitoris is is quite exposed and so that is an area that varies greatly for
women as to how much pressure they like. In some women, a breath is even
enough. Just blowing on the head of the clitoris is enough. Other woman
are very hooded. We’ll be talking about this when we go
through the types and so they like a lot of pressure and even grinding,
once they’re aroused. So it’s really to check in what your partner really starts
to like. Yeah there’s so many techniques that you can learn to get
incredible stimulation to the yoni and to open it to more pleasure. We have two
things for you as gifts. One from Amara which is the a guided visualization to
the best yoni massage you’ve ever given or received. We have a link below for you
to that and I also have something I call my butterfly warm-up technique. It’s a
foreplay technique to warm up a yoni that you can do yourself if you’re a
solo practitioner or you can learn how to do it with your partner or your
partner can do it for you, and so we’ll put links to both of those below.
We hope you’ll make sure to tune in to our 9 genital anatomy types taken
from the Quadoska traditional practice. And make sure you don’t skip over the
erotic massage because you don’t want to dive right into the yoni as we said. Alright Amara Charles, Susan Bratton, we are here for you and
we’ll see you on the other side.