MISS WICKLUND:I’m talking aboot
your entire generation.
Generation, “Why me?”, I call it.You live on your phones.
You have no idea how to function like normal people
in the real world. Miss Wicklund,
this isn’t the real world. This is Canada. -Oh, it’s LuLu and Lemon.
-Condescending riot girls. Colleen coalition.
I would like to invite you both -to my party.
-A senior party? A nenior narty? Senior boys only invite
sophomore girls to parties -for one thing.
-God knows what else, eh? (KEYBOARD CLICKING) YOGI BAYER: All you need to handle
any situation in life are the warrior one and warrior two positions, girls.
Master those, and you will master -anyone who gives you s***.
-Ew. Why did your dad text me -like 37 times?
COLLEEN:Oh, my God.-He’s making us work tonight.
-(BOTH SCREAMING) (SCHOOL BELL RINGING) Y’all think history is so boring.
Well, what if I told you during World War Two,
there were Nazis right herein Winnipeg under the self-proclaimed
Canadian führer?
-COLLEEN: So, like, Canadian Hitler?
-Nein. Nein. Nein. Nein.
So muchnein, it’s almost ten. (BOTH LAUGHING) GUY: Canadian Nazis were the original
owners of your store. -It was the Bratzis.
-What is a Bratzi?-Nein. Nein. Nein.
-It’s like a foot-tall Nazi, -and it’s made of bratwurst.
-Are you guys tripping on the pot? -(SCREAMING)
-GUY:I need both of youto help me solve this
quite clear case. (SCREAMING)
Sorry. Destroy everything that threatens
anyone or anything that you love. -That’s the yoga way.
-We can do this. We do tons of stupid stuff
without adults all the time. On Warrior Three, we beat the s***
out of these bratwurst bitches, okay? -BOTH: Okay.
-Warrior Three! -(SCREAMING)
-(SQUISHING) -BOTH: Sorry aboot that.
-(SCREAMING) BOTH: Sorry aboot that. -(SCREAMING)
-(MICROWAVE BEEPING) -BOTH: Sorry aboot that.
-(BELCHING) –Nein.
-(SQUISHING) -BOTH: Sorry aboot that.
-(SCREAMING) I’m not even supposed to be here today.
(SCREAMING) (SQUISHING) Hello, we’re being attacked
by little sausage men with concentrated sauerkraut
for blood that look like -Adolf Hitler.
-G** damn yoga hosers. (SCREAMING)
-OFFICERS: Freeze! Don’t you move, -you yoga hosers.
-This is so basic. This is beyond basic.