Let me demonstrate a few yoga poses and stretches that I particularly like especially if I’ve been sitting all day long and haven’t been doing a lot of movement. One of the main things you might remember is to go slow when you’re doing your stretches. I’m going to start off with Hand-Stirring. Hands are together I lean forward and my goal here is to try and get as much mobility in my spine as possible. Stretch forward to really stretch out my arms I can move into Cat Cow Again the goal here is to really stretch my spine out get it moving nice and easy I’m going to a high kneeling position again my cat cow stretching out extending in both directions You can do those many times as you like taking a break and breathing. Then I now come to the front. If I’ve been sitting, my Psoas muscle is really tight and my lower back is usually pretty sore. So I came up with this stretch to help that. To make it less intense I can spread out the fabric on my chest. It’s a little trickier to get into it like that but basically what I want it to do is have it stretch over the soft part of my stomach I’m going to do a supported cobra and then I’m going to go into Child’s Pose It’s doing two things, it’s stretching the front of my chest and it’s compressing where my Psoas muscle is and stretching my lower back I can have it here bunched together and again same thing, stretching forward and you really want to get your head up And then going back into Child’s Pose Now at this point I’m going to also activate my back muscles So I want to have the Hammock a little bit lower and I lean forward I want it on my hip bones I’m going to adjust it a little bit I want it to be right under my point, my suspension point you want the fabric in the crease where your hips meet and your thigh meets your torso Now lift one leg, and the other leg Do a flutter kick here. Do slow kicks and eventually I’m going to be balancing here Engaging my back muscles and my thigh muscles I can push off and do a gentle swing which is fun keeping my balance Now I want to stretch out my arms so I’m going to take the fabric behind my back and I’m going to grab onto it stretch my arms to the side and spread out my fingers really stretch my arms out Take my hands and wrap them around twice Lean forward in a supported cobra Take this one really nice and easy And to the side stretch forward if I take one of the hand wraps off It’s going to be a deeper stretch into my back I’ts going to be up to you how far you go with that one And again I’m going to stretch out with nerve flossing and bring around to the front At this point, we’re going to be sitting in the hammock So I want to swish around the fabric and gather up about five handfuls of fabric sit down and lay completely in the hammock all the way over very relaxing I can move back and forth I can wiggle I can curl up and extend out There’s a lot of things you can do when you are laying in the fabric as a cocoon my goal is to stretch out my shoulders so I’m going to lay back bring my hands overhead and back down. The fabric is rolling down my back as I move my arms arms and I want this to happen as it is giving me a little back massage bring it all the way down since I am low to the floor I can rest here it is quite a bit of stretch in the front side of my body and there is compression on my spine so I don’t want to stay here very long And I’m going to go ahead and stand up and I’m going to do the back balance So I’m going to have the fabric over my hips and hanging on right close to my hips and lower myself down and I can swing Keeping my head neutral You can also sit up and swing if you like Next I’m going to do the shoulder stretch with my hips up Swinging forward and back getting a little bit of a flow here. Then sit down slide the hammock up to my head I’m just resting my head in the hammock I can lower my shoulders relaxing There’s just a tiny bit of traction on my neck I don’t want to stay here for very long I’m going to lay down and get my feet up You can spread the hammock along the lower parts of your leg and again gently swing your legs side to side you’re going to feel movement in your spine which is the goal Then adjust to put your heels in there I’m going to move to the side so you can see what I’m doing and lift my hips up and roll down Then bending my knees lifting my hips you can go higher up and roll down Really stretch my my leg and arms to the side coming around this is opening up the front of my hips looking up again the lunge will really open my thigh up Bring the front heel forward to open up this hip here I’m going to go back down the way I came up so I’m going to lower myself down with my arm here stretching my shoulder out and arm arc around and then back I’m gong to do that on the other side I’ll bring the arm around rolling onto my stomach this really stretches out my shoulder and the front of my hips lunge move my heel out for a hip stretch. I’ll go back the way I came. These are are just some of the poses that you can do you can use your imagination What I have here is the five-yard hammock I’ve got a 2-inch foam backed carpet a Yoga mat and I’m working with a portable stand inside It’s your option how far you go and what you do there’s quite a lot of variety to the way you can use your hammock this is using it low to the ground