What’s up, everyone? Welcome to Yoga with
Adriene. Today, we have an awesome, quick, simple sequence that you can do practically
anywhere. So, a lot of us just do the 30 days of Yoga, which is still available if you wanna
do it and were wondering how do we maintain this motivation and stick to our yoga every
day? Hopefully, this guy will be in your back pocket, literally. You can keep it on your
phone, you can do this sequence on your phone. You don’t need your yoga mat, you don’t need
your fancy yoga pants. You can do this in your office break room, or in your office
or in the closet or, if you have time, at home. This is a great, quick little sequence
to sneak in when you want to find what feels good and tend to yourself. Also, stick around
after this sequence. I have a little treat for you to aid in your lunchtime pleasures.
Anyway, let’s hop on the mat or you don’t need a mat. Let’s hop on our feet and get
moving. Alright, so to begin today, we’re going to
come to a nice, wide stance, maybe about a hip width apart or just a little bit wider.
Looked like I was getting ready for something there, just cleaning up my mat. Toes are pointing
forward and, as I said before, you can practice this without a mat but definitely take your
shoes off. So, if you are sneaking this in it your office or you just a ran into a nice,
quiet room for a quick yoga break, take off your shoes, maybe take off your socks and
go ahead and take a look down at your feet here for just a moment. Maybe you’re lifting
the toes and pressing into all four corners of the feet. So, we can think about pressing
into the ball joint of the big toe, pressing into the ball joint at the pinkie toe and
then anchoring down to the back, to the corners of the heels. Then, you can release the toes
down and stand up nice and tall and nothing fancy here. We’re going to inhale, squeeze
the shoulders up to the ears, breathe in deep and, on an exhale, slowly dropping the shoulders
down, fingertips towards the earth. Here we go again. Inhale, squeeze shoulders to ears
and exhale, releasing them down. Now, we’re gonna close the eyes and keep this
going. So, you can take your gaze off the video and continue this motion, moving with
the breath. Inhale, squeezing up, and then exhaling, dropping the fingertips down, shoulders
down, down, down. Keep it going. Inhale, squeeze and exhale. Shoulder blades maybe begin to
draw together as we anchor, shoulders, fingertips down. Keep it going with your breath. And then you can your own little flavor to
this. So, maybe it’s circles if you’re feeling kind of sleepy and soft or maybe you’ve have
kind of a frustrating day or just an active day and your energy, your chi, is already
kind of high. You might speed it up. Inhaling and dropping on the exhale, like so. Or a
nice smooth circle. So, let’s take a couple more rounds here. A lot of us carry, right,
this tension in the neck and shoulders and even just, you know, you wake up on the wrong
side of the bed and that can begin to collect really fast in the neck and shoulders. And
so we’re going to release it right here, right now. [inaudible 00:03:27] draw the palms together
at the heart now and just let the shoulders release. We can keep the feet where they are
or perhaps, now, you bring the feet together, just kind of checking in with our balance
and stability today, spreading the toes once again. You might lift them, spread them and
then pressing on all four corners of the feet. We come to what we might refer to as Samasthiti
here or four part equal standing and if you’re like, “What?” you might check out that video.
We have a video just for that. It’s a cute, silent video. Stand up nice and tall here. Lift your sternum
to your thumbs and find a nice, long, smooth, conscious breath. So, the most important thing
in this little yoga break for me is just taking a moment, just a moment, we’re not gonna be
here long, to slow down and to breathe deep. A little self-love moments, taking this time
to connect with the breath, with your energy, and nurture yourself, kind of take care of
yourself, so that you can take care of others. Right? Putting your oxygen mask on first and
then taking care of others, tending to your energy, your energetic health, so that you
can do beautiful, loving, nice things for others. Maybe you make some lunch after your
yoga break, maybe you leave someone a little love note. Just a moment more here, finding
a nice, extended inhale and maybe playing with pushing that exhale extra-long. Awesome. Now, we’ll drop the fingertips down
and take a deep breath in as you reach all the way up towards the sky, nice and tall.
Again, if you’re feeling a little like, whoa, you can come back to that wide stance where
we are at. So, we have two options here, to kind of zip the energy of the legs together
or to press into the feet, hip-width apart, really drawing energy up from the arches of
the feet. Either way, we’ve lengthened the tailbone down, and we find some of our Bandhas,
if you’re familiar, some of these locks that we play with in the body. Maybe the moola
bandha, drawing up the energy up from the pelvic floor, maybe Uddiyana bandha, drawing
navel to the spine and if you were like, “What? What? What?” don’t worry. Check out the Foundation
of Yoga but, really, it’s just about connecting about to the energetic body. So, you can really
do no wrong here. Your awareness is key. We inhale, spread the fingertips wide and
exhale out through the mouth. Inhale in again, pressing your feet, maybe draw a with the
nose like that and exhale out through the mouth. Drop your shoulders down, maybe widen
the hands a little bit, draw your pinkies towards the front, deep breath in and exhale
out through the mouth. Let it go. Awesome. Take your right hand to your left wrist, press
into your left foot as you teeter totter to the right side. Body stretch. Right shoulder
comes underneath here, deep breath in and exhale, back to center. Take your left hand
to your right wrist. Say that five times fast, right wrist, right wrist, and we stretch it
out. Draw your left shoulder underneath, open your heart up towards the sky. Deep breath
and exhale, back to center. Cool. Rain it down. Interlace the fingertips
behind. Again, feet hip-width apart or flush together. We press into our foundation, open
up the chest here. Deep breath in, draw the knuckles down and away and then maybe just
a little free play time here with the neck, with the nose. Maybe nodding yes or no and
maybe a couple of circles round and round. Great, if that’s all you have time for, take
a moment here to bow your head to your hands, press the palms together, and set an intention
for the rest of your day, give thanks for the lunch you’re about to have. If you have
more time, let’s continue on by reaching the fingertips u way high, full body stretch again
and this time, on an exhale, bend your knees generously and move forward full. So, a little
goes a long way here. Taking a moment to breathe in and out through the nose, go ahead and
let it out through the mouth whenever you feel inspired here. Having a little conversation
with yourself with your breath, we stretch it out maybe grab your elbows here. You know
what to do. Then, on an inhale, we’ll inhale, lift up
to a flat back position. Follow your breath. Find nice length here and then, on your exhale,
so follow your breath, take it down. Great. We’re going to do fingertips to the mat and
slide your right toes back. Lower your right knee and just take a couple moments to breath
here. You might rock front, back, you might widen your stance. Make sure that this front
knee isn’t extending over this front ankle. Let’s keep it nice and stacked and you’ll
find a little movement. If it feels right and your attire allows, you might lift your
back knee up. Ooh, yeah. Then, we’ll plant the palms and slide the
left toes to our one and only plank we’re going to do here. Stretch the calves here
by pedaling the feet. Press away from here. So, don’t collapse here but really press away
from here. Draw your navel up. Breath, breath, breath. And then we’ll [inaudible 00:09:36] up and
back to a downward facing dog. Man, we’re going to feel three breaths here. So, how
you feel them is entirely up to you. You might pedal the feet, you might come to a beautiful
place of stillness, grounding. You might press into your knuckles. You might bend the knees
generously. Everyone, melt your heart back. Fill your three breaths with love, a little
lunchtime love. A little gratitude and then, after your three breaths, we’re going to step
the right foot up into our lunge and lower the left knee down. Okay, same thing as before here. We just take
a little moment to explore where are you sore, where are you tight? Playing in this low lunge
and we always keep that left knee down or, if your body’s feeling it, you might lift
it up for a moment or two, filling these moments with full, deep breaths. And then we’ll send that left foot back in,
taking a couple steps or one big step all the way up, back to that forward full. Great,
inhale. Halfway lift once again and exhale. Bow. Awesome. We’re going to bring the fingertips
to the mat and now we’re going to widen the feet, toes are going to be turned out left
to right and we’re going to squat back down. Hopefully, you didn’t wear a mini skirt to
work today. Just kidding. And we’re going to come to a little yoga squat. So, this might seem a little farfetched. You
really can do this anywhere and, again, you don’t need the yoga mat. You can just kind
of drop to our feet. It’s great, if you’re not wearing shoes here, to kind of stretch
the four blocks of feet that we stand on, that we walk on. If you are in a more comfy
place and you you do have your stretchy pants on or something, you might come to a little
[inaudible 00:11:39] variation here. So, often, we skip yoga practice because we don’t have
the right clothes, we don’t have enough time, or there’s all these excuses, right? I know,
I do it, too. But here, we kind of have no excuse. Even if you’re here, just playing
with your feet, if you did wear that mini skirt to work today. It’s not very fun on a stiff knee. I’m just
playing. You know I’m [inaudible 00:12:05] pant wearing, anyway. Try not to be too silly
on the first video back of the year, but it’s a little lunch break yoga, so we can have
some fun. Take one more breath, wherever you are, my friends, nice, conscious, full, nourishing
breath in and then, on your exhale, gently release. Okay, we’re going to come to seated here.
We’re going to extend the legs out nice and long, take a deep breath in, set up nice and
tall. As you exhale, hug that right knee all the way up and in. Okay, this is a little
moment for the hips. It’s going to yummy. So, you might just take your foot and cradle
it like a baby here. If your body allows, you might even take your foot into this kind
of hook of your elbow and cradle it even more. If you’re new to the practice, you’ll be surprised
how quickly this will stretch with regular practice. So, if you’re new and you’re like,
this is all I got right here, a little toe movement, that’s great. Just check in with
the hip. You can also rock a little front to back,
so to each his own here. Sit up nice and tall. And then we’re going to take it into a twist.
So, release the right foot to the ground, inhale, send the left fingertips high, high,
high. Stretch through the left side body and then we’ll will turn towards the right side,
moving into a gentle twist, nice, long smooth deep breath, sweeping up and down the spine
here. Really gentle, really [inaudible 00:13:33]. We breathe in and out and they will release
back to center and will do the same thing on the other side. So, we take a deep breath
in and exhale, hug old left knee up into your heart and, in your own time, we come to check
in with this left hip. So, a little movement here. This is also just giving us a moment
to sit up nice and tall and to check in with our posture, to remember, to remind ourselves
that it’s all connected. So, as we work, as we continue to taskmaster throughout the rest
of the day, we can still kind of do it with this awareness of the spine and a full body
experience. After a couple rocks, go on and take your
left foot to the ground and we’ll inhale, reach the right fingertips up high. Breath
through the left side as you stretch, stretch, stretch, and then we’ll take it around into
our twist. So, it’s not about how far you can go. In fact, resist the urge to lean back.
Sit up nice and tall, head over heart, heart over pelvis, and we breathe. Nice, rejuvenating,
vitalizing breathes into that lower belly. Our mind begins to think of lunch and we acknowledge
those thoughts and come back to the breath. Cool. And we’ll slowly unravel and we have
a couple options here. If you’re at home, you have your mat, you have your blanket out
or something, then go ahead and take a moment to come to flat back and rest. Oh, yeah, baby.
So, stay here and relax, decompress. You might draw a couple lines with the nose back and
forth here, massaging the back of the head. If you’re not in a place where you necessarily
feel comfortable lying on the ground, you know, I like to keep it real. Come back to
your desk chair, your office chair, your kitchen stool and sit up nice and tall. So, you’re
settling in for a brief [inaudible 00:15:48] here, [inaudible 00:15:49] in a corpse pose,
lying flat on the ground or coming to a nice comfortable seat and, if you’re sitting up,
see if you can go ahead and ground the feet, both feet on the ground. Sitting up nice and
tall, wherever you are, my friends, take a moment to just close your eyes and relax,
decompress. It’s so hard to kind of stop and slow down. We’re so used to moving, you know,
kind of hurried and rushed. So, here, just take a unhurried moment for ourself, again,
acknowledging how important this is so that we can give back to others, so that we can
serve others, so that we can make someone lunch, so that we can leave little kindness
or trail. If you find this moment right here, right now, really challenging, welcome to
the club. It’s hard to slow down. So, we’ll just take three more breaths, feeling three
more breaths in your own time. Just nice, quiet stillness here. And then, after three breaths, we’ll slowly
bat the eyelashes open. Open your eyes, roll your palms together at your heart and we seal
this deal by bowing to one another, Namaste. This is our first video back of the new year
and I’m very grateful. The lesson here, the idea is that a little bit of Yoga goes a long
way. So, do what you can. Let’s stay committed to practicing a little bit of Yoga every day
and I’ll see you next time. Namaste. All right, my friends. So, awesome job. This
is a sequence that you can literally keep in your back pocket, right? You can have this
bookmarked on your phone or you can even memorize this and have it as a go to, just kind of
lunch break yoga moment, a little feed your soul and stretch your body moment, to attend
to the self. Of course, the idea again being that we nurture ourselves and we take the
time to do the work and check in with our bodies so that we are more capable and open
and available to do loving, beautiful things for others, like making someone lunch or even
just making yourself lunch. So, my big surprise is I’d like to share a lunch recipe with you.
I was able to collaborate with Kin Community on an awesome show called Crazy Happy Cooking.
The idea is kind of taking the principles of yoga and bringing them into the kitchen,
so finding what feels good, breaking the rules a little bit, working with what you got. So,
hop on over there to check out my Tartine recipe and let me know what you think in the
comments down there below. It was super fun to make and I think it really
kind of goes with this idea of taking a moment each day. You don’t need a big fancy gym membership,
you can just kind of do it in the comfort of your own home. You can do a little yoga
in the kitchen while you cook and find what feels good, taking the time and making the
time to tend to yourself, so you can do wonderful things with your life and serve others. Sounds
pretty good to me. All right. Let me know what you think down below. Take this with
you every day. There’s no excuse now, you know. Take this yoga with you in your office,
share it with your coworkers, do it with your kids and take good care. I love you guys so
much. I’ll see you next week. Regular videos are rocking and rolling. We’ve got lots of
fun stuff. Three years of yoga continues. I think that’s all for now. We bring our palms
together and I bow to you. Namaste.