Hey guys welcome to your flexibility beach yoga were on a beautiful beach in St Lucia and I have a 10 min sequence for you that will help you get flexibility in your legs especially in your hamstrings and your hips so if you’re ready find some space grab a mat and lets do this alright guys so were going to begin in our childspose so just coming to the back go your mat sitting down to your heels and reaching out all the way forward and taking a deep breath in inhale exhale hear the ocean deep breath in and exhale slowly coming out to your all fours tuck your tows under and lifting into our downward dog and just beginning to do a little walk on the spot letting go of any tension and then slowly looking right to the top go your mat taking two big steps forward and slowly rounding through the spine and just taking a small flow here inhale reach up and exhale forward fold inhale half way exhale step your left foot back just about the middle of your mat worrier 1 positing lifting your arms to the sky bending your front knee and then from here taking our perimid posture something that releasing your hamstrings take hands behind back inhale reach up and then exhale take your body all the way down so ideally you want that forehead touching your knee if this is too difficult you can always release your hands to the floor or over to a prop like a yoga block or a book or even a chair and then from here ground your left hand into the floor or a prop and begin to take a reversed triangle reaching your right arm right up to the ceiling you might feel this a little bit more in your ITband as well as your hamstring and then slowly realizing and then from here were going to take what we call a standing splits place your weight into your right foot your left leg is going to lift right up to the ceiling high as you possibly can and your forehead comes all the way down to your knee again don’t worry how high your leg goes up its all about feeling that stretch in the hamstring thats all i want you to think about here and then slowly release step your left foot all the way back and taking our high lunge reach it up open up your body open up your heart right up to the sky exhale take your hands down and stepping back into downward dog and lets just take a flow here coming forward into your plank taking your chataranga upward dog and exhale downward rog and then from here looking up towards the top of your mat taking two steps forward rounding through the spine were going to repeat that onto the other side so whenever you’re ready inhale reach up exhale forward fold inhale half way exhale right foot steps back half way grounding your heel and coming up to our warrior 1 you want to think of drawing your navel into your spine left knee over your ankle ad then releasing your ams behind your back extend your knee deep breath in exhale fold forward as far down as you can again if you feel like you’re loosing yourbalance you’re always welcome to grab those blocks place hands to the floor and then grounding your right hand to your prop or the mat lets take our reversed triangle left arm up and coming back to centre lets take our standing splits bring all of you weight into your left foot make sure you’re slightly bending your knee and then reaching the leg right up to the sky forehead down to your knee and hold here again don’t worry about how high your leg goes up the more you do this the easier it will get getting that entire hamstring release and then step your right foot back high lunge open up here releasing your hip flexors exhale take it down stepping back into downward dog and lets take our flow chataranga upward dog exhale downward dog reaching your right leg right up to the sky bend your knee and take a big step to the very right of your mat this is called your lizard posture to really open your hips you can drop your left knee down to the floor and allow your right foot to roll to the lateral side pinky toe area of your foot as that happens you’re seeing that right knee fall away from you and your hips sink down into the floor and if this is not enough for you go ahead and come down to your elbows to deepen the stretch or stay up and then from here were just going to tuck your toes underneath lift your back knee and bring your right leg right up to the sky and lower the right foot lets take it to the other side left leg up bend your knee big step to the left corner of your mat lizzard position and again see how this feels if this is too much just stay there your going to get to that position overtime otherwise let your left knee fall away from you rolling that foot to the lateral side coming down to your elbows if you like to or staying with your hands up so you should be feeling this in the hip flexors and the inner thigh one more deep breath in and exhale tuck your toes lift your back knee and step back into downdog and just a little walk on the spot letting go of any tension lets take one more flow to release our entire body come into plank chataranga up dog and downward facing dog and then slowly bringing your knees down to the floor and shifting to one side of your hips and the extend your legs all the way forward what were going to do is open up your legs as wide as you can and flex your feet again this opens up our hips really focusing on that flexibility in our lower body from here you’re going to place your hands forward either walk yourself forward as far as you can or if you’re a little more advanced your peace fingers are reaching for your toes you’re coming all the way down and you’re going to stay here for a moment and breathe very nice and then slowly come up and then bending your knees one last stretch this is called your frog posture knees open inhale reach up and exhale take it down and allowing your knees to fall as far down to the floor as possible taking a couple deep breaths exhale very good and the slowly come up very nice job guys and then just sitting up and let your knees fall a few times to the right and then to the left and then sitting down with your feet crossed in front of you and just sit up resting your hands on your knees and just doing a big head roll to the right big head roll to the left take a deep breath in lift your arms up and exhale hands dowm to your heart and just feel free to keep your hands at your heart or rest them down back to your knees closing your eyes and taking a few breaths in letting go of any build up energy and allow yourself to feel grounded peaceful and balanced one more deep breath in exhale let it go thank you guys so much for watching for joining me on this beautiful beach today i hope you enjoyed our flexibility little practice here do this as many times as you can so you start to feel the benefits in your body thanks so much and ill see you soon again bye