hi everyone welcome to Rachel Pichler
yoga my name is Rachel we’re gonna do a yoga flow for flexibility today focusing
on the upper body so find a little bit of space to move and let’s get started
and just remember to subscribe to my channel if you haven’t already so let’s begin today by finding a nice
comfy seat cross-legged on your knees whatever works best for you but we’re
just gonna take our hands and place them on the mat beside us so I want you to
close your eyes here if you’re comfortable doing so place your
fingertips on the mat don’t worry about connecting the entire palm and then as
you inhale just gently push into the fingertips and sit nice and tall roll
the shoulders back and down a little bit just kind of opening up through the
chest and then hold it here that nice tall posture so good nice you guys take
another inhale and exhale with your next inhale start to reach your right arm up
towards the ceiling and then you can lean over to the side as far as you need
you to find a nice side body stretch holding in here for just a moment really
reaching those fingertips I’m gonna use a nice big inhale to lift
yourself back up fingertips to the mat beside you find that nice long spine
again inhale your left arm up and then leaning over so good find that side body
stretch wherever you are take a nice big inhale lifting yourself back up reset
fingers hips into the mat we’re gonna go a little bit faster here so inhale your
right arm up and start to lean on over nice you guys once you kind of find your
edge as far as you can go use a nice big inhale lift yourself back up find that
nice tall spine inhale your left arm up and lean over just going as far as you
can and then using an inhale to come right back right arm inhale reach up
lean over inhale brings you back up set y’all left arm up as you inhale and lean
over you guys inhale come all the way back up fingertips to the mat on either
side of you sitting a little taller and take one more inhale and exhale
you guys you can start to open up your eyes now if you haven’t already we’re
gonna come onto our hands and knees tabletop so come on over or forward
spread the fingers nice and wide we’re just gonna turn the fingertips to face
the sides of the mat or if you can keep going and turn your fingertips all the
way to face your knees you can keep going so feeling the nice stretch
through the forearms through the wrists maybe even into the palms and let your
head be nice and heavy this breathing feel to stretch those arms and I see you
guys one more inhale and exhale start to turn the fingertips back to face the
front take a little counter stretch so bring the top of the hand down one hand
or both hands at the same time just a quick counter stretch though turning
that wrist or bending that wrist in the opposite direction so if you’ve got one
hand down just switch sides top of the hand is coming into the mat and then
everybody can just sit on the heels take a few wrist circles wiggle them out
shake them out give them a little massage if you need it we’re gonna come
into downward facing dog so spread the fingers wide bring your hands to your
mat and lift on up into downward facing dog
awesome you guys using an inhale we’re just gonna shift our weight forward
coming into a plank but just for a moment and then as you exhale you’re
gonna push yourself all the way back into your down dog inhale shift your
weight forward one more time and exhale send it back downward dog inhale look
between your hands and exhale walk your feet up to the top of your mat inhale
start to lift your upper body half way up exhale let’s fold planting your hands
and take your left foot and step it to the back of your mat so you can drop the
back knee you can keep it lifted if you want it but we’re gonna lift
upper body as well so sinking into those hips the right arms gonna reach up and
then the hand is just going to come to the upper back and you can grab on to
the elbow with your left hand and just open up through the tricep shoulder and
sink into those hips nice you guys so you can always have that back knee
lifted depending on how much you want to work in the leg so up to you wherever
you want to be I’m going to take my knee down today get a nice stretch so let’s
stay for another inhale and exhale bring your hands just to the knee in the front
reset if you need to sink into those hips a little bit more we’re gonna keep
the right hand on the knee and inhale that left arm up and lean over so like
we did when we were sitting you might really feel that through the hip now and
the side body but just go as far as feels right and then use a nice big
inhale and lift yourself back up your hands can find the floor step your front
foot all the way back into your downward dog so stay here if you want it or come
into that high plank with me inhale shifting the weight forwards and exhale
send it back down dog one more inhale shift the weight forward and exhale
downward facing dog inhale everybody look between your hands
exhale Walker step to the top of your mat inhale let’s left half way up and
exhale full take your right foot this time and step it back drop your knee or
keep it lifted again option is yours but sink nice and low into the hips even if
your knee is lifted lift the chest up the left arm is gonna come all the way
up hand is gonna come to the shoulders and then just grab onto the elbow nice
you guys settle in feel whatever you got going on through that arm let’s shoulder
those hips one more inhale here and as you exhale you can unwind bring your
left hand your arm to your front leg and then start to
inhale the right arm up and lean over to the side a little bit a little bit more
whatever feels right but think about reaching those fingertips actively
reaching with those fingertips and then use a big inhale lift yourself back up
hands are gonna come to the floor step your front foot back into downward dog
using an inhale let’s all come forwards into that plank and then we’re gonna
lower down so you can drop to your knees or you can slowly lower yourself all the
way down but setting up your Cobra so have your legs the top of your feet on
the mat hand’s underneath the shoulders use an inhale roll the chest up roll the
shoulders back and down and just hug your elbows in towards your sides are
going to stay for an inhale and exhale drop the chest down nice and light and
then inhale lifting back up maybe coming a little bit higher and exhale lower so
you can stay nice and low for these the entire time inhale lifting up maybe
coming even higher maybe not exhale lower okay we’re gonna add our neck into
this one our chin so as you inhale lift up as high as you want to go and then
just turn your chin over the left shoulder I see you guys as you exhale
lower back down inhale lift the chest Chin’s going over the right shoulder
drop the shoulders down exhale let’s lower let’s do that one more time on
each side so inhale lift up turn the chin exhale drop the chest inhale lift
up turn the chin and exhale drop it down nice you guys alright we’re gonna push
ourselves back up either into a plank or onto the hands and knees wherever you
want to be and then exhale find your downward facing dog nice you guys with
an inhale stay here and exhale drop your knees all the way down onto your mat so
we’re just gonna sit on our heels for a second we’re
interlace the fingers behind and then try and squeeze the palms together so
you can interlace the fingers and lift the hands off the low back but if you
want to feel it more or if you’re even able to bring the palms together you can
try that you might feel it even more through the shoulders even into that
chest so once you have your fingers interlaced or palms touching either one
start to open up so you can pull the shoulders back a little bit more lift
the chin from the collarbone and then you can stay sitting on the heels or as
you inhale just lift the hips up and then hold it here push those hips
forward pull the shoulders back nice you guys inhale exhale sit back on the heels
keep those hands behind you we’re coming back up inhale lift up only if you want
it breathe hold it here for another breath and exhale bring the hips back
down one last time inhale lift up squeeze those palms together open the
shoulders chest and exhale let’s sit on the heels release your hands and your
arms back in front roll your shoulders up to your ears pull them back drop them
down a shoulder roll again and one more awesome you guys so coming back onto the
hands and onto the knees we’re gonna walk our arms all the way out in front
so you’re kind of reaching lengthening through the upper body drop your
forearms down bring your palms together and if you can keep sliding the elbows
away from you and drop the chest towards the mat just let the hands kind of come
behind the head you can rest your forehead down feeling some length
through those shoulders into those triceps again and into the spine even
the abdominals perhaps and I see you guys so you can take those hands that
are together lift it off of the mat and actually try and touch them to your
shoulders maybe those fingertips can find the shoulders keep letting the
chest fall down towards them it’s awesome you guys slowly bring your
hands all the way back to the mat in front and then lift your chest your
forehead all the way up walking the hands in so that they’re underneath your
shoulders we’re gonna actually cross the ankles and have seats but then laying
all the way down onto the back alright so lay down bend your knees and plant
your feet we’re gonna come up into bridge pose but I want you to you guys
so actually let’s just do it together using inhale pick the hips off the mat
and I want you to bring your arms underneath you and interlace the fingers
or squeeze the palms together take the same option if you can as you did when
we were sitting down on our heels and we were trying to open up through the
shoulders and the chest so I want you to just imagine that you’re doing the same
thing here you’re pulling the shoulders back and pushing them into the mat and
you’re lifting your hips and as you lift the hips that’s just gonna help open the
chest even more but instead of this time bringing the chin away from the
collarbone think about bringing the collarbone towards the chin nice you
guys it’s just a little something different to think about in bridge pose
some work stay fren inhale and then exhale drop the shoulders drop the spine
the low back and the hips all the way to the mats alright you can let your knees
rock from side to side a little bit here just kind of massage the low back awesome work you guys so I’m gonna give
you guys an option here you can keep your feet on the floor today you can
even bring the soles of the feet together and let the knees come out wide
if you want to come with me and into shoulder stand we’re gonna come up so
we’re gonna lift the feet and bring the feet into the air and then you’re just
gonna pick the hips up a bit and just bring the hands to the low back so
shoulder stand is a really awesome stretch for the neck because the chin is
coming towards the collarbone I’m gonna give you guys another option I’m just
gonna talk you through it though so if you’re coming with me your hips are off
the mat your legs are off the mat you can send your feet as high towards the
ceiling as you would like and yes just take a few breaths here if you’re laying
down and your feet are on the ground your legs are on the ground that’s fine
you can get this similar stretch in the neck if you clasp your hands together
behind your head and you pull your chin towards your collarbone I see that it’s
okay so shoulder standards if you want to take it further into that neck
stretch you can find plow you can let your feet fall behind the head but only
go as far as your body lets you go you can keep your hands on your low back for
support this is also plow pose is also really awesome stretch through the
entire back awesome work you guys so those of you that have your hips off of
the mat right now very very slowly let’s start to bring them back down and if you
can keep the back of your head connected to the mat the whole time that you bring
those hips all the way down see if you can do that nice and slow nice and
controlled if you are holding your head up with your hands just gently place
your head back down onto the mat and then we’re all going to rock from side
decide bring the knees together either hug them in or just plant the feet but
rock from side to side give that low back a nice massage you see you guys so
bring your arms out to the sides when you’re ready and let the knees fall over
to the left twist releasing the low back nice work you guys use an inhale lift
the knees back up exhale them over to the right side switch sides twist nice work you guys using an inhale bring
the knees back up you can keep the feet planted if your if your low back or your
spine is still talking to you from your shoulder stand or plow just keep rocking
side to side give a nice big big massage to that low back or you can actually hug
your knees in or rock from side to side also happy baby is a good option and
adding that rock from side to side wherever you want to be and then when if
you’re feeling ready whenever you’re feeling ready to set up for your
shavasana you can start to extend your legs out nice and long
spread out the spread the feet out to the edges of the mat bringing your arms
to your sides take a nice big inhale and exhale
awesome Rick today you guys have a great rest of your day stay here as long as
you would like but until next time namaste