i just hold you wait, wait a bit wait try to hold your feet Hello i am Vlad and welcome to a new episode today we’re gonna do a challange with Mimi i didn’t colaborate with her on this channel and i thought that the best challange would be yoga challange you know by the title what we’re gonna do why yoga challange ? because nobody realy did this in Romania yoga challange i did this with my brother but it was very hard because we are both the same we have the same weight and its hard to do yoga positions with Mimi its very easy because she’s short and i can lift her and we can do a cool challange out of this and if you want more challanges or colaborations don’t forget to press the like button, to subscribe to Mimi’s channel hi, I am Mimi ”hi, I am Mimi” have you something else to say ? yes , i want you to tell you that i’m not flexible one time i tried to do twine and diden’t went well do you like my shoes ? maximum i have chosen some photos with positions yoga positions wich i hope we can do this is the first one yes i sure that we can do it good, for this we need to stay back to back yo can tell the high difference and you should get down i can get down myself for this wait, wait you get down first and than I get down i have have you get down ? get down on your back oppose i dont want to push you oppose, oppose I try to oppose but i have 30 kg i said its easy but it isn’t and i said it would be a easy challange because she’s short but it isn’t i think its even harder the next position is this i think that almost all of you did this when you were smaler it should be easy it should be trust me but i fall on my back push yourself in hands don’t fall on me strech your legs i don’t want you to fall on me i have tendril on my foot we will be back soon its so hot because i wear to pair of pants 3, 2, 1, go watch your hands, your hands dosen’t matter its like push up position yes i do push ups evry day 3, 2, 1, go that’s it we succeeded this position in the meantime the we run out of space on memory card and didn’t filmed when she falled she didn’t really fall but we succede that’s also a push up position you need to use your hands i’m gonna be the first one your legs probably are gonna come on my but probably like this and Mimi is gonna stay in the oposite way are you sure ? i don’t even feel you we succeded, we succeded don’t stay with your but up but i can’t stay straight put your legs further back, on my shoulders untill you stay straight we succeded its ok ? yes we succeded we didn’t provide that this challange would be so tiring i would leave soaking from Mimi’s house but’s ok for the next position we choose a simple one the next one dosen’t involved lifting up a person perfect ,wait we should be closer yes, we did it it really was easy, i have choosen 6 positions i should have chosen more positions really? i think i should have my back curved my back should be curved we stay back to back I should stay like this Mimi you should stay the oposite way your legs should be over my neck you should catch your legs with your hands are you holding me ? i don’t think its hard i stay curved i think we’ve made it i think we’ve made it i belive yoga its easier than… this was the warmup kind of i have chosen only 6 positions because i tought there would to many but were a few ok, i have chosen 3 more positions probably the most harder yoga positions and we will try to do them i alredy did two of them but we will see how we’re goona make it now Vlad has chosen the most harder positions into the word that’s good the first positions would be this and you should hold your feet no wait, you’re holding with both hands your left leg right leg in air get on your back, get on your back i will fall hold your leg nooo , noooo grab your leg i can’t because i need to lift up one leg i think that i have tendril again again? 3 tendrils later 50.000 likes and we will succed, have you pressed the button i have a shooting after and i want to arrive alive there i will be there alive , trust me this position its to hard, we don’t know how to do it or how to get there the next position … yes i didn’t get up because i’m dead is one that i’ve made in one of my distrack it shoul be much easier because the easier person should stay up and all you’ve got to do is to stay with your leg over my head and i should lean backwards you’re crazy i can’t jump he slips no wrong leg come on over my head stay there its easier so don’t sit down we don’t take a brake now i slip do you slip ? if i knew it would be so hard i didn’t accept to do it i like Vlad because he’s persevering we did it, we did it we need to succed ,we need to succed we did it wih my dad, and we are heavy over my head, strech it strech it its streched calm down i can’t belive it we did it , high five we’re over now, we had one more positon but we’re dead it was super hard don’t try this at home o yes, try it, yoga is healthy and my legs hurt and i feel more flexibel if you’re not subscribed to Mimi’s channel i recomand you to check it out we filmed a clip for her channel we filmed explain this on my channel and I watched on Vlad’s phone yes she watched on my phone and has a lot photos with girls i think you want to see it with all these being said i was Vlad and we’re gonna see the next time !