hi everyone welcome to Rachel Pichler
yoga my name is Rachel today our union good practice is going to be all about
the upper body so find a little bit of space to move let’s get started and just
remember to subscribe to my channel if you haven’t already all right you guys we’re gonna start in
child’s pose today so I want you to come onto your knees and bring them out nice
and wide sitting back towards the heels so we’re
gonna bring our chest and our foreheads down as usual but we’re gonna give them
to our shoulders a little bit while we are here it’s just an option though you
could reach your arms above your head if you want to enter your shoulders take
that left arm and slide it underneath your chest and then drop your chest down
and your forehead down so kind of like a one-armed Child’s Pose
getting a little bit into that left shoulder I’m just staying here for a few
breaths so with that left arm underneath the
chest just start to use an inhale to lift out just enough to reach that left
arm out and then bring the right arm under Ling all the way back down los Amigos is an inhale let’s lift back
up wanna reach your right arm back out in front and then we’re just gonna pick
the hips off from the heels so sliding your knees in a little bit still
reaching out nice and flower a little further if you can keeping the hips high
we’re gonna drop the forehead you can drop your forearms and that chest down
all the way as well so feel free to stay stay here or we’re
gonna add a side stretch so just start to lift your chest up a bit we’re still
reaching our arms out but we’re gonna walk them over to the left side so
probably off of your mat and then you’re just gonna same thing drop the chest
drop the forehead drop the forearms if you can using it inhale let’s lift up walk the
hands to the middle and all the way to the right side reaching nice and far
away and lowering the chest back down and with an inhale slowly slowly start
to walk your hands back to the middle and you can bring them all the way in
under the shoulders so we’re going to just have a seat so you can bring your
legs out in front our knees are gonna be nice and bent but take an inhale and sit
up nice and tall and then as you exhale start to bring your chest towards your
knees so I want you to feel the length through the back here it’s not about the
legs it’s about the upper body it’s about the spine it’s about the back so
you might have your leg straight and be able to drop your chest towards your
knees you can go all the way there but if that’s not you
you have your knees bent nice and bent and just think about resting the upper
body on the knees on the thighs and then you can let the head be heavy I’m just breathing wherever you are
gonna you might slide those feet a little bit further but I want that
connection I want the upper body the chest resting on the legs there’s a few more breath in this one
get those legs a nice big hug nicely done you guys slowly start to
lift yourself back up find that nice long spine and then we can just bring
the legs in we’re gonna come all the way over onto the stomach so fall forwards
gracefully bringing your stomach all the way down onto the mat we’re gonna be
bringing the left arm out to the side it’s gonna be nice and straight and in
line with the shoulder ice shimmied over to the right side of my mat you can do
that as well but palms gonna face down to start left cheek or ear to the mat
and then you’re just gonna try and roll over onto your back but just go as far
as you need to you can bend your legs you can plant your feet or keep the leg
straight ever feels best so stay a little longer if you’d like or
just start to come back roll over onto your stomach again and we’re gonna bring
our opposite cheek or ear down so the right side and then just rest the arms
at your sides so stayin here even for a bit longer if
you are ready to go to the other side just bring that right arm out I’m gonna
shimmy to the left side of my max butt check on that right arm make sure it’s
nice and straight and line with your shoulder and bring that right cheek back
down starting tough just turn on over I mean there’s all see the arm the chest
the shoulder stay a little longer again if you’d like
or starting to turn all the way back over so we’re gonna bring that left your
chief down to the mat this time and rest your arms at your sides awesome are you guys alright we’re going
to turn all the way over onto our backs so just turn yourself on over I’m gonna
keep our legs out but before you get too comfy just come up onto your forearms so
you can sit on your hands or your hands can be beside your hips but we’re on the
forearms and we’re gonna lift the chin away from the collarbone and try and
touch your top the top of your head to the mat fish pose opening that chest
pulling the shoulders back but just lengthening through the front of the
neck let’s take one more inhale and then as
you exhale I’ll let the shoulders fall let the head
rest bringing your hands to the back of the head and just pulling the chin
towards the collarbone for a nice stretch of the back of the neck slowlyslowly you can place your head all
the way down ah taking your arms resting them at your sides of your feet out at
yourself your mat huh setting up for shavasana stay here as long as you’d
like you guys and until next time have a great day