Hello everyone, this is exercise number four on word processors and in this exercise we are going to copy this text about Leonardo da Vinci and we will apply the format… the font Verdana on a size of 14 to everything. So… you will have this attached to your task. So… I’m selecting everything CTRL copy and I’m going to word processor. I’m pasting it. There you go. Now I am selecting everything and Verdana. There you go! Size 14 This is how we start Okay, let’s see. What’s next Center the title, underlined, size 20 in an orange color So let’s go! This is the title. We center it size 20 and orange color, that’s it! So the next paragraph is centered too Size 8. Make sure that the links are active in blue color. So… this is the paragraph and we want it centered and the size is 8. Really small. And make sure that the links are active. These links are not active right now. So you put the cursor at the end of the line and then press ENTER and that should do it. Press ENTER again here and now I erase this line That’s it Okay, so if I click here it will take me to the website that’s nice, okay, what’s next? Justify all the other paragraphs in the text and apply a double line spacing Okay, I will select everything else This is justified text. You see all the lines end at the same point This is not justified. This is justified. That’s the difference. It looks much better that way and the line spacing is the space in between the lines. So everything is selected and they want it double Double is here. You see the difference. This is simple and this is double. That’s right. So next thing to do… italic format to Mona Lisa and The Last Supper Mona Lisa Because these are paintings by Leonardo italic and That’s right Alright so that was quite quick. Now we have to search for a free image of Mona Lisa We have to place it at the right side of the first paragraph. Adjust the size of the image so it looks good. Make sure that is well aligned with the margins of the text I’ll show you how to do this. We want a picture of the Mona Lisa at this side of this paragraph. So let’s go. Mona Lisa Images We want it free No copyright So we click here. I also don’t want images that are too big. So I click here in size. I Guess it should be okay right click And I copy the image back to the word document I’m gonna paste it here CTRL V This is really big. So I’m adjusting the size So as I told you before to put images within the text you have to click here and choose square or “cuadrado”. You can also right click in the image. Here is the same And now you can move it all around the text And we wanted… there You see it is aligned with the margins. I don’t want something like that. That is terrible. Please don’t do that. There okay, that looks quite good. That’s nice! What else? Number four here Create a text box with “Mona Lisa by Leonardo da Vinci” Arial size 8 and italic and we have to place it right below the image and group it with the image. Okay, this is easy to do We have to insert a text box like this one and the text we want here is Mona Lisa by Leonardo And this will go over here… it is Arial size eight and italic That’s it. We don’t want this line. So I select the text box and… The outline… we don’t want a line there you see with a line… no line. I’m going to place it right below. I think it goes well… that looks good. And now I press ctrl so I select the text box and the image. Both are selected now and now I go to group and group. So now they are a block. They are a group and I can move them around. Place them wherever I want to. There you go! So what’s next? Number five do the same like in steps three and four with a picture of a self-portrait of Leonardo Place it at the left side of the last paragraph Okay, and this is what they want in the text box? Okay, let’s do that. That’s right, so let’s see what’s next Then we have to apply a header To the document so we have to double-click in the upper part of any page in the document. Left side of the header We have to write IES Infanta Elena and to the right side at the right side technology. Ok, so This is what a header is. You have to click in the upper side there Now you see we are writing in the head left side they want Yes fanta Elena, I Double click on the right side there Double click anywhere outside And you see? This header is going to appear in all the pages of the document Ok So next thing to do is apply a footer. A footer is the same thing as a header, but it is at the bottom of the document So at the left side we have to write first of ESO and… The right side your name and family name . Click at the bottom of any page we can type Right Side On its done… and we can see the footer in every page of the document Next thing is to apply page numbering At the bottom of the page. So for that is very easy, and this is interesting to see what happens because If you do this… go to insert Page number at the end of the pace at the bottom and we want in the center You see now We have a number here. Number one, number two for the second page, but the footer that we just created is gone. It’s not here. So it was overridden by this page numbering So the best way to do this now is to edit this footer Again, don’t erase the page number, but now we type again first of ESO Alright… and that’s it! We have the page numbers and the footer and the header on every page and If the document was… the document had more pages It would have the footer and header and the page number on every… On every page. So… That’s it. This is what you have to save please with your name on the file and attach to the task. See you later!