Hey, Everybody, it’s me, Margaret! Strange lighting in my laundry room because my main lights are out so I have a lamp over here but I’ve got you in the laundry room because there’s something that I want to show you. These things stay in my dryer all the time. Dryer Balls. So let’s talk about these for a second. These were sent to me by a company called Mountain Meadow Wool. And… when I first opened them, I thought to
myself “Dryer balls… hmmm… is this an old wives’ tale?” You know, I’ve heard about this for ages. even before Pinterest because it’s all over Pinterest. about using dryer balls to cut your energy costs and drying time and make your clothes softer. And… before Pinterest you heard these same tips from “Hints from Heloise” (if anybody remembers that). she started as an article in the newspaper and it became
syndicated and then she wrote books without her household hints in it and
everything but the problem — what she suggested doing was throwing tennis balls in the dryer and, um… that just never appealed to me. you know… beating up my clothes and you know tennis balls have those rubberized edges uh, seams I guess they are in there, and I was like, “Um, no, that didn’t seem to make sense on my clothes.” I didn’t want to do that. so I just always “poo-pooed” the idea of dryer balls and never thought much about it. So these come along. And they came inside this bag. So look at this bag and it’s made of certified organic cotton and I think if
anybody watches my videos, they know I’m all into organics – get rid of the chemicals I’m a big recycler… have been for years before it was cool. Back when you had to actually take your
recycling some place because there wasn’t such a thing as curbside recycling but anyway… the company began to endear itself to me so I
started doing a little bit research now first of all, you look at the claims made by Mountain Meadow Wool about dryer balls and it says it can reduce your drying time from 25 to 50 percent so I want to know if this was true… about the drying time and whatever so I thought, “I will have a
scientific experiment.” so I set up two loads of laundry. Equal amounts. The same types and sizes of towels. Hand towels, wash cloths and then I put the first load in and I set the dryer and… I totally did not hear the finish buzzer go off. So that blew that. So I said, “Let me go ahead and try the second load. If that works, I’ll do a third.” And no… I did not hear the dryer buzzer and it totally blew my scientific experiment.
“Well, believe it or not, I forgot again. I didn’t hear it again. And look! I checked on it at I’m in it in and taken to the end and
it’s really return however… before I knew the claim was to
make it softer Look at this: I’ll tell you something else that’s really strange that is, the towels dried with the balls are considerably
softer than the towels dried without the balls. The exact same towel sets bought at the exact same time so I don’t know if they claim it makes it
softer Or not, but it does. So by this time, I’m really intrigued with dryer balls so I’m
really put them to the test. Again, if you watch videos for any length of time, you know that we were selling another house and moved
all that stuff home. We had linens, towels, bedspreads,
everything that we needed to wash and put up and decide if we were going to keep keep and sell and all that kind of stuff. And, uh.. we had massive amounts of washing to do. And I put these dryer balls to the test. And I was really, really liking them! But I still thought to myself, “OK. From Mountain Meadow Wool these things are $25. What about those inexpensive ones you can buy from Walmart or Bed, Bath and Beyond or some places you can see out there?”
Uh, I hate to be the skeptic but I was really you know, trying to determine if I can get
away with a cheaper alternative. Alright, first and foremost plastic is heavy.
These are extremely light. As a matter fact, Thomas asked if he could
learn to juggle with these and these would be wonderful things to do that with but plastic is heavy and you’re actually… I don’t know… It just felt like it was going to pull on my clothes or… you know… that was what I was thinking up in my mind. Now the way work to dry the clothes is that they are bouncing around in there and it spreads to clothes out and
therefore you don’t have big… your clothes are not stuck together in clumps going around in the dryer. which make sense when you shop think
that but the plastic itself was just very heavy
and I thought just something doesn’t sound right to me. Must
be tougher on you clothes especially because these spikes on most of them which I thought was kinda strange. Another thing that plastic can’t do is, they can’t absorb moisture. Now here’s another trick for drying your
clothes faster and that is to put a dry towel in with your wet clothes. And what happens is it disperses some of the moisture. That, that towel was dry and it gets a little wet because
its mixed with the damp therefore it’s sort of taking the moisture from those
clothes and then you have a, you know, a lighter dampness instead of a sopping wet… it’s all spread and dispersed. Same principle with this. These are bouncing around spreading those clothes out. They’re made of fabric and therefore that will absorb
a little that moisture and the whole process works. It’s, you know, I never
thought about that. OK, you’re also talking chemical-free.
This is made from scraps uh, from they’re mill. And I love the fact
that there’s no waste. They, uh… put it to good use! Now so this is made from scraps (that’s a
good, ecological type thing) and its natural so there are no chemicals in the this. So… right then and
there that’s a benefit! Plastic when heated will give off even more chemicals. This is why you’re not supposed to put plastic in your microwave to heat your soup or whatever. You should always, if, if you have any of that… I’ve gotten rid of all my plastic (just about all my plastic. I have a little, uh, Tupperware) but you can get a glass thing with a cover to store your stuff in your refrigerator
and that can go heating in the microwave but you never wanna add heat to plastic
because it releases chemicals and do you want all that on your clothes? Uh, the plastic will eventually wear down due to the heat and moisture over, over, and over again. Then you’ll have to throw them away These, and I loved this, says “Directions: Toss 3 dryer balls into the dryer. They last until you lose them.” So they don’t wear down! And I kind of laughed about the losing thing but I did lose one! and I got really nervous. One of them got stuck in my husband’s workout shorts pocket.
I looked everywhere! You would think in a fitted sheet it might tuck itself into there but I mean, I looked EVERYWHERE for
that thing and then one day my husband ‘Uh, found it!” Okay, here’s something that
I love. If you love a good smelling things and
you’re trying to avoid chemicals, as I am, essential oils are really your best option. And if you want
to add smell instead of a dryer sheet, what you would do
is put a couple drops of essential oils on your wool and then
you’ve got the good smell you know, it doesn’t stain, it’s… it’s the
solution to the problem. So in the long run these are actually more economical.
So obviously I’m sold on dryer balls now. These don’t leave my dryer. Only reason they’re out of the dryer now
I so I can tell you about them! And the only negative that I can say is that they don’t help reduce static but I need to throw this in there: There is (and I learned this years ago) that dryer sheets really are not good for the clothes and they’re not good for the dryer. They have… whatever that plastic is… it’s a… a waxy type substance to keep the product on sheet as opposed to like a liquid
fabric softener, whatever it is, it coats the inside
of the dryer and coats your lint screen. I read this ages ago. It was a Consumer Reports article if I remember
correctly and they said NOT to use dryer sheets because uh, you end up increasing your drying time
because the lint trap screen fills with this plastic-y stuff and doesn’t allow the flow air very well. And so they suggested not using it at all. And of course, I couldn’t give it up, “Oh, no!” So Oh! And they also said you could probably go for quite a while without using anything because the amount that now has coated the inside of your dryer. So, because I couldn’t go without them, I had adopted the technique of just ripping one in half and using half a dryer sheet and that was all I ever needed and and it worked fine but
um… if you have not; if you never knew about
this or whatever; you probably do need to take your dryer lint screen out submerge it in very hot soapy water, get a brush, toothbrush
or something and scrub to get that build-up off. Um…Anyway whether you choose to adopt
dryer balls or not you need to do that on a regular basis. It can also can increase the risk of a fire. They also tell you dryer sheets are bad for that is tech
shirts, you know that are suppose to dry quickly and everything uh… because it coats the shirts and so
therefore you don’t have the ability for the moisture to flow
out quickly and so that’s another negative. So I’m racking up all these pros in the “pro and con” column the only con I can come up with is that
they are not anti-static. I will tell you that I have tried these out for months now and I am just now beginning to see static because that how much build-up I must have had in my dryer from the dryer sheets that’s a little scary. So in
conclusion as you can probably see an 100 percent
converted and I’m not going back to dryer sheet
usage anymore. So, uh… Mountain Meadow Wool wool dryer balls Go check ’em out!