Hi guys. About the Corona virus situation. It paralyzed our economy… It paralyzed our social life And now it also paralyses -through the fear- our minds. We think we’re not able to do anything about it. but I say that there’s a lot we can do We can learn to boost our immune system. All evidence based. Almost instantly. Get more energy through these breathing techniques And going into the cold We have proven this with this method that we’ve developed throughout the years. Making it very accessible and very effective. It is really strong. The choice is yours. And there is no dogma behind it. I’m not going to… I’m not selling… I’m just presenting something that works. Something that works almost instantly We have a free app for that So you don’t need to buy anything You just try out the app Fully and wholeheartedly Endorse this If you want more, you can do whatever There’s an online video course I don’t care. I just want to bring a message. And the message is that we are able to do so much more. At home against this paralysing virus of our mind, our social life and our economy We can do so much more. And it also sort of gives an opportunity to take on measures which are going to work when the Corona virus is long gone. We are going to feel happier, stronger and healthier. We learn how to control our immune system in a better way. Our energy levels and our mood… Mood swings. We are able to learn to control that. All a lot more and a lot deeper Now the opportunity while this Corona virus situation is spreading… Being at home We are able to do so much more. This is always my message. But now particularly! Here it is. I wish you good luck. Take it on. It’s your choice.