Hi I’m Supreet, I upload new videos
every Sunday at 12:00 noon Eastern Time. In this video I’m excited to share with
you six golden nuggets of wisdom from the book called Tools of Titans along
with my own interpretations of them. I’m reading this amazing book right now
called Tools of Titans by Tim Ferriss. This book is basically a collection of
the tactics, routines and habits of billionaires, icons and world-class
performers like Tony Robbins, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Malcolm Gladwell and many
more, that Tim has compiled after interviewing them. Comment below if you
have read this book or you have heard the podcast called the Tim Ferriss Show
and tell me what you thought about it. Nugget number one: Tim says that more
than 80% of the super successful businessmen, athletes, writers, musicians
he has interviewed have some form of daily meditation or mindfulness practice. It is the most consistent pattern of them all. Could this be a coincidence? Do you think these successful people would meditate
if they didn’t get a return on investment for their time? Absolutely not!
So if you want to be successful and make it big, meditate! It will help you become
laser focused and so much more! Nugget number two: According to Tim,
meditation is a meta skill that improves everything else. And that’s exactly what
I say about meditation! I don’t meditate for the sake of it. I
meditate because of the benefits I get. I am calmer, more focused, more creative, I
have more willpower and all these things help me succeed in my career, my goals
my physical health, my relationships and my emotional resilience. I’m able to
respond rather than react. Nugget number three: Tim says that meditation simply
helps you channel your drive toward the few things that matter. And channeling
your drive is probably the Holy Grail to living a successful life! There are so
many people and things and distractions that want to suck away your time, which
is the most important and the most limited resource that you have. So which
things you say yes to, and more importantly, which things you say no to
determines your life and your success. By success I don’t mean just money. To me a successful life is a balanced life. So there should be a balance of money,
physical health, mental health, relationships and giving back. Nugget number four: Now, if you’re thinking “Yes, I know the benefits of meditation, I agree
with nuggets 1 2 & 3 but I just don’t have the time to meditate”, then nugget
number 4 is just what you need to hear! It’s a quote by Abraham Lincoln. Abraham
Lincoln said “Give me six hours to chop down a tree and I’ll spend the first
hour sharpening the axe”. Meditation is sharpening your axe. Whatever time you
spend in meditation, you will more than make up for it because of your increased
focus and productivity. Whacking trees with a blunt axe is no
way to go through life. Try meditation and sharpen your mind! Nugget number five: In a lot of my videos I have said that getting distracted by thoughts while
meditating is perfectly normal and it happens to me as well. Guess what? It
happens to Tim Ferriss too. He says that his sessions are 99% monkey mind – but
it’s the other 1% that matters. “The muscle you’re working is bringing
your attention back to something”. That something could be your breath, a mantra,
a sound, your body etc. Tim adds that if you’re getting frustrated, your standards
are too high or your sessions are too long. Nugget number six: “Have a meditation buddy”. This is suggested by Chade-Meng Tan, a Google pioneer and author of the
book “Joy on Demand”. Sometimes it is hard to do things alone like going to the gym,
eating healthy or meditating. Having a buddy who would encourage you and hold
you accountable is a wonderful way of making sure that you stay on track or
what Chade jokingly calls “mutual harassment”.
Chade suggests finding a mindfulness buddy and committing to at least a
15-minute conversation every week, covering at least these two topics: The
first one is “How am I doing with my commitment to the practice?” And the
second one is: “What has arisen in my life that relates to my practice?” You could
find your meditation buddy offline or online. By the way, I am currently holding
my sister accountable to stick to her commitment which is to meditate five
times a week using the Headspace app. And now I have a bonus tidbit for you from the book. I didn’t want to call this a nugget because it’s more of a tidbit
than a nugget. One of the guests interviewed by Tim says that being in a
floatation tank is like meditation on steroids. After reading that, my first
thought was “I gotta try a floatation tank!” Have you ever been in a floatation
tank?” If yes, comment below and tell me how was the experience for you? So these were the six nuggets of wisdom that I wanted to share with you. Which one was your favorite? If you have read Tim’s book or heard his podcast “The Tim Ferriss Show”, what is your favorite nugget or tidbit
that you would like to share? Write it down in the comments below! As always,
thank you for your likes, comments, shares and subscribes. I will see you in the
next video. I don’t meditate for the sake of it I
meditate it I meditate to get the benefits. There are so many people and
things and distractions that want to suck your time away from you…. Yes, I know about the benefits of
meditation, I agree with nuggets number… Whacking trees… Having a buddy who would encourage you and …