Click on the bell icon so that you get notification, whenever there’s new video from OutStyle. How are you guys? Happy Ramadan! And in today’s video, I am going to announce the winner name. And Becca Highlighter You have to use it…How can I touch it? Can I touch it little bit? I’ll leave it.. due to hygenic reason Can I put it.. this much? No? ok I’ll leave that. And with that an additional gift I have use Becca Meaning, its like a Primer for a face Try it, This mini me In little while I will announce the winner name What are we doing in Today’s Video What happen, why smoke stop coming? During Eid and Wedding season.. What are you focusing on? You will focus that your makeup I am ready as if -i am someone form Vampire Diaries, some character coming out from it. I was saying, that we have to focus on Eid and Wedding Makeup, your hair and your clothes Now is the summer time Humidity have already started somewhere or it is about to be starting and no matter, whatever perfumes you put on It will not last long Nowadays, I have feel that most perfumes are like, have some weird cursed on them -the smell just wont last any longer. Why is the reason behind our perfumes, Having no smell? But when an Arab girl, passes by from a lift and when you go inside that lift And you feel like , where am I? someone spreading so much fragrance merely just by passing and how is this possible? First thing is that your Perfumes should be intense and a lot of perfumes, even though they are expensive but they wont just last. its a lie, it black market They are fooling us and nothing else. The thing is you want to smell nice! and for long time You can’t just put perfumes repeatedly on your clothes. Our clothes, if for instance when we pass through the kitchen, the fiber on our clothes tends to pick up smell Whenever you go inside the kitchen I have this cloth, I wear it like this whenever I go inside only my face is out, and I always wore it before entering kitchen. it covers everything from my clothes to my hair. and the rest of the smell coming from garlic and ginger, you know about it…. you know how “sweet” that smell is? Even if you just pass from the Kitchen, your hair and clothes will catch the smell. and especially, if you are going to some function, don’t even go near the kitchen closed the kitchen door it is my job to tell you the tips , that is why I made open this channel in the first place. open? it isn’t a shop that it is open But anyways What is this amazing secret you must have heard about oud I always have talked about oud in my talk shows Ladies in Abayas, whenever they pass-by they left this amazing fragrances and whenever they went by, everyone is like One is oud intense perfume but no matter how intense the oud is.. it wont last How can you make fragrance coming out from your clothes, and hair. When you go into any function, till the very end your hair and your clothes I am saying, leave the function, when you have to put that clothes in your wardrobe and took it out after a week or so Still they will smell so good because of oud you will have lot of saving change your life for this you’ll need When I used to do shows on Arabian Nights Its with me since then its comes with this basket for the ash to be collected there you can put it in a very simple vessel but You guys know, I like fancy things I covered the paper tray with foil so that it remain clean while coal is burning coals are of various types some are very stubborn, other very user-friendly Don’t take the stubborn ones, they won’t just light up whatever you do. Magic coal burn very quickly Magic coal light up as soon as it catches fire Igniting it is very easy. slow burning take time But the one which burn slowly take time first you have to put it on the stove, and when it seem like it is “rotting” you take it out But the one which light quickly won’t last longer But I feel quick lighting is best for me, I can always get whenever I ran out of it, rather than wasting my time on lighting it, that is very dangerous also can spread fires. what is oud? when there’s some problem with wood and the tree become sick its a very strange tree when a person become sick, he start smelling bad but from tree it start smelling so they collected the smell made oil form it, oud oil They sold its wood too, which is very expensive My favorite brand which is called Dokhoon Dokhoon is the called burning, the things which are inside it These arent the pieces of wood you take this piece out and burn it. As soon as I put it on the coal So that the smoke will spread out all around the corner of the house by spreading its smoke around the house it cleanses the house with evil spirits evil spirits .. just go away!! The more you blow onto this the more the smoke will spread and when this when the good dense smoke starting to form I am wearing this dress to a party take your veil or even your night suit Or the clothes you wear when you to go outside you have to put it on hanger like this your clothes won’t burnt, just try to keep them away from the coal The smoke will go inside the clothes if you want to do this with all your clothes at one time make a little space in wardrobe, carefully put it somewhere inside make sure to avoid the coal and leave it there, all the clothes inside the wardrobe will smell so good Putting in the wardrobe is the best idea. if you want strong smell, keep it close The smoke and smell depends on the quality of oud The one I told you about earlier I really like rose and shay Now, the smell coming from it will stays the same for days Rather than buying expensive perfumes, which will dissipates whats the use? You take this jar of oud and it will remain for months, this is still so full. I have this luxury Dokhoon and it has different fragrances wood oud and similar but this is rose and shay and After this for hair, my hair are short Just imagine these are your hair your hair must be on this side, you have to do it like this you have to do it on your hair Your hair too catches good or bad smell very quickly there shouldn’t be too close contact with the coal and if you look at it, you only lighted it one time, and until the oud is burning it could be the wood oud also you can use it on as many things as you can for good smell When your hair like this, you do like this Be careful with your synthetic hair, they catches fire very quickly Oh the good smell in the hair!! I try to see if my hair have good smell absorbed My hair are small and I want to announce the name of the winner for Becca is Please send me the picture or video to show how this highlighter looks on you. and also try the highlighter which I am also sending