AlSalam Alykom WaRahmatullahi WaBarakatoh Today, I won’t be talking about health
or psychology Today, we have around 240,000 followers
in a matter of 2 months I started receiving lots of messages
about who I am People hearing from me deserve to know
who I am and what I studied So I decided to pause and talk about who
Karim Ali is and what Fekr Tani (New Thought) channel is So we are able to reach half a million
followers and more, I am optimistic I provide people with knowledge
People are really thirsty for knowledge Let us start directly I am Dr. Karim Ali, an Egyptian
living in Europe, between Munich, Germany, and Oradea and Satu Mare, Romania
I am married, 43 years old, almost 44 I graduated in 2001 from Faculty of
Medicine, Azhar University, Nasr City, in Cairo, Egypt I did my training in a famous hospital in
Cairo named Sayed Galal Then I graduated and worked as a Doctor
for 2 years in the countryside Then I joined the Forensic Medicine
Authority at the Azhar University in Cairo I did my Masters and Ph.D. with Drs.
Magdy Sherif and Magdy AbdelHay at the Azhar University in Cairo.
I finished my Ph.D in Cairo in 2013. Then I resigned, left Egypt completely,
and moved to Europe I tried to get my diplomas
acknowledged here, but could not! So I worked for 2 years outside the field
of medicine. I also did courses in medical dietary and a psychological topic
named post traumatic adaptation After 2 years, my medical diplomas
were acknowledged, giving me the status of a newly graduated
physician here in Europe So, I did (yet another) Masters in Family Medicine
So I merged my knowledge in Forensics and toxicology, in which I did a Ph.D.
with my dietary research and courses And I became a family physician A family physician puts dietary and
medication plans for patients A family physician means that for every
set of families, say 2000 individuals, there is a physician responsible of
their health, vaccinations, medical records dietary plans, etc. It is the family physician’s duty to
recommend them to a cardiologist or an orthopedist. Family Medicine is not present in Egypt.
Some Arab countries have that though. I am a family physician here in Europe
So I practice family medicine and dietary science I have passed through lots of hardships
in my life. I had to start over for a couple of times. So I took it upon myself to bring
awareness to young people via my Facebook page 3 years ago, instead of them
making mistakes that waste their lives. We made those mistakes and learnt the hard
way, so why not pass down our experiences? The blessing of opening up doors for
people is magnificent. It opens for me lots of opportunities. Secondly, it is an ongoing act of
generosity for when I pass away Thirdly, you could be changing with
these ideas the new generation! We could eradicate ignorance, fear,
and disease if we were more thoughtful. I started on Facebook and kept shooting and publishing
videos for 3 years My opinion on Self-Development is well
known; if you do not have a success story, do not speak about Self-Development You can tell people about your experiences
But do not just read a book and tell its contents to people. So, I share my experiences for young
people to know how to solve their problems and know that failure is a part of success
People opposing you are fuel to success Do not give up when tired but when you
reach. This is the stuff I say to people asking why I, as a physician,
speak aboout Self-Development. I do as I like. You may refer to that episode about
the Art of Blocking and Deleting. Do as you like; if someone does not like
you, block and delete them from your life That is a quick advice. Then, I thought I should get on Youtube.
Facebook is too limited and it makes you pay (for ads) to reach people. Why do I not move to
YouTube, then? Surely, on Youtube, I don’t expect to make money,
at first. Maybe after some time it would. All Egyptian YouTubers know that Arabic
content does not make money (on YouTube). Thankfully, I do not need money, anyways. So I started publishing content in Youtube
in two series: Health, and Mindset The Mindset series is about changing
people’s perspectives through sharing my experiences. Like “The 10 things I wish
I had known earlier”. Or “The obstacles I faced in my academic,
professional, and emotional life”. I am offering all of this seeking the blessing
of Allah for those who need it. The second series is about Health, my
profession, that I practise and read all its most recent updates. So, I found people to be much more into
the Health series, so I reduced the Mindset series and focused more on
Health. When I started sharing new knowledge in
medicine, people started criticising (me). Humans by nature get intimidated by novel
knowledge. I put this in my channel cover. All information in the world could be
true or false. We always believed that saturated fats
cause strokes, only to realise that they have been very beneficial since the
time of the Israelites. It turned out that they contain Keto and that
helps protect people from strokes. We always thought that a low fat diet,
like in skimmed milk, is healthy, and no one had a problem with sugar. Then we
realised that all our diseases and most cancers, AIDS, hypertension and diabetes
can be linked to excessive sugar abuse No one told us about that. We always thought that sports help in
losing weight. It turns out that sports don’t help losing weight, and do not
burn calories, because no matter how much burn, you won’t burn all you eat. Sports are good for blood circulation,
thinking, creativity and happiness. We’ve never been told about K2 present in
fats, which transfers Calcium from the heart so as to prevent strokes, and enrich
the bones. We’ve never been told about root-cause
treatment in hypertension, which I made an episode about, that boomed very well. I do not think people interpreted my words
as “stop taking your medicine” and follow my advice immediately. My
advice here is treat the root-cause gradually I advise people with Diabetes to follow a
ketogenic diet till their (cumulative sugar) A1C is 5.7 & 5.8 and only then, (gradually, in agreement with your physician)
quit your medications. The same goes for hypertension patients. Fix your breathing, diabetes, AIDS
your arteries, your diet. Inject Magnesium and Potassium, if lacking and necessaryx. Fix your body,
then start quitting taking medications gradually. I never said to quit your medicine for
root-cause treatment. That takes from 6 to 12 months.
The same for diabetes treatment. I always advise people to experience the charm of
going gradually. The magic of small steps Like in this video here. So, I started receiving lots of messages
from physicians accusing me of spreading myths and exposing patients to danger, as
well as questioning my credibility. Hence, I made this episode. I respect
all physicians and am open to discussion. Some people suggested that I hold a debate
with Dr. Al-Fayed in Morroco. We are not enemies (rivals) to hold a debate.
He (Dr Fayed) and I are both serving people. I am open to collaboration with anyone in
the world, either shooting shared episodes or just exchanging experiences. If I am ever
wrong, I will admit that in a video. A self confident person who’s gone through
failure multiple times won’t feel ashamed to admit error. My interest isn’t to
benefit myself but to benefit people. Youtube has not covered for me what I paid
for the Camera yet. Money is not important here. You can’t imagine how much my life
has changed since I started on Youtube. Tough things became easy. Money is
following me now. Many doors opened. All of that is the outcome of the blessings of
thousands of people praying. That is enough for me Imagine how many diseases missed me and my
family. Imagine how many hardships God put away because of the blessings of people
who benefited from me, understanding their diseases or simply feeling better.
Or those who joined my 5 AM club! to encourage people to wake up at 5 AM,
and benefit from waking up early and having longer days. People ask me how I am
a physician, have a family, got a business that sells things on Ebay and Amazon, and
am an author of a book on e-commerce, teaching people how to sell and buy things
online I also do sports, go to the gym. By the way, the place in which I usually
shoot my videos is the gym. I finish practising, shower, then record. That is the time where
I focus at best. The garden I am usually in is the gym arena. Briefly, by benefiting people, God helped
me greatly. Money is the least I get through people’s love. God has made
hard things easy for me and opened doors That is what matters. Try to serve people with a good intention,
and see how much God will open doors before you. .. What is the goal of Fekr Tani channel?
First, I want you to understand your body. I will never tell you to quit visiting the
doctor or drop or alter your medication. What I am saying is understand your
disease based on the latest research. Maybe after 2 or 3 decades, all we said
would be discovered wrong. We are not at the end of science, and
this could happen. But I am informing you of the latest that has been discovered. You need to think and understand your body
and your diseases. Even if you are well, you could still
understand your family members’ diseases. This is information that should be taught
in school. I am not even going deep. This is common knowledge. Is there any
thing more important than your well-being? People ask, should we spend all day paying
attention to our diets? If you get ill, you won’t be able to work
or be with your family Nothing is more important than you health. If you are a millionaire and got stomach
ulcer, you won’t be able to enjoy life. If you are a billionaire and got sexual
impotence, you can’t do anything about it. Health is the most important thing. If
you disagree, you can watch other channels You got to understand your body and your
illness, and check in with your doctor That was first. Secondly, change your
mindset and put a strategy to solve any problem. Either you are in a country with
a stagnant economy, or an unfree one, any thing in the world can be solved by
setting a goal, and the path then appears. Think of the problem calmly, and don’t
pressure yourself, and take a step back and think of all perspectives, and think
of possibilities, including the worst. Then put a goal, and move accordingly.
This will solve lots of problems. Believe in yourself, young people. When I
first came here, I worked in a butchery factory for 2 years, slaughtering chicken.
I spent 2 days a week, from 5 AM to 5 PM, butchering chicken, and had the remaining
3 days to rest. I was staying with my wife in her parents’
house. I lived for 3 years in their room. She used to ask me, don’t you get bored,
spending all day on bed with your phone? I was listening to courses on Youtube all
day. I told her one day, you’d barely manage to
see me because of the plenty of work. 4 years later, she told me do you remember
that day? You no longer stay at home. Either traveling, giving courses, on
internet, in your clinic or in conferences That is because I believed in myself. I
believe that a seed needs time beneath the ground before it becomes a big tree. The
more it stays down, the bigger its root and the higher it grows. People are wondering now how I got 200,000
subscribers in 2 months. Well, I have been getting ready for 5 years. I’ve been
training on public speaking, outlining ideas, simplifying knowledge, and
medicine. The results of those 5 years appeared in 2 months. If you don’t build
yourself beneath the ground when no one could see you, and no one believed in you,
you’d never reach a big dream. Because you did not grow good big roots.
No one sees the root (beneath). You do not usually eat the root of fruits and vegetables. You eat
the fruit (or leaves). People care for the fruit. No one will support you as long as your fruit
did not come out yet. As long as you are still digging in the ground, no one will
care for you. People will mock you. When you become a big tree, all will come
asking for your fruits. “Where were you when I was under the
ground, when I was a root without a fruit?” “When I was a stem without a fruit?”
“When I was leaves without a fruit?” No one will care for you till you have a
fruit. There is nothing wrong with that. That is just the nature of life. Why
should people care for your dreams, ambitions, disappointments, exhaustion,
and failure? When you succeed, will anyone claim to own
a part of your success? You succeed alone, so you also fail alone. That’s the second aim of Fekr Tani channel
Any problem can be solved. Don’t give up! If you are 70, you could still improve
your health, or your financial situation, or your social relationships, anything
can be improved. Third point, which is controversial,
linking religion to daily life. Like it or not, we are going back to God
eventually. All you do is part of a test. All you do in this life is packed into a
bag. Nothing is lost. Good and bad deeds all get packed on your back. Don’t tell me to separate science from
religion. If I use science for the benefit of people, I will benefit myself, so why
should I not refer to it? I respect science, but it has to have a
religious foundation. People who argue that the Prophet (Peace and blessing upon him)
recommended having 7 dates for breakfast, I agree. That is Sunnah. But if you wanna
apply this Sunnah, fine. But do you pray Qiyam at night? Do you read a chapter of
Quran daily? Do you fast twice weekly? Do you visit your family, even those who
cut ties with you? Are you keeping all Sunnahs? If no, then trying to follow
Sunnah only in food is called glutton. It is called adapting Sunnah to my lust
of liking dates. Don’t just ignore the great Sunnahs that
could change the world, and focus on dates You can’t spend 10 years eating junk food
and having a fatty liver, diabetes, and hypertension, and then want to follow
Sunnah. Sunnah is for healthy people. Wake up before dawn like the Prophet.
Sleep after Isha like the Prophet. Spend 3 to 4 days without eating anything.
The Prophet didn’t sit on a couch watching TV, and he did not ride cars. You can
live like the Prophet, but you won’t watch Youtube. Eating dates won’t be your
top issue. You’d be too healthy that you could eat wood, not just dates. You’d
be as healthy as desert residents. So, if you apply all other Sunnahs, you
could have 7 dates for breakfast. Fix what you did by opposing the health
instructions of Islam, then we can speak about Sunnahs. That is a really important
point that we just got closed. By the way, there is no Hadith warning of
sugar and salt. It is not Sunnah. Back to the last point, religion matters
in our lives. If you are unreligious, then fine. That
is my channel and my ideology. You can’t visit me in my house and keep
instructing about how I should organise it No one does this when they visit someone.
That is my channel. I share the most recent research so that
you’d understand your illness, not alter your medication. I help you organise your
mind with my experiences, not my readings. Just so that you can live a better life. Religion is important to link to science,
and I won’t give up on this. Those are my priorities in Fekr Tani
channel, and that is what I live by and will die on. With that, my message should
be clear for all, physicians and non physicians. You now know who is Karim Ali,
and what is Fekr Tani channel that just popped up with quarter a million followers
in 2 months. I am leaving this episode in the intro
for anyone who wants to get to know me. Thank you for your absolute trust, and
thank you to those who confided in me. Thank you for your increasing interest.
May God help me serve this interest. I receive around 50,000 messages daily,
so do not get upset if I do not respond. I am Karim Ali, thank you. I leave you
with the blessing of Allah. There is no power in me to do something
except through the help of Allah In Him do I put my trust
and to Him do I always turn. Goodbye