Here we have a selection of bolsters that we sell. Bolsters are really good to use during a treatment to provide support, to alleviate pressure, to improve body alignment and allow clients to breathe easier among other benefits. All of our bolsters are made of high density foam. Just like a table needs some resistance for deep strokes and therapeutic work, a bolster also needs some resistance. Ours will give it because of the high density foam. The PU leather on these is really nice to touch against the skin and it won’t feel plastic like cheaper bolsters. Because the PU leather is very durable and hard-wearing and it is easy to clean, they are very long lasting also. Our bolsters have straps on them so they are easier to handle and you can also hang them up in your treatment room or carry them with you. So they are in your line of vision and you will remember to use them. We also have bolster covers which are really good to use to make your bolsters last longer and also good for hygiene Just as using a table cover on your treatment table makes it last longer This is our Wedge bolster. This is great for taller people to elevate the legs and also to rest the head and back against. This is particularly useful for geriatric or pregnant clients so they can sit in the semi-upright position. Whats great about this bolster and the main reason we sell it is for mobile therapists. When your doing mobile therapy you need a nice light table, around the 11kg mark. To have such a table, it won’t have a backrest which typically adds 2 to 3 kilograms. Some of your treatments might require a backrest. So say you have 10 treatments, but only 2 require a backrest. It makes no sense to carry a heavy table around to all of the 10 treatments. So you can bring your nice light table to your 8 treatments and then bring your wedge bolster to use as a backrest