Hello everyone, dear friends You are on the Blogika channel And today I want to tell and show you the features of a relaxing and healthy massage for women The female body is made in a special way And many wrong movements can harm a woman’s body In this video, you will find out what you can do in a massage for girls, and what you should not do And as a model, my sister helps me today The first thing we need to do is put the woman on her stomach on a hard surface For this, we put the yoga mat on the floor You need to put your hands along the body The next thing we do is warm our hands and skin of a woman So that our subsequent movements were not unexpected for her The third thing we do is pour massage oil onto our hands Warm it with the warmth of our body and apply it on the entire skin of the woman’s body with stroking movements And then more intensively we push the muscles with our fists, thumbs, and the hard part of the palm The oil on the woman’s body will soften the intense things of movement And she won’t be hurt whenever you overdo it with force Then, when our skin and muscles are warmed up, we take an electric massager for the body It breaks the triggers in our muscles And with this massager we push through all the convex muscles of the body with pressing movements The fifth thing, we need to do is to break the last triggers that remained in the body with our hands You can do this with such movements as if you were beating pork After the woman’s muscles have completely relaxed and become mild, you need to lightly touch the body for the work done To do this, use the tips of your fingers and nails to give goosebumps one last time Use these six massage rules for women And you can make your friend’s body healthy and beautiful Remember that the female body is softer than the male one and must be handled accordingly so as not to harm The next massage lesson of female tits and abdomen you can see on my Patreon www.patreon.com/Blogika Until new lessons! Bye!