Yes, stupidity can kill.
Today I’m angry. Frustrated at what I see as intentional stupidity in our world that
literally kills people. Hello and welcome to the Daily Atheist. Quickie
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Now, on with the show. A thirteen year old boy named Edgar Lopez
died in August of 2014, not because his parents followed the advice of an herbalist and stopped
giving their son his insulin. No, it was because when their son got sick from not taking the
insulin, they continued consulting the herbalist who continued to tell them not to give their
son his medicine and to not take him to the doctor. Surely this is a clear case of murder, right?
On the part of the herbalist? This guy is 84 years old and going to spend the rest of
his life in prison, right? Or at least, the very least, he’s not going to be able to spread
his nutbaggery? And I right? Nope. How is it not murder for the parents who continued
to follow his advice, despite having experience with the medicine and knowing the effects
of not taking it? He was on insulin, so they had to have at
least once have gone to the doctor, been given instructions and knew how to administer his
medicine. And certainly should have known the effects he would go through if he didn’t
take it. Let’s go over this article from the Washington
Post. Here is the herbalist describing in his own
words how he feels about insulin. Obviously, this was recorded before the incident, but
it clearly shows his belief that insulin is bad. Poison even. ‘Insulin is very poison to the system. Even
medicine tells you that insulin makes all the organs of the body three times older than
the body is. Yet and still there’s all kinds of herbs out there that is natural insulin.
Watermelon is natural insulin.’ Ok, so that’s his take on insulin. Pretty
loony if you ask me. Now, I realize the parents probably don’t
have a very good education and they don’t speak English, but I find it difficult to
believe that they believed him when he said it was poison and that their child would get
killed at the hospital. That’s just stupid. It is ridiculous, read that as ‘worthy of
ridicule’. Not only to make such a claim, but that anyone would believe it. Also, further down in the article the father
says that Morrow told them the for-profit American health care system benefited from
making sure people stayed sick. So, which is it? Do they kill people or do
they keep them sick? Admittedly, you don’t make nearly as much on a dead thirteen year
old as you do with one who has a chronic, possibly debilitating disease. Those are cash
cows. You don’t kill those off. So, I still lay a lot of the blame on the parents. They
were willfully ignorant and stupid and it got their son killed. I’m sorry for Edgar Lopez. I’m sorry your
parents fell for this charlatan. They literally turned away from the only real magic that
could save their son, modern medical science, despite all its successes, and tried two different
types of nutbaggery, essential oils and prayer, and watched their child die. But here’s what really gets me. This jackass
essentially murders this little boy and prosecutors charged him with one count of practising medicine
without a license and one count of child abuse causing death, which at the time the charges
were brought, could lead to a maximum of two years in jail. Hmmm Well, we find out this
week after his sentencing that he only gets four months behind bars and four years probation,
and if another person dies listening to his nutbaggery he MAY be charged with murder. What the hell? Talk about a slap on the wrist!
That man should never breath free air again, let alone be allowed to continue to push his
nutbaggery. He is literally a danger to society. Edgar Lopez will never grow up, never graduate
high school, never get married, never have children. His entire life has been taken from
him by this man and his nutbaggery, yet Mr. Morrow gets to carry on hocking his snake
oil to the ignorant for money. Putting other innocent and ignorant lives at risk for the
all mighty dollar. The American way, I suppose. This is what happens when poorly educated,
unscrupulous people are allowed to do whatever nutbaggery they want to other poorly educated
and clearly irresponsible people. And you know those parents were praying their asses
off hoping Jesus would step in and save their child. They even claim that Morrow called
his cure ‘god’s insulin’, right. So, you know, why didn’t they actually use the real insulin
that really worked? If you don’t know how to science, you shouldn’t
be allowed to claim you do. If your medicine is not science or backed up by science, you
should not be allowed to claim it is or that it’s better. Four months of jail and probation for killing
a child, combined with the fact that this guy doesn’t even get his business shut down,
his videos are still up on YouTube as of this recording. Essentially broadcasts to all these
other charlatans out there that even in the worst case scenario happens. Worst case. If
your nutbaggery kills a little kid, don’t worry about it. You’ll still be able to make
a living. You’ll have to go through some jail and a little bit of legal troubles, but you’ll
get away with it, it’s ok. That’s worst case. What happens, you know,
if it just causes minor problems? A rash or.. you know, these people are just going get
away with all kinds of stuff. Doesn’t matter. I mean, sure, why not? If you can kill a kid
and only get four months… That’s the signal that these people are showing. Now I find
it personally disgusting. It’s just wrong. Do you agree with me or no? What do you think
about essential oils and their application? In the.. In today’s modern medicine… you
know, I get some things. I’m going to make a whole video about tree bark aspirin, another
video about the healing properties of marijuanna. They are both possible and powerful. You know,
there’s a lot of things that are possible, but whenever you got something and especially
something dire and important like this, your own child is sitting there dying take them
to the doctor. Let medicine do its work, you know. Uhm. If they don’t, they should pay the price.
They should be set as an example to other parents what happens to you if you let your
kid die. These kinds of things. Do you disagree, agree? What are your thoughts
on it? Leave me some hate down in the comments. Don’t really leave me some hate. Haha. But
um, yeah let me know what you think. And I’m going to try to learn a little bit more about
it over time. I’ve been really busy. Uhm, essential oils is not really my bag, I don’t
put a lot of mental effort into it. I’m going to do some research on the interwebs and consult
fellow skeptics. Another one… what is his name… Genetically Modified Skeptic. He is,
or was in the beginning, quite big on essential oils and their applications and their nutbaggery.
So I’m going to look into his stuff and get some more advice. I’m going to put a link down to his channel
below and you can check out his stuff and see what you think. Let me know what you think. Comment, thumbs
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Have a great day.