Now fold our legs Now we do plank position. Plank position. This plank position is very good for your abs & body and make our muscles work If you cannot do full plank you can alternate the movement like this. Or instead you can do a full plank This alternate movement is optional. Now move your leg to the front To the front and back Do not lock your elbow while performing the movement Now, move our knees to outside elbow, the same side To the outside Pull back To the outside stay at normal plank Side plank Move your body like this. here’s some leg alternative slowly put the hand on the mat lift the other leg knees to your elbow back to normal plank bend your knees feet toward your palm activated your abs pull your glutes backward stay down and hold lift your heels down the heels always position your arm in one line arm with shoulder tuck your toes optional to slightly bend the elbow and straight knee is still up and hold optional to bend the elbow or you can hold still on here , at your comfort position lift your upper body slighty hold up.. now.. lift up your leg stay up lift your body higher , as high as you can straighten your arm forward like swimming in the air faster, move hand and leg slowly move to child pose slowly roll up your body release the shoulder lift your arm breathe here release and lift the other hand interlock your finger on the back interlock your finger in front of your chest bend your spine breathe here lift your left hand up stay down other hand , place behind your back feel the stretch on your spine breathe here slowly release hand on your back and place on the mat lift your body other hand on the back breathe here slowly release your back hand lift your body put one of your leg forward lay down your body and hand reach out slowly lift up your body stretch back change with other leg slowly lift up your body breathe here put your hand on your thigh slowly roll down your body you could straight your leg palm facing up breathe deeper breathe relax at shoulder relax at your chest relax at your hip relax on your knee relax at your leg deeper breathe deeper breathe and hold for a moment and exhale if there is any tense at part of your body direct your breathe to that part, hold and release deeper breathe, feel it through your spine.. inhale and exhale slowly, move your finger while you are ready roll your body to the left side lift your body with your right hand place your right palm on your chest feel your heart beat say thank you for today put your hand together thank you