Erika: University Studies is the core of your
undergraduate education. It prepares you for study in your major and gives you a well-rounded
understanding of many subjects. University Studies is broken into three sections and
we will cover the Foundations and the Approaches and Perspectives in the videos on this screen.
Watch all the videos to learn about each respective section of University Studies. Keryn: Before we dive in, print out or click
on the link for the University Studies courses. Please look at the title line for each category
to see how many hours of courses you need. For example, the First Year Seminar category
requires 3 hours, whereas the Composition category is 3 to 6 hours depending on placement. Erika: The first category is Composition.
This is your college level English course. The class you need to fulfill this requirement
is determined by your SAT Verbal score or ACT score. Here are your options. ? See the
video below if you got AP, CLEP or transfer credit. Keryn: After Composition, you will find the
Lifetime Wellness category. This is your Physical Activity and Wellness class called PED 101.
These classes are only 2 hours of credit. Sections of this class are different depending
on the physical activity you choose such as yoga, weight lifting or circuit training.
You will have to select a lecture and lab to sign up for this course. Erika: It�s time for Math! The Mathematics
& Statistics category. In this category, students are required to take 3 hours to fulfill this
requirement and the math you should take may be dependent on your major. Since you will
be taking a Math Placement Exam during your Orientation Session, you will be unable to
sign up for a math course during Early Registration. You will need to wait to sign up for math
at your Advising Session at Orientation. Keryn: Hola! Bonjour! Next is the Foreign
Language Category. To fulfill this category, students must take the Foreign Language Placement
Exam Online. Follow the link on this page to take the exam. If a student wants to take
a language they didn�t take in high school, then they can sign up for the 101 level and
must complete 102 before graduating. If a student takes a language they took in high
school, they must go through the 201 level before graduating. If students score higher
than 201, then you must take the course you placed into and you are finished with this
category. Erika: This next category is really important,
it is the First Year Seminar Category. First Year Seminar is a required three hour course
for all incoming students. This course needs to be taken in your first semester and should
be one of the first courses you add to your schedule! First Year Seminar or UNI 101 is
a 25 student class that helps with the transition from high school to college. See the page
on First Year Seminar to learn about all the options.