– What’s up, party people? And welcome to TRUE,
Your 30 Day Yoga Journey. It’s day 17, and today, it’s time to get
down to brass tacks, what this journey is all about, uncovering your light, and tapping into
that unique energy that’s only yours,
your charisma. Let’s get started. (uplifting music) Hi, okay, let’s
begin on our backs today. Come on down,
of course, take your time. Snuggle your shoulder blades
underneath your heart space. And look, we’re gonna get right
into it, okay party people? You’re gonna bring your
feet to the ground, bring your hands to the belly. Take a deep breath in. Smile.
Dudes, smile. And then, as the exhale,
relax your shoulders. Then you’re gonna allow
the knees to fall together and bring your feet really wide so that you can just
relax from the waist down. Tight, awesome, now
relax from the waist up. Close your eyes. Start to feel your breath. And, really, today, charisma. Well, what does Adriene mean? Joy? Sass? Energy? The answer is yes,
all those things. We’re looking to
tap into an energy that’s so uniquely you. It’s just this
undismissible type of energy that we’re gonna call charisma. So as you breathe deep, just kind of open yourself
to this idea, this notion. And maybe we’ll
uncover something today that you haven’t
felt in a long time. You know,
children are born with this type of charisma
as we’re calling it. This energy. It’s just so
unique to them, and alive. It’s undismissible. So, we’re allowing just the energy and
whatever’s going on today to settle in here. Nothing like the at-home
yoga practice, I tell ya. And I used to rush
through these moments, but then I realized now, from feedback from the community that it’s so important to
just really get settled in. But we are gonna make
the most of this practice, you have to trust
that these moments are just tune in and
catch the wave of your breath. They’re important. So on that note, let’s take the deepest
breath you’ve taken all day. And a long exhale out. And then from here, you’re gonna
press up onto the toes, hug the knees into the chest, and give yourself a big hug. Squeeze. Knees up towards your heart, they don’t even
have to come close, it’s just that
action of hugging in, feeling big stretch
through the lower back body, feeling the spine
nice and supported. Commit to this practice, be in the moment,
fully, best you can. Give your thinking mind a
break, and let’s have some fun. We’re gonna bring the hands
to the backs of the thighs, and you’re gonna send
the toes up towards the sky, you don’t have to
straighten the legs, in fact, keep a
little bend in the knees. And you’re just gonna wake up through the
backs of your thighs. If you have a pet, this
might draw their attention, but that’s okay,
today’s practice is not your traditional
yoga practice anyway. We’re tapping into that sweet,
almost child-like energy. (laughs)
Yep. Keep waking up
through the hamstrings. Great, and then
get it a little faster. Awesome, then take this energy, and you’re gonna start to
rock-and-roll up and down… Hello.
The length of your spine. So we’re getting a
nice massage on the back, we’re starting to
gain a little momentum, letting go of the day thus far. Navigating our pets. (exhales) Alright, keep it going, and just when you feel
like you’ve had enough, go ahead and do three more, if it’s alright in your body. See what happens if you
go ahead and do three more. Massaging through the spine. The more you do this,
the more practice, the more
flexibility you will gain, and then the more
inspired you will be to do it. I definitely could never
do that when I started this. And then, after three more, you’ll sit up nice
and tall and prepare… Prepare, got excited,
see, it works? Prepare for Kapalabhati Breath. So the hands will
come to the lower belly, sit up nice and tall. So when we take time
to kind of explore our unique charisma, the
thing that’s unique about us, it serves as a
natural motivation and inspiration to keep
showing up for yourself. And, take it from me, look,
I’ve made my entire life… Has kind of evolved
from this practice, so. Trust me, trust yourself,
trust this video. Let’s have some fun. Inhale, exhale. Sharp exhale brings the
navel in towards the spine. (exhales) Give it try.
Inhale, exhale. Inhale’s passive,
exhale’s sharp. Here we go. (inhales and exhales) Try to keep your
upper body relaxed, the pets really love this one, they’re just gonna love
this whole practice today, so we’ll just become
one with that. Keep it going, Kapalabhati Breath,
Breath of Fire. (inhales and exhales) Find your Drishti, focus on one thing
once you get the hang of it. (inhales and exhales) Stimulating. Warming. (inhales and exhales) Challenging. (inhales and exhales) Alright, keep it
going, you got it. (inhales and exhales) Awesome, now
take a deep breath in. And a long breath out as you release the
hands palm face up. Close your eyes,
relax your shoulders, and just notice how you feel. Awesome, then take
a deep breath in here. Relax your shoulders, open your eyes
as you breathe out, come forward onto all fours, come to the
Extended Child’s Pose, so the knees are gonna go wide. And you’ll sink the hips back, and we’ll reach
the fingertips forward. Now, we know the
movement of Cat-Cow, inhale, drop the belly,
exhale around through the spine, so we’re gonna integrate
that into this circle here. We know this,
inhale to come forward, but really drop the belly here, recreate that shape of the Cow, and then exhale
it around through, create and shape of the Cat. Alright, here we go
now with the breath, inhale to come forward. Exhale to round through. And then keep it going, maybe you come on the
fingertips as you come back. Palms as you come forward, fingertips as you come back. And then see if you can really
sync up with your breath, once you feel like you
know what you’re doing, sync up with your breath, and see if you can
create a little playful energy, maybe rock a little back
and forth with the shoulders. Maybe it’s just about dropping whatever’s been
bugging you, or on your mind. And then go ahead and reverse
the circle at some point. Again, synchronizing
with your breath. Just kind of lubing up
the joints here as well. Stretching. Warming up the body. Nice, and the next time the hips are melting back
towards the soles of the feet, go ahead and reside there, let the arms go soft, and you’ll let your
forehead bow to the earth. So we’re kind of piggy-backing on the self love practice here by connecting to your inner light today. This charisma
that’s so unique to you. We often come on to the yoga mat and we work a little
too hard, in my opinion. So keep it soft and easy today. Drop the poses, and just let your inner
light kind of guide you. I know this is kind
of a silly thing to say, or to hear, but do your best. Here we go, inhale,
look forward, nice and slow. Exhale, come
all the way back up. Table Top Position. So press into
the tops of the feet, press away from your yoga mat. As we’ve been doing,
lift the front body up to meet the back body. Relax the shoulders,
pull them away from the ears. And then, check it out,
curl the toes under, and then remember today’s theme, so don’t heft
yourself up to Downward Dog, but choose a way up to Down Dog that feels awesome
and unique to you. And if you’re
new to the practice, you’re actually
in the perfect spot for today’s theme,
beginner’s mind. We don’t know all the
the ways of the yoga poses and all the ways
that it’s supposed to be. And you don’t have to
work as hard, actually, you can just explore
and be in the moment. Inhale, lift the
right leg up high. Exhale, bend your right knee, listen carefully,
you’re gonna open up, stack the right
hip on top of the left. Start to breathe a little
deeper, supportive breath. Think about children doing this, just exploring here,
not working too hard, even though it is challenging. Then inhale, lift the
right leg a little higher, see if you can do it, and then exhale, slowly, bring it forward,
all the way up and in. Soft landing, if you
need to use your hand to bring that foot up,
awesome, no big deal. Then lower the back knee. You’re gonna
frame your right foot, find a little softness here as you start to open
up through the chest. So, typically we’re here, as we’re gonna try
to open up a little bit. And just feeling it out,
breathing deep. Taking in your surroundings. Just remember, just a little
lightness about us today, a little charisma,
a little joy in the practice, we’re not gonna work too hard. You’ve been working really hard, so we’re gonna use this journey
to kind of tap into that. When am I pushing or forcing the poses? Inhale, look forward,
exhale, keep the chest open as you pull the
right hip crease back. And then you’re gonna
walk up on the fingertips, flex your right
toes towards your face, keep it nice and easy breezy. Listen to the
sound of your breath. Beautiful, then we’re
roll through the right foot, and you’re lift the back leg up, press into your
left palm, and inhale, lift the right
fingertips to the sky, big twist, lift everything up,
find a lightness here. Reach, reach, reach, and then
slowly bring it back down. Great, plant the palms,
step the right toes back. Plank or Half Plank, depending on your
energy level here today. Breathe deep. Claw through the fingertips,
inhale, look forward, and exhale to your
Downward Facing Dog. Inner thighs spiral in and out towards the back
edge of your mat. Upper arms rotate the
other way, externally, elbow creases towards
the front of your mat. Then when you’re ready, inhale,
lift the left leg up high. Exhale, bend the left knee, then slowly,
open, stack the hips. Breathe deep. Claw through the fingertips. Stay connected to
your center, your core, as you inhale,
lift the left knee up a little higher, maybe, and then exhale,
slow and steady. Soft landing, all
the way up to the front, guide it up there if you need, and then lower the back knee. Then take some breaths, here. No need to force or
rush to the next thing. Find a softness. Showing up for the spine, man, just a little goes a long way. I always say it, breathing down
towards the base of the spine, and then slowly allowing
that awareness to trickle up to the chest and the crown. “Chest.”
(laughs) The chest and the
crown so that, eventually, you can inhale, look forward, and then keep the
chest broad and open. As you exhale,
pull the left hip crease back, and flex your toes
towards your face or third eye. Breathe deep here,
on the fingertips, open through the chest. Awesome work. Then slowly, rolling
through that front foot, we’re gonna lift the back knee, plant the right
palm to the earth, and here we go,
big open twist to the sky, left fingertips reach up, and we lean back, breathe deep, catch something,
reach a little higher, reach, reach, reach,
and then bring it down to the ground with you. Beautiful. Plant he palms, inhale, exhale. Step it back,
Plank or Half Plank. So if we want more fire,
more warmth today, we’re in full Plank,
lifting, lifting, zipping up through
the front body. Or, if we want just half that, or we’re working on alignment, or tending to the wrists, then we’re gonna go Half Plank. Everyone, light that fire,
from the crown to the tail. Breathing deep,
inhale, look forward. Exhale, Downward Facing Dog. Beautiful, take a deep breath, in through the nose here,
shake the head loose. And a long breath out
through the nose or the mouth. Awesome. Inhale,
lift the right leg up high. Exhale, bend your right knee. You’re open, stack
the hips, deep breath in. And then exhale, bring it
all the way up and through. Lower the knee, inhale, hands come to the heart,
now, as we press up. Big breath in, long breath out. Then big inhale,
lift the elbows all the way up, big exhale, to twist, back knee stays on
the ground here, at first, and then you’re just
gonna find a gentle twist here. Squeeze the inner
thighs in to mid-line, hug into the mid-line
for support, for stability. Your body knows, we’ve learned
the vocabulary here, you know your alignment, so just take
some time to find it. In a kind way,
in a friendly way, it’s not rigid, right? And then there is an option here to curl the back toes under, and lift the back
knee, if you like. Take a deep breath in. Spiral your heart,
your gaze, up towards the sky. And then slowly release, come back to center,
open the chest, inhale, look forward, exhale, plant the palms,
step it back. Plank or Half Plank
for one breath cycle. In. And out. Downward Facing Dog,
awesome work. Go through your checklist, here. Listen to your body,
listen to your breath. Let your light shine. (exhales) When we approach yoga that way, it becomes less work, you don’t have to
exert so much effort. Instead you have this deeper
relationship to the ease. And moving through life
with ease over the effort, oh, I don’t know about
you, but I choose that. Inhale, lift the
left leg up high. Exhale, bend the left knee. Open and stack. Inhale, lift the left leg up. And then exhale, step it up
all the way up and through. Lower the back knee. Here we go, connect,
plug in, naval draws in and up, hands come
together at the heart. Go through your checklist. Inhale. Exhale, relax the shoulders. And here we go, big inhale,
the lift the elbows up high, create length, and then exhale, big twist to the left. Breathe, find your foundation. Go through your checklist. Curious. And then, if you like,
lift the back knee, reach that right heel towards
the back edge of your mat. Here we go, inhale, spiral your
heart towards the sky, maybe look up. And then exhale to
bring it back down. Beautiful. Inhale, tug the
shoulders away from the ears, big stretch as
you open the heart, let your heart radiate forward. And then exhale,
plant the palms, step it back, Plank or Half Plank,
take a deep breath in. A long breath out. Now slowly, lower
all the way to the belly. And you’re
gonna bring your hands and you’re gonna create a
little pillow for your forehead. We’re gonna bring
the two big toes together so that the heels can splay out, and you’re gonna rest
your forehead on your hands. And now, you’re
like a little kid again. Close your eyes,
shake the hips a little, left to right,
should feel awesome. Your legs have
been working hard. Just gonna soften and
release with the breath. Come to stillness, relax any stress or
tension in the forehead, in the jaw, in the neck,
or the shoulders. And now, for Alligator Breath, you breathe into the belly, and you feel that
pressure of the belly as you breathe in. And then a softening
as you breathe out. (exhales) Keep it going, big inhale in. Long breath out. And this Alligator
Breath is really great when you’re frustrated,
or pissed off, I know it’s kind
of absurd to say, “Come to the ground and
breathe into your belly.” But do it. Sometimes. Just takes the practice,
the knowing, of, “Oh, this is possible, “I don’t have to
go to something else “that kind of
robs me of my charisma, “or my connection
to my true self.” Getting deep,
sorry guys, love you. So hopefully, you’ve caught at least one
really awesome wave here, breathing into the belly, feeling it press into the earth. And then the total
softening, and letting go, and surrender
as you breathe out. We’ll slowly lift the head up, we’re gonna slide the hands
down in line with the rib cage. Bring the toes in
line with the hip points. Press into your pubic bone, so, stabilize by
pressing down into the earth, tops of the feet
and the pubic bone, and squeeze the
elbows in, and then, you got it, here we go,
inhale, Baby Cobra. Exhale to slowly
kiss forehead to earth. Twice more, inhale,
Baby Cobra, warming up the back. Exhale. And one more time,
inhale, rise up. This time, maybe catch a wave, or a breath or two up here, depending on your body, and then use an exhale
to release it back down. Beautiful. Slide the hands now forward, elbows come
where the hands were, so just in line
with the rib cage. And we’re gonna
prop ourselves up nice and easy
here in Sphinx Pose. So, whenever I
say nice and easy, I’m fully aware that it may
not mean it’s easy for you. We want to find
that easy energy, again, not working,
not forcing, pushing. Trying to fit. But letting it evolve. In your body. In your time. Your way. And when you
have this relationship to this type of movement, you’re actually able to
take the high road in life a lot more often, but I’ll get into that a
little more in the email. Okay, so we’re
pressing into the elbows, we’re pressing into
the foundation to lift up. Think about your
two shoulder blades coming together here, so you’re not straining
as much in the rotator cuff, but the shoulder blades
are coming together, and wrapping
around to support you. Yeah, and then you’re
gonna slide the right elbow into the center line, and then look
back at your left knee and you’re gonna
bend the left knee, and maybe, you reach
the left fingertips back to grab the inner
arch of the left foot. And then you’re
gonna kick out here, use your right
elbow to support you, lift your chest, breathe deep. Big, big opening through the
left pec and shoulder, chest. Kick out, actively
kick your left foot out, we’re here for three, two, and then a slow
release on the one. Left elbow replaces the right, and we’re gonna switch to
the other side, look back. Bend your right knee,
think up and over. Oops, sorry. As you reach back
to grab the inner arch, and then press
away from your yoga mat as you kick back
with your right foot. Big opening here,
press into your pubic bone, press away with that left
elbow to support the shoulder. We’re here for
three, two, kick back, and then release on the one. Awesome. Here we go, slide the
hands underneath the shoulders, curl the toes under, press
up to all fours, neutralize. Lengthen through
the crown and tail. Then bump the hips to the left, turn to look towards the bottom
right corner of your mat. And then back to center. And then to the right. Turn to look back. Awesome, curl the
toes under, back to center. Curl the toes under, and
then send the hips up high, Downward Facing Dog,
three cycles of breath here to do your thing. (inhales and exhales) Then when you’re ready, slow descent of the knees down. And we’re gonna all
come into Half Plank here, so wrap the
shoulder blades around, bring the knees together, you can cross the
ankles if you like. Then look forward, try to create
one nice long piece from the crown to the tail. And then, here we go,
inhale, look forward. Exhale, just a half push if you’re gonna bring
the elbows out half way. Great, press into
the earth, come back up, two more, nice and slow,
bend the elbows out. And then bring ’em in. We’re going for a
little 45 degree angle here, so inhale in, exhale, halfway. And then press in. Great, that was it. Uncross the ankles, walk the knees into center. Child’s Pose, take a rest. Round through the spine,
keep the breath active. Buoyant, close your eyes,
and just listen. (inhales and exhales) And slowly draw
the fingertips up. Open your eyes, and come all
the way back to all fours. We’re gonna curl the toes under, come to Plank or Half Plank,
take a deep breath in, and then exhale, lower
all the way down to the belly. Great, then this time, we’re gonna press
into the pubic bone, hug the elbows
into the side body, inhale, open the chest,
Baby Cobra. Then slowly, bend one
knee, and then the other, gonna reach back to
grab the top of the foot. And then the top of the foot. Then you’re gonna flex your toes so the toes point back. We’re gonna wrap the
shoulder blades around. So they’re coming
together, inhale in, exhale, rather than
thinking about lifting up, just kick your toes back, think about
kicking your toes back. Kicking the toes back,
kicking the toes back, so this is one of those poses that we can really work
a little bit too hard in. So squeezing the knees together, and kick the toes back, and even if you’re
just here, that’s great. Then we’ll grab the ankles, kick the toes back, inhale, and then exhale to
release everything. Come back to your pillow, bring the big toes together, elbows wide, heels splay out, and give the booty
a little shake here. Hips relax. Awesome, take a deep breath in. Then slowly use your
exhale to come back up, we’re gonna bend the knees, grab the tops of
the feet, reach back. Active toes, squeeze the knees. So the knees don’t touch, but we do want them
to splay out too much, so keep the knees,
and the thighbones, and the hip points in alignment. Then flex your toes, hands will slide to the ankles, inhale, exhale, begin to
kick back lift your chest. And now here, maybe, you
start to catch little breath. A little wave. A little Rocking Horse. You’re gonna kick,
kick, kick, kick, kick. Take one more
deep breath in, kick, and then exhale, release,
come back to your pillow, bring the two big toes together, and shake the hips
gently left to right. Inhaling deeply
and exhale completely. Awesome work. From here, you’re
gonna inhale, smile, and exhale, just slightly
turn to come onto your back. Yay. Then you’re gonna take the
soles of the feet together. And the knees nice and wide. Let your hands rest gently
on the rib cage of the belly. Then inhale in. Our final Pranayama here,
Horsey Lips, as you exhale out. (blows raspberry) And again, big breath in. Don’t be shy here,
exhale Horsey Lips. (blows raspberry) And one more time, inhale in. (inhales) Exhale.
(blows raspberry) Now close your eyes, and let your
breath just kind of soften and return to
its natural rhythm, its natural ebb and flow. Soften through the jaw. And notice the cadence of the
flow of your breath today. Is it short? Sharp, or maybe,
now, after that practice, is it a little
more buoyant, full? Then press into the feet to slowly bring the
knees all the way up and in. Now press off the toes, give yourself a great big hug, squeeze the
knees into the chest. Inhale, tuck the chin, lengthen through
the back of the neck. And then, exhale,
slowly peel the nose up toward the knees. You can take whatever
variation you like here, breathing deep,
should just feel really yummy on the lower back body. Take one more breath in here. And then exhale,
release the head down, neck down, shoulders down,
Happy Baby Pose. Again, today,
kicking the feet up, lengthening the tailbone towards the
front edge of your mat, should feel really awesome. Around the sacrum. And then, today,
especially today, close your eyes,
or soften your gaze, and imagine that you
are your child-like self. Truly unique and awesome. Truly a light. And imagine
you’re rolling around on your favorite blanket here, and we’re gonna
end today’s practice by just taking an
extra long little exploration in Happy Baby Pose. So if this is
not available to you, you can just do
one leg at a time. And get a little
Martha Graham on me. One leg at a time. Or both at the same time,
extending the legs. Making any sounds or
sighs that feel amazing. (exhales) Maybe you cross the legs,
let’s do it, why not? Happy Baby Pose. And then when
you feel satisfied, and again, remember, you don’t have to get
anything in this moment. Often, some of the
work you do in practice, that work serves you
later off the mat, right? So you don’t always have
to have the ah-ha moments, no one expects that
to happen for 30 days everyday on your mat. But way to show up, and way
to commit to the practice. When you feel satisfied, go ahead and
bring the feet down, you’re just gonna
windshield wiper a couple times, and then send the
legs out all the way. Let the hands rest gently
at the sides, palms face up. Inhale in, and then,
as you exhale, just go ahead
and relax everything. Practice a complete letting go. And then a moment of
stillness before we close. No, the video’s not
frozen, I’m still here, we’re still here together. Close your eyes, and
gently begin to rock the head side to side, ear to ear,
feel this great stretch. Subtle body
stretch through the neck. Little massage on
the back of the head. Soaking in these last
few moments of your you time. And then we’re
gonna come all the way up to a nice
comfortable seat today, and how you do
that is everything, so think about today’s practice. Charisma. Let there be a joy
about this transition that maybe you’ve
never experienced before. I know it’s a bit weird,
that’s why I’m here, that’s why I’m your
friend and your teacher. See if you can smooth it out, don’t work so hard to come up. Pressing nice and easy,
all the way up to a nice,
comfortable seat of your choice. So when we
really start to focus on the why and the how,
why we’re here, and how we’re moving, it totally affects
what it’s all about. It helps dictate your discovery. And your unfolding,
and your return back to you. So great exploration today, let’s bring hands
together at the heart. Bring the thumbs right up to
the third eye, deep breath in. And a long breath out. Awesome work, guys. Thank you so much
for sharing your time, and your energy, and
your willingness to learn. With me and with
everyone else who’s doing this around the world. Take good care. Hasta manaña. Namaste. (uplifting music)