Hey there, FEARCE Leaders and welcome back
to my channel. Okay. Frankly, we’re living in really, really interesting times and there’s
no doubting that fear, anxiety, overwhelm, worry, just doubt of this whole experience
we’re having, which is at the bluntness, it’s this time of complete uncertainty. And while
a lot of life is uncertain and there’s so much to our futures that we really can’t control.
Right now, it’s just more than ever being seen across the globe, as I don’t know about
you, but I’m in lockdown and we don’t know. We were being told relative timing of when
we’re going to come out, but we know we don’t really know. Now more than ever I’m finding it is the most
pivotal time to do this work, to really look into how you can rather than react to your
fear or repress it, which is the common way that creates so much of that inner suffering,
that discomfort, that constant anger and pain that many will sit in, but instead to really
transform your fear, to dance with it, to get to know it, to not push it away. But rather
to start to actually respond to what the messages that are underlying in it are so you can find
that inner peace. You can find that calmness so you can lead from your heart. That’s right, my friend. I want you to lead
from your heart and to really take this time to really be putting your personal leadership,
your self-leadership at the forefront so that way you can show up and appreciate the ripple
effect that is you, so you can be a leader to those in your life who you love, all your
loved ones, your friends, your community, and frankly the global footprint because you,
my friends, matter. Let’s get right on into it. What I’m going
to share today is an exploration that you can do and the key is just to find yourself
in a seated or a comfortable position, right? There’s no right or wrong way to do this and
that’s something that I am so big on in all of this type of work, in all of these explorations.
It’s really about honoring what is true for you. And I just want to say that this is a little
teaser that I share in all of my group programs, with my one-on-one clients and the entire
Fierce Community, which is a global community of female leaders around the world, where
we decode our fear and we really unlock our potential. I’m really all about showing up
as the fiercely feminine leaders that we know the world is asking for, solving the big problems. I just want to say that in this moment I’m
here for you and if there’s any way I can support you or support anyone in your life
who you feel needs that extra support, please, please know and see me as an advocate for
you. Let’s just get right into it. I’m going to now go into the meditation. All we’re going to do is there’s no … just
find a comfortable seated position. Ideally, I always recommend to my clients and in any
of my programs to just see if you can ideally put your feet on the ground just so you can
really stay awake and be fully present in your body. Since this work is really, really
about focusing on connecting to yourself, connecting to your body, and just staying
present, which in a time like right now is everything. Because that’s the interesting
part. When our future is so uncertain, it’s a time when we can really start to actually
have our life be a never ending… Our life right now is a meditation as none of us really
do have, like I said, any certainty of the future. Let’s just take a moment to actually take
some deep breaths in. I’m going to have you now begin to prepare yourself to find your
seated position, to find your way of feeling comfortable in your body, in your space, and
whatever that means for you. You can lie down. You can be sitting on your couch. You could
be sitting on a meditation cushion. This is just your way. I want to take a moment to
honor you for being here, for getting to know your fear and choosing to be fierce in putting
your inner peace and calmness first, knowing how much that will affect the others in your
life. We’re going to begin by taking a few deep
breaths here together. I’m going to guide you through it twice and then I’ll let you
do it once on your own. You’re going to begin by really breathing in deeply into your lower
belly, really feeling your lower belly expand. And for many of us who constrict our lower
bellies, and have been told to keep it tight and in, this is a big thing for us. Really imagine expanding your lower belly
as full as possible, and then feeling the air naturally travel up to your upper belly.
And then feeling the air naturally travel up to your chest. The expansiveness that comes
into your chest here. And I want you to exhale out any lingering tension, any stress, any
constriction you’re feeling in this moment that you just want to let go of intentionally
here. Let’s do this again. Take a deep breath in
really filling up your lower belly, expanding your lower belly, then your upper belly, then
your chest, and exhaling out anything that you’re ready to let go of and letting yourself
honor this deep exhale. One more time together here. Take a deep breath in really filling
yourself up, really filling up your body. And exhale out in your own time, your own
space, in your own way. And I’ll now let you begin to just breathe in your own way, ideally
through this three part breath, but just to do whatever feels good for you here, but to
stay present, to really honor the breadth that is here, the breadth that wants to be
felt here. We’re going to begin a final exploration.
There may be feelings of discomfort through this, but just to remember that you always
have this three part breath to come back to and to just do your best. And if you notice
yourself drifting away, your mind going other places, to remember that that breath can be
a reset that can bring you right back into this space, into this present moment here.
Not to beat yourself up, not to put yourself down, but rather to just let it be and to
keep moving forward. We’re going to begin here by me just asking
you to just begin to introduce fear, to take a moment to give permission for fear to be
felt. And as I say that word fear, to notice any sensations you feel in your body, any
specific sensations. It may be subtle or it may be very obvious. But not to judge yourself
here, not to have any stories here, just to let yourself feel for a moment. To be curious,
to notice if it’s a constriction, a heaviness, attention, maybe a fluttering feeling. Just
taking this as a moment to invite your fear in, to be felt and to be witnessed. I invite you here to put your hand on this
part of your body, on any part of your body where you’re really feeling any fear at the
moment. When I say fear, a part of your body that really you feel sensations in. And just
to notice the power of your touch and really giving yourself permission to feel it a bit
deeper, to just honor the space you’re giving yourself to feel and to take a deep breath
within that to really let yourself fill yourself up in this space. Now we’re going to begin to explore here.
This is just a short introduction, so I’m only going to ask a few questions, but to
take notice of anything that stands out and anything that you feel through this. Is there
any emotional attachment I have to holding onto this fear? Is there any way in which
I feel that this fear gives me power? Is there any way in which I feel that this fear allows
me to control my life? Is there any way in which this fear lets me feel like I am in
control of others? Is there anything here that wants to be seen but is showing me why
I don’t want to let go of this fear or why I haven’t wanted to let go up until now? Just taking a moment here to breathe into
this. Again, there’s no right or wrong way to do this. You are simply enough by being
here and by being present in this space. And if you’ve found yourself going into other
spaces or going away from this moment, again, remember you can always use this three part
breath to come back. And with this feeling withholding this part
of your body, I want you take a moment to ask yourself if there are any wounds or past
experiences that you’re holding on to. Something that could have been from a long time ago
or something that could have happened yesterday, but you feel in your truth is giving this
fear power right now. And just taking a moment to witness what comes
up for you now with no judgment, with no sense of needing to solve anything. Just letting
yourself notice. To be a witness for what comes up in this space. Take a deep breath
here, really filling yourself up again, really filling yourself up deeply. And exhaling out
anything again that’s just holding that you want to let go of. And in the let going, in
the let go, to give yourself permission here to see if you can get let go a bit more. And we’re now going to move in to what I like
to refer to as the defiant self-love part of this exploration. Just take a moment here
to take full responsibility for the ways in which you’ve attached the ways in which you’ve
related to this fear up until this moment today. And to honor it, to honor yourself,
to honor the fact that you were doing the best you could. And that now you can transform this sphere
into something new to not let it simply be held onto, to be attached to. But can we see
any wounds, any past experiences, any judgements, anything that came up previously in this meditation
exploration on anything that you were holding onto around this fear and you can you now
come to a space of acceptance, radical self-acceptance, knowing that you have done the best you could? And that there were lessons, there were learnings
in each of these experiences that were shown just now. There were learnings, there were
things in which you’ve grown thanks to them. Can you take a moment here to really just
appreciate yourself for being here, for being here now and for all of life that has brought
you to now? I’ll have you take a really extra deep breath
here. Really filling yourself up and really intentionally filling up that part of you
where you felt the fear, this part of your body that we’ve been exploring through this
exploration. Really imagine sending some of your breath to that space. And to exhale out
and we’re going to go into the final stage of this exploration just to begin to be reborn
and to reframe and uncover the wisdom that this fear wants to share with you about what
it is you care about. If you haven’t put your hand on this part
of your body where you felt the fear, I invite you again right now. If that feels true and
good for you. But I ask you here now, now holding this part of yourself while being
here very present with yourself in this exploration to ask yourself, to ask this fear, what is
it you’ve been trying to tell me that I care about? What is it you’ve been trying to tell me that
I care about? To really trust here, to listen here to your inner truth. Trust the first
thing that you feel, that feels true and to honor it here. Maybe when you were feeling
into fear, you noticed a fear of loss that was really coming up for you. A fear of losing
people you love. And now this fear is really showing you the
wisdom that you care so deeply about expressing and sharing to those in your life whom you
love, how much you love them. And just to take one more deep breath in here, really
letting yourself again in case something hasn’t become clear here, I’ll ask this question
one more time. Hello, fear, what is it that you’ve been trying to tell me that I care
about? And to exhale out any lingering feelings,
sensations, tension, stresses you’re still holding onto that may still be in this space,
if you do have any. Taking a moment to honor yourself for showing up for this exploration,
for showing up for yourself in this moment and knowing that you can always come back
to this space. Always come back to this guidance. I’ll have you take a deep breath in here.
Really filling yourself up, noticing as you take a deep breath in this time any inner
peace, calmness, sense of relief that you feel in this moment by simply being fully
present with you. And exhaling out again, any lingering things you want to let go of.
I’ll have you take a deep breath in here. Really filling yourself up with gratitude
for all of the people in your life. Who remind you how much you matter by simply being you,
by simply existing. And exhaling out. And lastly, to fill yourself
up with gratitude for this planet, for nature, for all that you have in your life. And to
exhale out in your own time, your own space. And to take a moment here to think of one
small, tiny act of kindness, one tiny act that you can make that truly aligns with what
you found your fear cares to show you, with what you found that you care about through
the wisdom of not repressing or reacting to your fear. Just one small, tiny thing. Take one final
deep breath in here. Really honoring what you’ve chosen, the commitment you’ve made
to yourself, and therefore to everyone in your life who relies on you and respects you
as a leader in their world. To take one final deep breath out, really exhale out deeply.
And gently come back and open your eyes into this space, to gently awaken your body back
into its present awareness. My hope for you is that this exploration can
be guidance you can follow any time when the overwhelm, anxiety or fear just comes up.
And that you know in this time, in this time of so much uncertainty that you are not actually
alone. And if you would like to be a part of a community,
have any additional resources on this topic, check out my description box below with plenty
of free resources and a community who had lovingly open their arms to connect with you
and your fiercely feminine leadership. And until then, I hope you have a fierce day and
feel empowered to take action because you, my friend, matter.