Hello guys, welcome back to my channel So as you guys already know that Bangkok is know for its most beautiful temples in the world so in today’s video we will explore top 5 temples in Bangkok with in a day, within a day because when you travel its very hard to explore everything and visit all the places and its very frustrating if you cant visit a place or miss a place because of less time so in today’s video i am gonna show you guys that how you can explore 5 best temples in a day plus in this video i am gonna cover up that which temple you should go first and which temple last because here temples closing times are very different from each other because some of the temples closes very soon and some of them open till late so we gonna first cover up those temples which closes early and then so on so guys without wasting any time lets go to our first temple So guys we entered in our first temple, inside Wat Phra Kaew to enter in this temple you guys have to change to long pants if you are wearing shorts, like i am wearing shorts because its to hot in bangkok but guys don’t make the same mistake and wear the pants before coming here or bring it with you that you can change In here, normally you guys can get trousers for 100 baht which is very low quality in 100 baht its quality is low but to enter you have to wear it they have this strict rule so lets change quickly and enter so the ticket price is something like this for tourist its 500 Baht which is around 1200 in Indian currency which is very expensive and for thai people its free i asked the ticket counter so you can visit wat pra kaew temple and inside this there is Grand Palace where king and queen live for so many years so we will get the chance to explore that too in this ticket and here a dance show named Khon a traditional dance that too we can watch within this tickets in one day they show in 5 different show timing , so we can go there anytime with in a day lets see is it worth it or not guys Wat Phra Kaew is literally very beautiful on every wall, every building its so much details on there that you will be keep watch the building to see every building, i have to go near because its not gonna justify if you are not gonna watch it from near to every statue and every building because they did a lot of detail and every thing is so neat and clean even after after so many years Wat Phra Kaew started building by King Rama 1 in 1782 and it took 2 years to complete 2 years period is not that much to build a temple in that time but this temple they made in 2 years because King Rama 1 was going to have throne in 1785 so they wanted this temple to be completed before that this reason was to make this temple quick so guys, now we are going to see the main attraction of this temple which is The Emerald Buddha so this statue is very famous like the main attraction of wat phra kaew temple is this Statue only the building you are watching behind me they keep the statue in there so guys lets go inside the building and find out the hype behind it so guys we already been inside the building actually the problem was they dont callow camera inside you guys cant take pics from a close distance not videos too so i shoot it from outside where you will get some idea about the size of the Buddha emerald buddha statue is not allowed to touch by anybody except the thailand king here the tradition is something like this that before every season the king comes here and change the robe of the Buddha because they believe that doing this through out the season the luck of the country will be good and growth of the country will be good too so i told you guys in this ticket price you can visit grand palace too so guys lets go inside the grand palace now so guys grand palace is 18000 sq meter area big which is surrounded by 12 gates and 17 fortress King Rama 1 shifted Thailand’s capital from Thonburi to Bangkok according to them Thonburi was not a good location to make the thailand capital after that king Rama 1 started the construction of Grand Palace in Bangkok in 1782 around 150 years king and queen used to lived here and the royal family too used to live with them side grand palace museum they provided the cafe too if you guys are hungry and you still have some area to explore so you guys can eat without going outside of bangkok and after that you can continue the exploring so guys the building you see behind me this building is make for only queen dresses which queen used to wear they show that the jewelry they used to wear a lot of videos are ruining inside on tv which will tell you guys about the history how they made the fabric and the enrty fee is inculed in the ticket so guys now we are going to watch Khon traditional dance show which is included in the tickets to come here you have to take there bus which is included in the price again this theater where they show the show that is not induced in the tickets they have buses from which you guys can take and after the show they drop you back lets see how the show is so guys grand palace and our first temple is explored so the reason to come here first because the timing is in the morning it opens at 8:30 but the closing timings is around 3:30 to 4:00 pm thats why we cover this temple first so guys we are out of grand palace now and now we are going to our 2nd temple which is 10 mins walk from grand palace so guys we entered inside Wat Pho this temple opens darly from 8:30 to evening 6:30 and here entry charges is for thai people its free and for foreigners its 200 baht which is around 450 to 500 rs so guys once wat pho was thailand’s first public university which gives specialization in science, literature and culture but now a days this temple is known for its traditional thai massage we will talk about that later but lets go first to the main attraction of this temple lets go in this building they have the main attraction of this temple The Reclining Buddha to go inside this building you guys have to open your shoes outside they will give you a poly bag in that you can put your shoes and go inside this statue is made by King Rama 3 in 1832 statue figures are very impressive , the statue high is that is 15 m tall and the length of the statue is 46 m long which is around 150 ft and the reclining Buddha feet size is 15 m long if you gonna watch the feets of reclining buddha from near you so you will come to know that the design is done by Mother of Perls before going inside the building they will offer you guys a cup full of metal coins which will cost around 20 baht i will recommend you guys to buy the bowl because the money you are spending to buy the bowl is like a donation because the monks here use that money to maintain the temple before leaving this place i will recommend to try and enjoy there traditional massage literally they have there own thai massage school inside a lot of students come here to learn thai massage and if you never tried traditional thai massage in your life so you should try here for sure some times its very crowdy during the weekends so if you can book it in advance it will be very usefull so guys we are off to next temple which is opposite to wat pho you have to cross river for that you can take boat cross this street to go to the pier where you gonna find boat so wat arun entry fee system is slimier thai people its free and for foreigner its 50 baht per person so guys Wat Arun is also from Ayutthaya era time and the intersting thing is the statue we saw inside wat phra kaew temple the emerald buddha that is here in the begining when King Rama 1 shifted the thailand capital from Thonburi to bangkok that time they shifted emerald buddha statue from Wat Arun to wat phra kaew so guys the official height of wat arun the top point is 70 m way to wat arun top is the stairs and these are not normal stairs these are straight straight to the top wat arun area is not that big but the temple is very beautiful in every tile the way the did carving detailing that is very detailed so guys lets go to our next temple now which is 3 km far from here so lets go so guys we reached Wat Saket for thai people its free and for foreigners its 50 baht to see golden mount approx you will take 15 to 20 mins to reach the top so guys the statues behind me where vultures are eating human body In 1820, a disease called Cholera speared all around Bangkok because of this approx 30000 people died according to that time Wat saket area was the outer area of bangkok those people who are dead those days they bring the people here to burn them but that time it was not possible to burn 30000 bodies at a time so people of here they burned some of the bodies and some of the bodies they put it outside because of that a lot of vultures of bangkok came here to eat he bodies and once this area used to be full of vultures these statues demonstrate that story now we are going to see golden mount which is on the top golden mount construction started by King Rama 3 but it was not done before that golden mount was collapsed because of its weak and soft soil and after a lot of decays the collapsed building soil and material shaped into a mountain where today the golden mount is standing after a lot of decays King Rama 5 started golden mount construction again King Rama 5 made a concrete wall to all around golden mount so that it dosen’t collapse again People of Thailand believe that if you gonna write your name or your family name on the robe its very lucky as they wrap around the robe on golden mount and when ithe monks pray here they pray for the well wishes for people thats why its lucky do this for sure if you come here so guys we are done with Wat Saket too now we are going to the next temple which is 500 m walk from here so guys we are at Wat Suthat the main attraction of this place is they call ” Giant Swing ” you guys can watch it from a distance because the height of this is very high Giant Swing height is 21.15 m so guys lets enter inside Wat Suthat this temple construction started by King Rama 1 approx 40 years they took to complete the construction when King Rama 3 took the Throne then the construction was done to made this temple the reason was King Rama 1 wanted to make a temple in the center of bangkok so guys in the building i am in they do meditation here even now a days they do it, its very quite here in this building they have 80 monks statues these statue demonstrate that once this building had a lot of big ceremony where buddha used to give speech to the monks and monks and they listen it carefully and later they tell the whole speech to the local citizen whatever buddha told them during the ceremony this building walls full of paintings where it shows that how Thailand people used to live and the culture they follow in every wall there is a different story like the wall behind me the painting shows that the people in the past how they believe that the king is god so this wall shows the story of that by paintings today is the day when former Thailand king was dead thats why you can see that a lot of people are wearing yellow in the memories of there former king so guys now we gonna sit here for a while and involved in the prayer lets end this vlog here in this quite environment and lets catch up in the next vlog so guys please Subscribe, Hit the like buttonif you like the video and you guys know wat to do Stay Awara