Hi, Easy Massage Chair is proud to present to you the Titan Jupiter massage chair as you probably already know, the Jupiter is really well known for accommodating a really wide range of users. So for our taller and bigger users up to 6’6″ or for our users that are a little bit more petite from 4’10” So basically from 4’10”, all the way up 6’6″, the Titan Jupiter is going to be a chair that comfortably accommodates you and one of the standout things about the Jupiter is it provides 3D massage and an L-track all at a very attractive price point so 3D massage… 3D massage means that the pressure of the massage can be adjusted so it can be really really gentle rollers or you can have that push out deep into your back to be very very intense. L-track means that the massage rollers go up and down your back but then they’ll continue to massage your glutes, muscles as well so the Titan Jupiter is a great choice for providing both of those benefits and then it also provides some other very very high-end benefits as well including heat therapy for your lower back for your seat area as well as for the calves very few chairs in this price range provide heat therapy in multiple regions like that and as you probably already know heat therapy is well known to increase circulation and to loosen the muscles which help the massage rollers get in there to work out the tension even better And then in addition to that there is a double-action foot roller massage so the foot rollers will really work at the tension of your foot muscles even better There is also a space-saving feature so basically you can put the chair just a few inches away from your wall so it doesn’t have to take up your whole room Chairs that do not have space-saving, you generally keep them about two feet away from the wall So with the chair, the Jupiter, it’s gonna save you a lot of space in your living room or your bedroom wherever you’re gonna be placing the chair you can put it just a few inches away from the wall and when it’s time to do the massage, the chair will actually slide forward away from the wall and then recline So those are just some of the main benefits and features of the Jupiter Of course it does zero gravity It’s gonna have a whole wide range of auto programmed massage modes as well as manual modes so you can massage everywhere from your neck, your shoulders all the way through your lower back, your arms, your shoulders it basically does it all So at the $4,000 and under price range, the Jupiter is our top pick because of the wide range of benefits that it provides as well as being a chair that suitably accommodates a very very wide range of users so if you have any questions about the Titan Jupiter or if you’re looking to place an order please feel free to give us a call at 888 612 8862 or you can visit our website which is www.easymassagechair.com Thank you