Rishikesh, India This Exercise Exorcises Fear 1 March 2020 Satsang excerpt
(with subtitles) [Mooji] This one, this one, or this one? [Voice in sangha] This one.
[Mooji] This one? OK! [Mooji] Everybody is going to say
something different. ‘Dear Moojibaba, namaskar Moojibaba.
I hope all is well.’ Yes. Thank you. ‘This is Ivy from Hong Kong. I was supposed to be there physically with you
all next week, but due to the virus outbreak,
travellers from China and Hong Kong are banned from entering India at the moment,
which I understand. Moojibaba, I am scared. I don’t know if this fear arises
because I’m afraid of catching the virus, or I am afraid of infecting people,
or afraid of death. I couldn’t find where my fear comes from, but I feel heavy with the surroundings
under this situation. I tried to get out from this
using my daily spiritual practice, but I couldn’t apply it. I feel like I am surrounded by clouds. Moojibaba, how to deal with problems if one can’t even address what the problem is. Please advise.
With love, Ivy.’ So fear, like anything else,
like any other kind of fear, it comes for the person,
not for the pure consciousness. Like any other thing,
fears come up and they go, fears come up and go. When the person feels under threat,
fear will be loud. When the threat ceases,
the person will be happy again. Now, they say … So, anything that creates turbulence
for the sense of the person, we call it fear, we want it to go. ‘I tried to get out from this
using my daily spiritual practice, but I couldn’t apply it.’ Because you were trying
to do your spiritual practice as a painkiller, as a fear blaster, and it wasn’t working. ‘I feel like I am surrounded by clouds.’ ‘Dark clouds surround me, surround my identity,
surround my self-belief.’ What to do? Then begin to observe this person, rather than acting as this person
looking for remedy. Begin to observe, not just the fear,
but the one who is afraid. You must do this! You must do this. Until you see that it is actually possible
and becomes easy and natural. ‘Mooji, How to deal with problems if one cannot even address what the problem is?’ The problem here seems to be the fear of infection, the fear of what may come out of it,
that, ‘I may die from this infection’. This is the fear. And also the limitations, ‘I am not able …’
You are under curfew, you cannot go anywhere. Use these things for your awakening! You would be surprised;
this is a super booster for awakening! When your ego cannot monkey around,
it is fixed. You feel paralysed by your situation,
then you are forced to introspect. Don’t keep identifying with the ego: ‘Yes, but I want to come out. I want to go …
la, la, la, la, la …’ Then, even if somebody is talking to you,
you cannot hear them because you are in your ego madness. So when such a state comes
and we feel intensely that fear is coming, I say, You are aware of this fear, because before the fear came
you were aware of the previous state. Now fear has come, now you are aware of fear. What is it like?
The awareness of the fear is one thing. What about awareness of the awareness?
Can you try? Maybe at the beginning such a person would say, ‘No, no, no, I can’t focus right now. Please, please take me to someplace,
please give me …’ And you have to pull them back and say,
No! You have to look at this! You have to look at this!
‘Ah, but I can’t …’ And you keep on until they calm down. Yes. Between 1 and 10, what is the fear now? ‘It is 9 out of 10!’
OK, 9 of 10. That which is aware of the fear, which causes you to be aware,
is that afraid itself? ‘I am sorry I can’t see, I can’t see!
I can only see the fear!’ What is it that says,
‘I can see’, and, ‘I cannot see’? What sees ‘I can’ and ‘I cannot’? ‘I don’t get it, I don’t get it!’ Yes, what sees,
because the fact is already there, both, ‘I can see’ and, ‘I cannot see’ are seen. Like this maybe you have to try a little bit. Then gradually calm comes back
and a focus comes. If you feed the person,
it will go completely crazy, and you’ll have to give
some kind of medication to them. If you can get someone to look,
then the breath will change. You will see the breath changing from fear breath [breathes rapidly]
to [deep slow breaths]. What watches the breath even? Is that breathing? No. What watches the fear? Is that afraid? No. Like this you can do. A part of what we call our carnal identity
resists this type of exercise. But this exercise exorcises the fear. Just paying attention. Paying attention. We become more erratic and fearful, the more distracted we are from our centre. The centre is our Self.
It is not a personal centre. OK. Copyright © 2020 Mooji Media Ltd.
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