Hey everybody I’m coming to you again
from Turkey. Tomorrow I get to go home I am so
excited so I’m giving you a few downloads just to make sure you feel
great about life in the world and we’re gonna walk you up in a meditation we’re
gonna be very focused today if you have time to actually dance a little, play a
little, meditate a lot and also understand that now is the time for
forgiveness exercises so that all of the regrets, rejections, and betrayals that
you may have in your life and its time to let anything that is old and holding you
back go. Because now is a time for invention and a time for creation and a
time for pause. And remember this is only a moment in time. You’re going to look
back at this time and go oh yeah that’s when I had that great idea and now is
a great time to finish your books finish your projects. Right now we’re working
and making sure that we finish the little carts of the law the virtues
cards that we have created we’re excited about creating new different webinars
we’ve got them all written out for you. So we are going to help you help your
people stay focused, stay together. Remember as ThetaHealers, you are
leaders so your job is to keep everyone in a good balance and not to panic. Remember it’s always of course, it’s okay, life is going to be alright and make
sure that you saying those positive affirmation to your families to your
children and even to yourself. So, take a deep breath in. I want you to
imagine energy coming up through the bottoms of your feet, moving up to the
top of your head, making a beautiful ball of light. I want you to pretend that
you’re in that realm of light that you’re going to go up past the universe,
through layers and layers of light, through a golden light,. through thick
jelly like substance, and into a tingly white, white light.
This is the energy of all it is this is the life force that creates everything
this is the energy that we are one with and I want you to take a deep breath in
and say creator of all it is it is requested that all those that are
looking for me that I am supposed to help and supposed to be there for
or to encourage that we find each other that we can actually help each other.
Creator it’s also requested that I have good discernment and good abilities to
make things happen in my life. I want you to say creator of all it is fill my
energy, fill my cells with perfect unconditional love. And I want you to imagine that your
energy field goes out farther and farther and farther bringing an energy of peace all around you, And I want you to go back to that tingly white light and say thank
you it is done, it is done, it is don. In ThetaHealing we did some fun things
and in planes to we do some really cool things. One of the things we do is
measuring our own energy field before we go up the Creator, after we go to the
Creator and after we do a healing. Our energy field is huge after healing. Also
we also measure trees. After we do a healing on them their energy field is
huge. After we allow those trees to do a
healing on us, their energy field is gigantic.
Remember plants, trees they heal us back. The earth it heals us back. So, let the
earth actually heal us by actually going up to the energy of the Creator and just
being will actually help you absorb the energy all around you and give out the
energy all around you in a good way. So let’s give you some downloads for
today. First of all would you like to know what it feels like to be able to
complete your creations, be creative, be alert, be a value to all around you. And
would you like to know how to end any hardship carried in your heart from the
past, so that you may move forward with ease and effortlessness. Would you like
to know what it feels like to always know what the creator’s definition of hope is. Would you like that downloaded now. Would you like to know the creators definition
of joy, fun, imagination. And would you like to know how when and that is possible to use
these things. Would you like to know what it feels like to be able to really value
yourself and everyone in your life, and that you can bring joy, easily and
effortlessly to all around you. And for all of those which are many theta
healers that are working in the medical fields would you like to know that you
can be blessed with endurance that you can be blessed for all of the deeds that
you are doing and that your acts of service are actually more appreciated
then you know. Would you like to know how to receive that appreciation. For all
those that are working tirelessly over and over for all those that are staying
home would you like to know that you have endurance that you are blessed and
that all is going to be ok.