Casey Wiegand: To have the
ability to share a product that you know will change people’s
lives, there’s nothing like it. I’m Casey Wiegand
from Dallas, Texas. I’ve been with Young
Living for five years. My family influences my drive
and my passion in every way. They’ve been my biggest cheerleaders,
and it just means the world. I have shared these products
with everyone that I know. My kids’ teachers,
my bank teller. The impact of one yes,
it’s unbelievable. Receiving this award,
I feel so honored. So many men and women using their
voices to change people’s stories. It’s such a powerful thing. This
opportunity is here for anyone. No matter how similar the calling,
it doesn’t take away from the power that you have to be able
to impact people’s lives. Going into 5 million more homes and
what that means for so many people, it’s overwhelming in the most
beautiful way. It gives me chills. I just want to say thank you.
Thank you to Young Living. Thank you to Gary and Mary for
their vision and their sacrifice. For all the inspiration and everything
that you ignite inside of me. [Young Living Essential Oils]