So, we’ve explored what is meditation, how does it work, what does it do for you, what are some of the mistakes that a lot of us make entering
this world of meditation. Well, we’ve already covered that, so let me just cut straight to it. And I’m going to share
with you what I’ve found to be the most powerful
form of meditation. And when say that I’ve found it to be, I certainly mean that
I’ve stumbled upon it. I didn’t set out to create the world’s most dangerous meditation, and yet that’s what’s ended up happening. We’ve had people all around the world that have gone through what
I’m about to share with you and have been both
startled by its simplicity and stunned by its effectiveness, not just in allowing you to feel better, but literally allowing you to source the best ideas of your life and not only allow those ideas to come in, but when those ideas come to you, those ideas contain the raw energy necessary for their implementation. So this meditation which
has four components that I’ll lay out for you in this video. This meditation actually makes
you a very dangerous person, and I don’t mean that in a violent sort of way, what I do mean is that the individual in this world
who is self-authorized, the individual who operates
of their own volition, who thinks for themself, the individual who trusts
themself implicitly, the individual who carries with them an unshakeable clarity, a relaxed, focused, confidence, the individual who goes through their life needing nothing while appreciating everything and truly having it all, that person becomes rather
dangerous in today’s society because society and much of culture is set up to manipulate you. To keep you afraid, to keep you reacting, to keep you responding
to marketing messages, old dogma, stale doctrine, old ideas that have been regurgitated and recreated and
plagiarized and bastardized all because of some other agenda. There’s not a conspiracy. Simply observe in your own life. How many times have you felt
compelled to do something that didn’t feel right for you because it seemed like it
was what someone else wanted? This meditation gives you an alternative. This meditation allows you
to source your own feelings and to feel more connected with everything that’s around you. And so this is the world’s
most dangerous meditation because it reconnects
you with your own powers of self-authorization. Now the way this works is very simple. 20 minutes. Once a day. When you do it, it’s totally up to you. And during this meditation,
there are four distinct phases that you’re going to be going through, and you’re going to feel
a very different sense in your own mind, in your own feelings, and in your own body. One of the beautiful things
about this particular meditation is that the experience that you
have is uniquely yours. There’s not some end-game. There’s not something
you’re supposed to see or supposed to get. What this meditation does is acts as an amplifier for your most empowering thoughts, your most empowering beliefs because that’s who you are at your core. You’re not some collection
of problems or pain. Who you are at your core
is actually invincible. I mean, who you are deep down inside, the essence of you, is untouchable. Timeless. And this four phase meditation reconnects you to that every single time. Reconnects you to that light that is not only in you,
but that light that is you, that original prime light. That’s the name of this meditation, the Prime Light meditation. So these four phases are really simple. The first phase is called presence, and if you’re taking notes right now, go ahead and right that down. Presence is the first phase. The second phase is called active appreciation. The third phase is called prepaving. And then the fourth phase is allowing and receiving, so I’ll
break these down for you. It’s very simple, you
go into your meditation, turn off your phone. You may want to timer so that
every five minutes or so, you have a little gentle reminder of when to shift your focus, and that’s all these phases are. Just a little different
direction of thinking, and you might be saying
yeah, but I thought in meditation, I’m just
supposed to quiet my mind. How’s that working out for you? How does it work for you? I don’t know about you,
but when I go to meditate, the last thing that I
want is a quiet mind. I like my mind. I like what’s going on in there, and I like to see all those
thoughts bumping around. I like to see one thought pop in and then another thought
pop in, and then guess what. Those thoughts get together,
those thoughts have sex, and they create a third
thought that’s brand new. That’s the process of creation. I don’t know about you,
but I don’t want to shut that process off. I want to give that process room. I want to let that process
grow naturally and organically and radiantly the way
that this whole universe is actually operating. So this first phase is
simply a direction of focus. During this first five minutes or so, all you’re going to do is remain still and just breathe. There’s no mantras, there’s no medicine. There’s nothing you have to take. There’s no technology that
you need to hook up to. If you want to do all that,
that’s awesome, go for it. But just for five minutes, allow yourself to remain absolutely still and just to breathe in a way
that feels comfortable for you. And if you want to do this
eyes open, eyes closed, totally up to you, I’ve practiced both. I do experience a greater
benefit and a deeper, more rejuvenating experience with eyes closed, but you’ll find the one
that’s right for you, so for five minutes, you’re just totally still. Seated, lying down,
whatever feels good for you. Personally, I like laying down on my back, eyes closed, breathing nice and easy, and the reason it’s important not to move, remember those brain waves that are always bouncing around? Beta and alpha and then the
delta, theta, gamma waves. Well, what ends up happening,
even the smallest movement of your body prevents your brain waves from going from beta down into alpha. And so what’ll happen is people
will enter this first phase of meditation and the next thing you know, you get a little bit of
resistance coming up, and so their nose starts to itch and then they reach up and
they scratch their nose because who wants to
meditate with an itchy nose? Most people don’t, so they go
and they scratch that itch, and then they, start to quiet
again, start to calm down, and then next thing you know, their leg’s not that comfortable. So they adjust their
leg, and then you know, next thing, they have
to clear their throat. Well after five minutes
of those gyrations, you’re still in beta
because every time you move, even a little bit, that muscle firing sends
signals back to your brain, and so you always stay in beta. Next thing you know, 20 minutes can go by, and you’ve been restless
the whole time, so my advice for you, my invitation for you would be that as you feel those feelings coming up, as you feel your nose start to itch or you feel your bladder getting a little full, guess what, it’s just a feeling. You have feelings, but
you are not your feelings, and this is an awesome,
awesome opportunity to practice the power of your will. You have a body, but you’re not your body. So you can watch your
body, observe your body, having those experiences. Those experiences will
dissipate, they’ll go away. In the meantime, stay absolutely still. Just continue breathing. Do this for five minutes,
and you’ll feel a shift in your brain wave activity. Some people describe it as like literally dropping down more into their space, into their body. It’s a very comforting feeling actually. Now this is where a lot of
healing happens for your body. This is where a decrease in a lot of those harmful chemicals, when you’ve got too much
adrenaline or too much cortisol. It stresses your system out. So first five minutes is just
presence, just do nothing. The second five minutes is active appreciation,
and what’s happening here is you’re just remembering
back in your timeline anything you can think of that feels good to you. That’s it. It could be a person that’s in your life that you have a fond memory of. It could have been something
that happened that morning. Or it could have been
something that happened when you were five years old. Any sort of positive memory that makes you feel good when you think about it, and you flood your experience
with these positive memories. So you’re going backwards
in your timeline, and you’re experiencing
this active appreciation. And because you’re doing that
from a place of presence, it’s a very natural segue,
and that’s what makes this entire Prime Light
meditation so powerful is that it harmonizes with natural forces instead of trying to
hijack your nervous system and get you to do something. It’s not about that. There’s no need to force your body into being in a certain state. There’s no need to hit
yourself and beat yourself up and make all these moves just to get back in your natural alignment. There’s no need to bully
your nervous system. Your body wants to be in flow. Your mind wants to be in flow. Allow that to happen. So for your second phase five
minutes of active appreciation leads you quite naturally
into prepaving, and prepaving is simply going forward in your timeline and allowing yourself
to imagine, to envision, a future that you’d like to experience. You know, in other trainings, we’ll go really deep into
how to do this elegantly and effectively and super powerfully. But for now I’ll just say
that prepaving is so simple. It’s literally just imagining, imaging, imagining the future the way that you’d like to experience it. And if you find yourself getting
too much into the details and how to make it happen and
that starts to stress you out, well back off, play with the idea. It’s your imagination,
you can’t get it wrong. Allow yourself the luxury,
allow yourself the opportunity to experience what if? What if? What if you had money flowing in so that all of your decisions were made without the stress of finances? What if you got to experience
being in a relationship the way that your heart
actually desires to love and be loved? There’s literally no limit to what you can do
in this mental theater. After five minutes of
very pleasant prepaving, you’re going to move
into the fourth phase, and the fourth phase is really simple. It’s kind of like presence where
you just don’t do anything. You just breathe. The difference though is
that you’ve really primed your experience by going
through active appreciation and engaging those forces and then moving into prepaving and projecting into your future timeline, what you’d like to experience. Well now, you’re in
allowing and receiving mode, and man, this is where… This is where all the power is. This is where you begin to
receive ideas, insights. You begin to get solutions
to problems that you’ve got. You begin to get answers to puzzles that you’re working with. You may think of someone out of the blue and then after you’re
meditation, you text them, and you say, hey, I
know this sounds weird, but I just had a
meditation and you came up. I figured I’d just send you a message. I’ve had clients close
multimillion dollar deals as a result of following
that inspired action. And you know what,
inspiration can be scaled. Luck can be manufactured. You can actually become an
architect of serendipity. The universe is on your side. And this four phase meditation provides a perfect structure that partners with these natural forces that allow the artist in
you, the genius in you, the creator that you
are, to really come out. The reality is you
don’t need anything more in order to shift your
life one degree at a time in the direction that
life itself wants to go, which is to expand. Now there are ways to amplify this. There are ways to guide
yourself more cleanly and more consistently, and if that’s something
that interests you, then we can take that journey together. This is the world’s most
dangerous meditation because it makes you need-free. And when no one can manipulate you, when you’re not scared of anything, when you lose all fear, when you begin to feel that frequency that is unique to you, and when you begin to operate your life from that place, you begin to live a life that starts to look more and more like something you only thought was possible when you were dreaming. But you’ll be wide awake,
enjoying every second of it. And even those moments that pop in that maybe aren’t exactly what you prepaved aren’t exactly what
you thought you wanted, it won’t affect you at your core. It’ll appear to you as
a comedy, as a drama, something externalized that
you’re still fully engaged with. You just know it can’t hurt you because you’re actually indestructible. So go test this for yourself, and if you want to take
the next step forward, I’d love to see you there. Thank you. (soothing music)