Hello everybody. How are you? In this video we are going to see how doing
the best exercise to work the abdominals. To do this exercise we are going to use a
plastic bag. You can use any plastic bag you have at home. The correct realization of the exercise is
the following one. However, this is an exercise in which people
make plenty of mistakes. Now we are going to see the most common mistakes. The mistake number one is not make the pelvic
retroversion. A lot of people do this exercise trying to
put the back straight making a pelvic anteversion, and this is incorrect, because in this way
all the work goes to the lumbar and what we want to work are the abdominals. For that reason, you have to do a pelvic retroversion,
that it is to put the pelvis forward. This is anteversion and this is retroversion. Okay? We make a pelvic retroversion, we contract
the abdominals and in this position we can start. This is correct. This is incorrect. Good job! We go to the mistake number two. The mistake number two is don’t move all the
body at the same time. A lot of people what they do is to move first
the arms and then the rest of the body. This way of doing the exercise it isn’t effective. We have to move all the body at the same time. Another common problem is to move first the
body and then the arms. That it is also incorrect. The correct way to do the exercise is to move
all the body at the same time. Let’s see the third mistake. The third mistake is not to block the arms. This error occurs when people flex the arms
when they go down making the exercise. What we have to do is to block the arms and
don’t block them at any moment. Let’s go with the fourth mistake. The last of the most common mistakes is to
flex or extend the head when doing the exercise. A lot of people what they do is to look forward
or to flex the head, and this can produce a lot of cervical problems. For that reason, what we have to do is to
put the head in a neutral position. Okay? Looking the floor. This is all. If you like this video, subscribe to my channel
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