Hi, I’m Dr. Filardo, I’m certified in acupuncture
and we’re here on behalf of Expert Village. In the next segment, we’re going to talk about
how actually we can determine if the energy flow or the chee, is deficient. Some of the
easy ways to do it, in our office, that we do, is we do a very thorough history on our
patients and we do a very thorough examination and we’ll an X-ray and see if there’s a connection
between manipulation and acupuncture, there. There’s also ways to tell is palpation. Hot
spots on the body, whether it’s a nerve referral from an organ or nerve referral from a bone
or muscle. The other ways to do it is reflexology. You can hit certain points on the feet, hands
or the ears and they can kind of elicit pain, for the patient, and that will determine another
meridian pathway. Another way, that we do commonly, is we use electric diagnostic tools.
So, we have stress scans that stimulate the body through radio frequencies and then the
body’s response, to that stress, will determine which meridians out of balance. Another way
we do, is we do it through nutritional deficiencies. Some foods, there’s a connection with organs
and so we stimulate and we’ll put the food in the patient’s body, primarily we’ll break
a capsule open or have a liquid extract form, in the patient’s tongue, and then we’ll muscle
test them to determine which organ is out of balance. Those are all very useful. So
X-ray, examination, history, electric diagnostic tools, palpation, pain spots, there’s also
the Chinese. I believe that if you do acupuncture twenty or more years, you can then qualify
to do post diagnosing. The old masters, in Chinese medicine, used to use post diagnosing.
Those are all the common ways to determine whether energy flow is actually deficient
or not.