Now, your brain is organized to reflect
everything you know in your life your brain is a reflection of your external
environment it’s an artifact of all the things you’ve learned and experience to
date feelings and emotions are the end
product of past experiences and if you’re feeling the same way every single
day it means two things number one nothing new is happening in your life
and if those emotions are driving certain thoughts and those thoughts that
are creating the same emotions then you are thinking equal to your emotional
state means you’re thinking in the past and if you believe that your thoughts
have something to do with your destiny as long as you’re thinking equal to your
familiar emotions you keep reaffirming the same past
experiences in your life over and over again our research shows without a doubt
in the last three years that when students of our work combined a clear
intention now intention is a vision a potential that already exists in the
quantum field that you get to select and when you ask yourself a question like
what would it be like to be healthy what would it be like to be wealthy what
would it be like to be free or to be in love the moment you ask that creative
question a part of your brain called the frontal lobe turns on
that’s the crowning achievement of a human being once that area of the brain
turns on it’s like a great symphony leader it looks out of the landscape of
the entire brain and it begins to randomly select different networks of
neurons that are connected to the things you’ve learned in your life or the
experiences you had and it begins to seamlessly paste them
together to create an ideal a vision or an internal representation that is a
potential experience that’s awaiting you but it’s not enough to just have the
mind involved thoughts are the language of the brain and feelings are the
language of the body and how you think and how you feel
creates a state of being once you can begin to emotionally embrace that future
reality before it’s made manifest when you combine that clear intention with an
elevated emotion the freedom the joy the inspiration the genuine love that you
feel or gratitude from that experience the moment you do that your body as the
unconscious mind begins to believe it’s living in that future reality in the
present moment now you’re moving into a new state of being into a new
personality and a new personality creates a new personal reality the
research that we’ve done shows that when we teach people how to regulate their
internal states to begin to create more coherence in their brain and to generate
elevated emotions like joy and gratitude and inspiration that not only does the
brain become coherent but so does the heart and when the brain is coherent the
hardest go hear it when the hardest coherent the brain is coherent and so
why don’t we live by these states on a daily basis primarily because the
majority of the time that we live in our waking state of consciousness seventy
percent of the time you and I are living by the hormones of stress and living in
stress is living in survival and when you’re living in survival the very
chemicals of survival cause you to function as materialist defining your
reality with your senses you pay attention to objects and things and
people you begin to believe that your outer world is
real than your inner world and the side effect of this overtime begins to cause
us to feel separate from possibility why because when you’re threatened by some
predator or some danger in your life it’s not a time to go in it’s not a time
to trust the unknown it’s not a time to open your heart and feel loved it’s not
a time to communicate it’s not a time to create it’s not a time to learn it’s a
time to survive so then in order for us to create them we have to lay down the
very thing we used our whole life to get what we want
for something greater to occur and most importantly we want you to understand
when you’re in the creative state and when you’re not and if you were to take
a little time every day and apply some of the principles in changing beliefs
and perceptions about yourself in your life and what is a belief other than a
thought you keep thinking over and over again and all beliefs are based on past
experiences and in order for you to change a belief or perception about
yourself in your life you have to make a decision with such firm intention that
the amplitude of that decision carries a level of energy that’s greater than the
hardwired programs in your brain and the emotional conditioning in your body and
your body literally has to respond to in the mind and when the choice becomes an
experience that you never forget that’s the moment the past biologically no
longer exists in you and people around the world are changing beliefs and
perceptions that are based on past experiences from thirty and forty and
fifty years ago and the side effect is that they’re creating new lives all
potentials in the quantum field exist in the present moment
so that when you sit down to create something in your future it’s important
for you to understand that only when you’re in the present moment do you have
access to possibility once you understand what it’s like to be
in the present moment change your energy and when you change your energy to match
a potential that already exists in the quantum field electromagnetically when
your energy matches that experience energetically that’s when reality is
drawn to you that’s when the new experience begins to find you so whether
you want to change your health or create something new in your life or experience
a mystical moment lucid dream whatever your the passion or desire is
specifically select those potentials and create the life that you want so that
you don’t have to go and get it that in fact it comes to you so think about this
most people wake up in the morning and the first thing they do is they get in
touch with the feeling that defines them the moment they get in touch with that
feeling whether it’s suffering or guilt or shame or judgment or unworthiness
they begin to start their day from that emotional state in other words they’re
already living in the past once they turn on the certain chemicals that drive
certain brain circuits they expect their life the change but they’re thinking the
same thoughts performing the same actions and living by the same emotions
but secretly expecting their life to change what if then in a small example
you became conscious of those emotions that keep you anchored to the past and
you begin to change your emotional state means you would begin to change your
energy now from a quantum perspective the thoughts that you think are like the
electrical charge in the quantum field the feelings that you emot– are like
the magnetic charge in the quantum field and how you think and how you feel
broadcasts an electromagnetic signature that influences every single atom in
your life the thought sends the signal out and the feeling draws the event back
so you are broadcasting information on a daily basis into the field when you
change your energy you literally change your life and if you’re able to maintain
that change in energy you will begin to draw new experiences to you and that’s
when you become the scientist and measuring fruits of your efforts and as
I said common people all over the world in all different cultures are doing the
uncommon they’re healing themselves from diseases chronic diseases serious
potentially fatal diseases they are creating wonderful new jobs and
opportunities they’re winning the lottery they’re having mystical
experiences that begin to uncover the mystery of who we really are and I think
that the biggest slide that we’ve ever been told is that were linear beings
living a linear but in fact we are dimensional beings
living a dimensional life and so uncovering the mystery of the self
beginning to look deeper and understanding who we are that if
knowledge is power the knowledge about yourself is self empowerment and I want
to inspire you and motivate you so that you can begin to apply these principles
so that you get to be the recipient of your own efforts for example we’ve had
several people in our work heal themselves at very difficult conditions
one lady in particular experienced the very sudden loss the event in itself
produced very strong emotions those emotions then lingered for periods of
time and it began to define her as a personality now it’s a scientific fact
that the hormones of stress push the genetic buttons and create disease so
the long term effects by living by those chemicals literally are harmful to our
body justified or not now we’ve all had traumatic events in our life and some of
those traumatic events Brande us both neurologically and chemically in this
woman’s experience the event was so traumatic that the emotions lingered for
weeks and months and finally years it became part of her identity and so as a
result of the long-term effects and her personality being defined by the past
instead of the future living by those same emotions began to break her body
down in a very short amount of time she developed paralysis from the waist down
the result of the effect of the paralysis created more stress in her
life now she couldn’t work she couldn’t take
care of her children she couldn’t make any money she couldn’t take care of her
house she had to get assistance from other people and her mother had to move
in with her and because of all of the effects of those circumstances her
stress hormones went up in a short amount of time she developed ulcerations
on all the mucous membranes of her body those mucous membranes with all the
ulcers caused her to no longer eat properly she couldn’t eat and because
she couldn’t eat the chemical imbalance from no longer eating enhanced her
stress levels and then further within three to four months she developed the
Safa gel cancer now this woman was smart enough to realize that probably the
effect of those chemicals were the reason why she developed her condition
in other words she said to herself if I created this condition because I was
living by this event in other words emotionally I was attached to my past is
it possible then to uncreate it and create something else so she began the
work and the meditations in every single day whether she felt like it or not she
practiced through meditations and for sure she had certain days where she
didn’t feel like doing her meditations because she didn’t feel well but she did
them anyway she also made the decision that she wasn’t going to get up from her
meditations until she was in love with life now to the materialist the person
who’s defining reality with their senses the materialist there’s no reason for
her to be in love with life twice she had a traumatic event she had no job she
had no money she was paralyzed she had a diagnosis of cancer she couldn’t eat she
was in internal pain she was in external pain but she said I’m going to teach my
body emotionally what my future could feel like before it’s made manifest
in every single day day by day she overcame a small part of herself and
within a very short period of time about a year she was able to reverse those
conditions to this day this woman has no cancer
she has no alterations in any of her mucous membranes
she has no paralysis or pain and inside of her body or outside of her body and
she has a new life so new personality creates a new personal reality the
disease exists in the old personality she’s literally become someone else now
if you if you had talked to this woman about that experience she’ll tell you
that experience was her greatest teacher most of us though when we can’t overcome
an experience when someone says to us why are we this way we typically say we
are this way because of some event that’s happened to us in the past which
means I haven’t been able to change since that event that event altered me
emotionally but once we understand that we can be defined by a vision of the
future instead of the neurocircuitry and chemicals and emotions of the past this
is when we change our personality and we create a new personal reality