– Take a long deep
breath with me right now. (breathes deeply) And let go. (exhales deeply) Did you know that you’ve
just had an interaction with a sylph? The spirit and consciousness
within the element of air. In this video, I’ll introduce you to the ethereal spirits of air and guide you through a meditation journey to meet and communicate with them to experience self healing. I’m George Lizos and
I empower Lightworkers with tools and guidance to
find, follow and fulfill their life purpose. If you’re ready to follow yours, be sure to subscribe to my channel for more videos like this. Sylphs are the least popular
of all the elementals and yet they are the ones
we have most frequent contact with as we
constantly breathe them in. I remember a couple of years ago, I had a client who was suffering from really low self esteem. We identified that it was a result of limiting beliefs and
self judgments passed down to her from her
parents and her past lives. While tuning into her energy, I saw a group of sylphs eager to help her release these limiting beliefs. They use a technique
they called a sylph storm to energetically remove
all this limiting beliefs and restore her to her
high vibe factory settings. Her transformation was instant and as a result, she was
able to confidently stand up for herself and follow her
life purpose moving forward. I teach about the sylphs as part of the Elemental Healing
Practitioner course. Where students train to become certified elemental healing practitioners, to channel the energy of
nature for the purpose of positively transforming their life and the life of others. I’m excited to share some
of that magic with you here so that you can also
experience the magic of sylphs. Sylphs are part of the element of air and the air elementals. They are spirits and consciousness found in the wind, whether this is
a storm or a gentle breeze. There are various types of sylphs including the Four Winds, Boreas,
Notus, Eurus and Zephyrus. As well as the breezes of sea, valley, desert and mountains. Collectively, the sylphs
specialize at helping us let go of limiting thoughts and beliefs that hold us back from being in alignment with our divine self,
including past life beliefs. The specific winds and
breezes that I’ve mentioned, specialize in helping us
release limiting beliefs related to certain areas of our lives. By working with them collectively, it’s also a powerful way to
experience their healing. I’m curious, have you had any
encounters with sylphs before? What was it like? How did you feel? I’d love to hear your stories, so be sure to share it with me in the comments below. Okay, now that you know what
the sylphs are all about, it’s time to meet them in meditation. When you’re ready, sit in
a comfortable position, close your eyes and take
a long deep breath in. (breathes deeply) (peaceful music) Take a long deep breath in. Hold it. And let go. (breathes deeply) Keep breathing, in and out. Use your breath as a
tool to let go of stress, to let go of negativity, to let go of tension within your body and anything that’s holding you back from being in alignment
with your true self. Breathing in. And breathing out. Gathering up all the
stress, all the tension, all the negativity and to
exist it in the in breath and then letting it all out with the out breath. In this moment, nothing else matters, other than being in this present moment. Giving yourself some
well needed alone time. All that’s preventing you from being fully in alignment with a joy
and happiness and love that you are, are limiting
thoughts and beliefs and tension and stresses. As soon as you remove these obstacles, you naturally return back to
your natural state of being. So just keep breathing in and out. Releasing resistance as you breathe. Allowing yourself to
naturally come into your state of wellness, of peace, of ease. In this moment, all is
well and you are safe. As you’re coming into a relaxed state, I want you to visualize
that on the top of your head is a bright ball of golden light. This is healing light. It’s a relaxing type of light. It’s also very energizing kind of light. It has the ability to clear anything it comes into contact
with and recalibrate it back to its natural state of being. This golden light is also very numbing and relaxing kind of light. So let that light gently wash
over the top of your head now. Moving downwards over your face, your forehead, your eyebrows, your eyelids and your eyes. Flowing down through your
nose and your cheeks, your lips, your jaw. It moves through the center of your head, hugging your brain. Letting go of thoughts. And it flows down through your neck, relaxing all your neck muscles and into your shoulders. We tend to hold so much
weight and responsibility within our shoulders. Let it all go now. Let the golden light flow
down from your upper arms, your forearms, your hands and your fingers, relaxing them completely. It flows down through your chest now and all your chest muscles. Hugging your heart and your lungs, instilling in them,
this pure positive light that gets pumped all the
way around your body, through your breath and your heartbeat. Giving permission to
your body to calm down, to come into a place of ease. The golden light now moves
down through your spine, through every single
vertebrae within your spine, relaxing it completely,
allowing you to sink deeper into the chair. It flows down through
the core of your body, through all your internal organs. Many of them have been working overtime to respond to life’s stresses. Give them permission to let go. Give them permission to find balance. Guide the golden light now
down through your belly and into your hips,
allowing you to sit deeper into the chair. Through your thighs, your knees, your calves, your feet and your toes. Your entire body’s now
filled with this beautiful, warm, healing, golden light. Mentally scan through
your body and identify any other areas that need more attention. Any areas that are still
quite tense or stressed out. Direct the golden light there. Relaxing them completely. Breathing more deeply. Giving yourself permission to just be. In this beautiful, relaxed state, I want you to visualize
that you are now standing at the peak of an enormous mountain. The view from the top is breathtaking. Anywhere you look there’s
an endless natural terrain, mountains and valleys. Completely stripped of the urban world. There’s a soft breeze
gently caressing your face. Close your eyes and go within. Use your mind’s eye to
observe the subtle layers of your energy body and look for any darker clouds or energy or spots and a fairy cobwebs that may be clogging your energy field. These darker areas are the accumulation of limiting thoughts, emotions or stress that’s been blocking your life
force from flowing freely. An emotion cannot exist
without a thought or belief backing that emotion up. Therefore the emotion of
stress or any other limiting emotion you have is always created by one
or more negative thoughts. These thoughts are what we’ll
work on releasing today. What you can see in your body right now is the energy of these
thoughts and beliefs accumulated from stressful
events in your day, week, month, year, your childhood or even from a past life. They may have been created
in your interactions with friends, family members, colleagues, or even complete strangers
you come in contact with on a daily basis. Unless you consciously
identify and release this negative energy, it’s going to stay in your energy field and subtly influence your life. Any created blocks you may have, weak memory, anxiety, irrational fears and phobias, may have been created as a
result of these accumulated negative thoughts and emotions. Consciously asking the
sylphs to help you clear these energies provides a gentle way of completely releasing these attachments from your body. Invite the sylphs to come
into your presence now. You may feel the soft caress
of the air on your face now grow stronger. As it does that, you start getting a sense of beingness in its essence. The hundreds of sylphs
blowing through the wind are making themselves present to you. They have long, ethereal,
almost fluid bodies as they wind through the atmosphere. Skillfully dancing among themselves and gently touching your energy body. As they do that, you
can see the dark clouds and energy in your body and auric field start dislocating from their usual places. As they get swayed away by the sylphs and eventually get
plucked out of your body. Carried away by the wind,
just like a river flows down a stream. All the negative thoughts
and negative emotions you’ve accumulated in your
body over the past days, weeks and months are now
gently leaving your body and are being recycled by the sylphs. The wind is growing stronger now and it starts twirling around you, creating a mini cyclone that
breaks through any persistent long term negative beliefs
that have been created in your childhood or in
your life in general. The energy of these beliefs
is a little more sticky, that’s why they need the
extra effort and force from the sylphs. As the sylphs’ cyclone
surrounding you breaks them apart and blows them away, you may get a sense of what
these limiting beliefs are. If you do so, just notice
them pass through your mind and consciously let the
sylphs take them away. In a moment, I will count from one to 10. With each number up, the
cyclone you’re in right now will speed up, grow stronger and mightier, as the sylphs work more
intensely on your energy body. Releasing even more present and past life limiting thoughts and beliefs. When I reach number 10,
the clearing process will be completed and
your body will be free of any negatively that’s
currently preventing you from being in alignment
with your true self. One, and a cyclone starts
getting stronger and stronger. Two. Three. Four, you’re letting go
of limiting past life, thoughts and beliefs. Five. Six, it grows faster and stronger now. Seven. Eight. Nine. 10, breathe in. (breathes deeply) And breathe out. (breathes deeply) And allow your body to
adjust to these new energy, this cleaner, clearer energy. Fully in alignment with
a joy, a happiness, love that you are. In this pure, clear state, free of negative thoughts
and limiting beliefs, offer your gratitude
to the sylphs and know that you can always come
back to this meditation to keep working with them,
in releasing more and more limiting thoughts, beliefs and emotions that hold you back. Gently now start coming
back into your body by making small movements
with your fingers and your wrists. Moving your shoulders around a little bit, and your head, moving clockwise, and anti-clockwise. When you’re ready, take
a long deep breath in. (breathes deeply) Hold it. Smile, open your eyes and release. There you have it, as you
come back into your body, I want you to leave me a
comment in the comments below. Letting me know what your experience with connecting with the sylphs was like. How did you feel? What kind of messages
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