Today is part three of our massage series. Don’t miss it Hello everyone welcome to part three of our five-part series we’re going to work with massaging the hands and arms today if You’ve been with us since part one welcome back if you’re new to our series. No problem. Just hit that subscribe button below Let me know in the comments below whether you have been able to incorporate anything that we have discussed thus far into your own routine if you’re enjoying this content, please don’t forget to hit that like button and We’ll go ahead and get started When I do the arm massage, I like to make sure the draping is nice and tight so I pull back the heavy cover I bunch up the sheet making sure I have the edge, and I pull it underneath the arm We’re gonna start with some nice long effleurage strokes up the arm make sure that we warm those muscles up When we move down to the hand I like to put compression on the hand pull the muscles apart Then I’ll bring the hand up it’s a little bit more comfortable for me to work Using my thumb I’ll dig into that thing or eminence there I’ll interlace my fingers with theirs just to keep the fingers out of the way it also tightens up those muscles in the hand so That I can dig in a little bit easier People’s hands are used quite frequently so it’s always good to give that Area a little bit more love I like to go down each finger using my thumb in my pointer finger I’ll then pull the arm out so I can get to the forearm Working the underneath. I’ll warm it up again with some effleurage strokes I Will start to dig in there These muscles are usually tight on everybody because of typing texting Make sure you get every muscle there I’ll then turn that hand over. I’ll use my knuckles to dig into the top of the arm There using the table as a brace that way I can get as much pressure as I need You can also dig in with the heel your hand like I’m doing here If you want to do some more detailed work you can use your thumbs. I’ve said in past videos I don’t care to use my thumbs if I don’t have to the knuckles the heel the hand they work fine I’ll then move up the upper arm work the deltoids and the bicep Again, I’ll use the heel my hand most of the time sometimes again. I’ll use my thumb, but I Am trying to save my joints After I feel like I’ve warmed that muscle up enough I’m going to take the arm by the elbow and the wrist put it I’ll put it perpendicular to the body. I’ll put compression right there on the Insertion of the PEC major and I’ll rotate that arm up Help stretch out that PEC Then we just pull that back down we’ll do some nice long effleurage strokes again Saying goodbye to the deltoid and the bicep there that pressure isn’t as much as I did in the very beginning And then I’ll do some Strokes down the forearm with my knuckles again again. The pressure isn’t nearly as much as it was We’ll finish up on the forearm here saying goodbye to the underneath of the forearm I really do like to work that forearm again. Cuz I feel like it’s very Abused and not enough attention is spent on it I Like to rotate that wrist back and forth sometimes that helps move the muscles around Then again I’ll finish off with the hand there I’m squeezing the hand away from each other with the muscles. I then pick up the arm and Put the sheet in the cover back on and we’re done That concludes our three-part series today I Hope you learned a little something maybe you enjoyed the video if you did don’t forget to subscribe also hit that like button if You have any questions regarding the video, or you have some ideas for content for later? please comment below and As always I appreciate you for watching