Hello It is Babzi. Hello Today is sticky hand sounds Sticky hand sounds. It’s not like this dry hand. It is such a sound that you apply hand cream or something. I prepared a few things to make a sticky sound. Now, first You liked it a lot in previous videos, right? Hand Cream And This Skin Control Massage Cream And then Cleansing Gel And finally, Aloe Vera Soothing Gel I prepared this way. Then I’ll try the hand cream. The following are Skin Control Massage Cream In my ‘Ear Cleaning Shop Roll Play’ video, Maybe there is a part that uses this to massage your ear. Do you remember? That is the massage cream. In ‘Ear cleaning shop roll play’ Actually, with this massage cream And using this silicone coasters I made a sound of ear massage. Would you like to hear it? Imagine doing an ear massage. How was it? Did you hear it sound like an ear massage? next Cleansing Gel Now one last thing left. The last Aloe Vera Soothing Gel I’ve tried a lot of sticky hands like this. My hands are still sticky. It’s all sticky stuff. I think the sound is subtly different. I do not know if you’ve heard so far What did you like best? So I will leave now. I hope everyone is having a comfortable time, or being comfortable. So goodbye No… bye~