Hi, my name is Laura Jacobs. I’m so excited to connect today
and to talk with you about essential oils. I’ve been working with
essential oils for some time, both as a mother and as a
wellness and health expert, and I just find leaning into
essential oils is one of the most brilliant things
we can do. You know, as a nutritionist,
an herbalist, an aromatherapist, when I think about— you know, if I had to go live
on a desert island, what would I bring with me? And I figure, gosh, I could probably find some
plants and different things to eat, but I can’t imagine not having
my oils with me. You know, they’re just
so small, and they’re just so
easy to pack anywhere, and they’re so power-packed
that just a single drop can go so far. So I’m excited to
connect today, you know, connecting on the topic of more
of a seasonal health focus and just looking into some
different things that we can lean into there, and putting this into a
perspective of three components or three areas of focus. One, how do we create a
protected environment to stay protected ourselves? And two, how do we strengthen
our overall health? And three, how do we respond in
times when responsiveness is appropriate? So first, in talking about this
category of protection, one of the focuses I want to
place here is both, you know, cleaning around us. So we have air in our homes, we
have surfaces, we have different things like that that
we’re subject to. And then we also have an
internal environment, and certain oils are acceptable for
internal usage and some are not. And so I’ll mention
that as we go along, but just this overall idea of
promoting both a clear and a clean environment is so good and so mindful when it comes to
this type of protection we’re seeking. So the first oil I’d
like to mention is a single essential oil,
and it’s Bergamot. It’s pronounced Bergamot,
Bergamot. Or if you’ve been to Italy
where it’s actually grown, which I have, this is how they
say it in Italy: Bergamot. So I love that. So Bergamot has some
really wonderful, incredible chemical constituents, as does every essential oil. This is what makes it unique is
that every oil is like a person. We each have
different personalities, and there’s different things
that blend together to make us who we are. And think of an oil
in the same way, that it’s specializing or it has certain
strengths or talents. And we look
at Bergamot, or Bergamot, we kind of see it in two ways. One, for its purifying benefits
and that’s especially, you know, what we’re thinking about when
it comes to internal usage, and then more of this calming
and relaxing benefits to our mood and our environment, in which we think of maybe more
from a diffusing perspective. So when it comes to, again,
staying clean and clear in our home, in our body, how you would want to look to
the Bergamot or Bergamot oil would be
definitely diffusing it. Again, it’s going to
be super, super helpful. You know, what if you’re having
an environment where things are really tense, or there really,
it’s really stressful. This is going to be a great oil
to be diffusing, not only during the day, but because of its
relaxing properties, it’s also going to
be excellent at night. You know not too long ago, I
was speaking with one of dōTERRA’s amazing scientists, and I loved how she phrased
that when we have a day we need to think about, like, all day long kind
of managing our “junk,” she called it, and
just keeping it cleared and then at night we
need to clear it as well. And that’s what helps us sleep. Now, when we don’t do that— do you want your yesterday
being part of your today? So Bergamot or Bergamot is an
excellent way for us to keep the day cleared and to clear the day at night, so we’re moving
toward tomorrow, we’re starting fresh. And nothing’s more refreshing,
of course, than a citrus oil. Now, along with those ideas,
you can also use it on the chest. And it’s wonderful at promoting
a soothing sensation when we apply it topically in
that fashion. It’s also a wonderful,
you know, any citrus oil, it’s very popular to flavor
drinking water with a citrus oil, which encourages you
to drink more water. I know I like more water when I
like the taste of the water. And so it’s wonderful for
helping to promote that, which allows us to benefit from
the purifying activities of not only the oil
but the water itself, which is so important, right? For our daily housekeeping of
our body and our organs. OK, the next oil that I’d like
to speak to is a blend, and this blend is Purify. Now, Purify is what its
name is, right? This is, so we talk about,
again, cleansing and clearing. It’s all about that
for your home environment. So, it’s fantastic to be
diffused to eliminate any kind of unpleasant odors. It’ll help clean the air. And then on top of that, it
makes a wonderful companion for surface cleaning. So you could do, like 10 to 20
drops in an eight ounce glass spray bottle and just water
with that, and then— it’s fantastic for any
kind of household service. If you want to do more
stainless steel or window, you could add vinegar to that, and then also for a
laundry cycle, it’s fantastic to add. I do this all the time, adding
it to my laundry is standard for me. I always keep it by my washer,
and add it in the rinse cycle, or you can also
place it on dryer balls. That’s one of my
favorite ways to use it, and it’s just fantastic
to help eradicate tough odors, and just to replace anything
with this wonderful, clean, and fresh scent. It’s also just, note
to self, as you know, sometimes during the
warmer weather, depends on the season that
we’re in then, you know there’s little things
flying around, right? And so, in the event that
you’ve had a run-in with one of those little things we
call bugs, then Pufiry is also excellent
to apply to the skin to suit any kind of irritation that may
result from some sort of a bug bite. OK, next oil, just such a good
player when it comes to cleaning and clearing, this is, this is a yummy one:
Tea Tree oil, also known as melaleuca. All right, so you may
know it by a different name. It comes out of Australia, and it’s just fantastic at
creating an environment that is unfriendly to unwanted guests,
like, period. It’s fantastic for that. It’s also so good
for cleansing the skin. Really, really good for that. And it’s just gentle and mild. You know, when you look at
chemical constituents of oils, it’s amazing. If you flip a couple here,
there, the differences you get and although some chemistry
might be similar to a very potent oil when it comes to
having like real sensation on the skin. Tea Tree has a high level
of potency, but it doesn’t have— it’s just very gentle. It’s very mild. So it’s fierce in its activity, but it’s not fierce in
how it feels on the skin, which makes it really lovely. So, you know what? Here’s some different ways you
can think about it. First of all, it’s going
to be fantastic for diffusing. Then you can also
do that on your skin. So we talk about you know
clearing the skin and helping with blemishes and think, reducing the occurrence
of blemishes, but also just keeping your skin
clean is just a really— it doesn’t have to be just for
people that have eruptions. It could be for any of us. And it’s really good
to apply to the skin, just to keep a clean and clear
environment on the skin. So I like to place it under my
nostrils and under my ears and on the ear lobes because then I’m
breathing that, and inhaling it, and just getting to experience
that amazing aroma. And, you know, whether you are
diffusing it or putting it on the bottoms of your feet, it’s just fantastic for any
time you might be feeling under the weather or some, you know, a loved one, you can always dilute any of
the oils when you’re applying them topically, especially for children. And it’s just a very soothing,
comforting, you know, promoting oil in that way. It’s also fantastic for
surface cleaning, and you know, depending on the cost of
an oil, you know, some are less expensive
than others. Tea Tree is very affordable. And so it’s—that’s when you’re
going to want to lean into, same with the Purify, they’re very cost effective,
for doing surface cleaning. And if you want to have some
fun with this, mix the Lemon and the Wild Orange
with the Tea Tree. You could do like five drops of
each in an eight ounce glass spray bottle, fill it
with water. And again, you can clean and
purify any surface in the home. OK so, we’re still
in our protect phase. We’re still talking about
clearing and cleaning, and now I want to
lean into more of a respiratory conversation,
specifically. Now, of course, dōTERRA is
absolutely famous, you know, if we think about our
top ten most well-known oils and blends, Breathe blend is
going to be right at the top. It’s our respiratory blend, and
it’s what’s in Breathe, of course, that makes it so powerful. So I thought I’d give a really
good mention to some of the oils that you
find in this blend. And one of the reasons why some
of them are in there, is because they contain what’s
known as, a constituent known as 1,8-cineole. And 1,8-cineole has been shown
through research and studies that it’s really really capable
of providing a clarifying respiratory environment. And this is, you know,
obviously, this is— one of the things we’re
leaning into, is we want to create a sensation or a feeling
of clear airways and easy breathing, when it comes
to respiratory support. So 1,8-cineole is all that. And of course, any oil then
that contains it would be a favorable component of
such a blend. Now in addition to that, when we look at
respiratory health, we also need to
look at digestive health. They actually pair together,
what you eat and how well you’re doing with
what you’re eating can really impact your
respiratory health. For example, your gut is a
primary eliminative channel in the body, and things come in, they need
to get broken down, they need to be eliminated properly. The respiratory system is
what’s known as a secondary eliminative channel, or I like
to call them chimneys, a primary chimney
and a secondary chimney. And the respiratory system is
somewhat sympathetic, and that’s why it’s secondary. Is things aren’t going well or
getting eliminated properly in main channels, then the body
will tend to offload. So one of the things that super
appropriate then is to keep the digestive health supported, and Cardamom is another
ingredient in this blend. So just just a mention there. So let’s go back to our 1,
8-cineole oils and talk through a few of those and why they make
such great companions for this respiratory environment, we’re
talking about. So first of all, Laurel Leaf. Now this is kind of
a newer kid on the block. This is not an oil that dōTERRA
has made available as a single oil to purchase, at least at the time
of the taping of this video. Other than we were actually
able to earn it for free during one of our promotions. So every month dōTERRA has an
oil you can earn for free when you place a loyalty
rewards order over 125 PV, as long as it is placed
by the 15th of the month. And the Laurel Leaf
was one of those freebies. And wow, was it a good—was a
good acquisition, right? I was so excited to get some. It’s very, very high
in a chemical constituent known as Eucalyptol. And that particular constituent
is known for its cleansing properties. So when you look
to Laurel Leaf, again, I’d like to introduce it to you
as one of your new best friends. It is just got this beautiful,
herbal, minty, refreshing sensation and aroma. It’s lovely. And again, just remember that
it’s an ingredient in Breathe. And Breathe is that superb
choice for respiratory support. Now, this just brings to mind,
as I keep mentioning chemical constituents, I’m just gonna pause and just,
you know, while it’s on my mind, I just really want
to encourage your own research. Go out there and check out
these constituents we’re talking about. Go- There is so much peer-
reviewed journals, articles, studies, research available
where you can go check out single oils and those
particular chemical constituents so have fun. Go research Laurel Leaf. Go- go find out
what’s so great about it, and how it can serve you. Now this, is this
is recommended, but it wouldn’t be my number
one recommendation because if, in fact, you only have a 5 mL bottle, and you only got
it once for free, it’s probably not your number
one surface cleaning choice, although it would do the job
you hired it to do. It’s great for that, but I would be saving it for
other precious employment, rather than— I got plenty of
other oils, you know, that I can use on surfaces. This is actually known, Laurel Leaf is also known to
be very, very good for skin health. It’s very, again, cleansing
because of the Eucalyptol and revitalizing to the skin,
and it again, helps reduce the
appearance of blemishes so it could be beautifully
partnered even with your Tea Tree. Now, when it comes
to really enjoying Laurel Leaf, these are some fun,
fun ways to do it. One is, like Eucalyptus, if
you’ve gone to any spot in the world and you go into a sauna,
10 bucks they’re diffusing or something with Eucalyptus oil. So Laurel Leaf can serve
you in that same way, in that you can place a
drop or two in the corner of your shower. And so with the heat, and
the moisture, and the steam, next thing you know, you have this amazing spa-like
experience happening in your morning shower. It’s also wonderful
added to a massage. And if you want to
really be, you know, again, we’re all about cleaning
and clearing, right? So using it in a massage,
you know, along with some coconut oil, along with some
other oils, if you want to mix it. I would especially emphasize
the back and the chest because of the Eucalyptol. OK, so our next 1,8-cineole oil
that’s just so belongs in the conversation of protect-
is Rosemary. And two chemical constituents,
for those of you who are like science geeky and love this
kind of stuff. So I’ve already mentioned the
value of the 1,8-cineole. Let me also mention the value
of the alpha-pinene that’s located in the Rosemary, and that’s, again, its ability
to help purify. And so, we’re going to talk
about some some ways in which we can use Rosemary. So first of all, diffusing,
or applying, and to just feeling on your game mentally, it’s wonderful for that. So that’s a
great diffuser apply. I use it oftentimes, you know, on my forehead, back of
my neck, internally, is also because— remember, some of the oils are
labeled for internal usage. In fact, many of them are. Rosemary is one of those oils, so you can benefit from these
same chemical constituents internally. And this is where we really can
emphasize its capacity, again, it has purifying benefits. So it’s going to be helpful for
internal organ function. It’s going to help also then—
help us reduce a sense of fatigue or nervous tension. It’s fantastic for that. Now with any of the oils, as
I’ve mentioned, you know, along the way you can certainly
mix them and blend them with other oils. So here’s an idea for you, is
taking the Rosemary, and mixing it with Frankincense, and putting it
in some Epsom salts. So you could take
a cup of Epsom salts, it’s always good to put your
oils on the salt itself because that helps distribute it
through the bath water, and just take you know,
whatever works for you. Couple, two, three drops
of each, for a total of maybe five, six drops, or up to ten. And then soak in that
tub with those Epsom salts, and it’s so soothing to the
body and the soul. It just promotes such a calming
and relaxing environment. OK, Eucalyptus. Because again, we’re still
talking about protection. Eucalyptol we mentioned for the
Laurel Leaf is also, of course, present in Eucalyptus. Doesn’t it
sound like Eucalyptus? And so not to sound redundant, but to be redundant, right. Eucalyptus is like
the ultimate, when we think about all essential oils, and we think about single oils,
we already talked about the Breathe being the ultimate
blend when we think respiratory. And then when we’re
thinking singles, it’s going to be Eucalyptus. It’s absolutely king, queen,
whatever you want to call it, with its camphor-like menthol-
like experiences by placing it on the chest. We’re getting this amazing
vapor-type sensation, which is all about promoting
these feelings of clear breathing and open airways. So what a wonderful thing
to be diffusing at bedtime. OK, our second area
of focus is strengthening. And I’m just going to lean in
here in one way to this topic, and that is with nutrition. You know, there are countless
studies that have cited that that poor nutrition is the
number one cause of poor health. And even the most well-designed
and stringent whole food diets, I’m familiar with that, without
regular supplementation, any issues that can be rooted
in nutritional deficiencies, can be unquestionably the
result in suboptimal levels of health and vitality. So, without proper nutrition,
our bodies and the critical functions that they
manage can be compromised, including normal and necessary
elimination processes. And we’re kind of
like a car, you know, we need really good
quality fuel, and we need proper elimination, and filter
changes going on all the time. And so with a rich supply of
proper nutrition that’s distributed effectively through
our bodies, it can really, really make all
the difference in optimizing organ and system performance, as well as again supporting the
body’s normal detoxification functions. So this would be a great time
then to bring up in our conversation. dōTERRA’s Lifelong Vitality. It’s one of the number one,
best selling products in dōTERRA. I feel like we’re really well-
trained in our dōTERRA family to understand that oils
are awesome, and when there’s nutrition in
an environment and oils have that to work with, it’s even more awesome. And so creating this
partnership is really what optimizes your capacity to
receive full benefits from your essential oils friends. So this particular trio,
Lifelong Vitality, is a trio of three products,
work synergistically and it’s to combined, combine actions. You have your VMz, which
is a vitamin mineral complex. You’ve got the xEO Mega, which
brings in those powerful and essential fatty acids. And then we’ve
got the Alpha CRS+, bringing in the third part with
antioxidants and promoting cellular health. And what I love about- is the
correlation between these products. For example, the essential
fatty acids in the xEO Mega really help support,
for example, fat-soluble vitamins that are
in the Microplex VMz, so they work synergistically
and supporting each other. I do think the
Alpha CRS is wonderful. I’m in my late 50s, and so this is
something that I’m thinking— I want to age gracefully, so
I’m always thinking about supporting cellular health
and vitality. And so I’m just thrilled to be
using all of these products every day. And then, of course, the Alpha
CRS is really leaning into that for me. Okay, our last area of focus we
talked about protecting, and I’ve really focused
on cleaning, and clearing, and cleansing, and creating
environments that are primo at that. Because one, you want
to put up a shield, and two, you want to just keep
clearing out things as they enter your space. It’s just common sense. So when it comes to then
needing to be responsive. Let’s say there’s been a breach
in your, in your hull. I’m thinking kind of like Star
Trek-esque, right? You know, we’ve got a breach
in the hull, or we’re just not feeling
as safe, or protected our environment, or, you know,
feeling, like, under the weather, then we want to be responsive. And we want to make sure we’re
putting the shields back up, or putting ourselves back on our
feet and feeling, feeling full vitality and
full energy. And so, really, you can lean
into any of these same solutions we focused on. Again, the Tea Tree,
the Eucalyptus, the Breathe, the Rosemary. Really, any of them are going
to be fantastic in helping to revitalize and bring us back. I want you to think
of them as, like, bookends. You’ve got your
protection aspect, you’ve got your responsiveness, or
respond aspect, and you are just well-armed and tooled with the
oils that we’ve talked about. So, if you haven’t already, consider adding them
to your your repertoire. I always say the time
to have your solution is like it’s midnight, something’s going on at
your house, that’s not the time to go, “Oh I should have ordered.” It’s the time
to already have it. So all of these deserve to be
part of your personal and family arsenal, helping to provide the kind of
support that’s desirable for your home and
your family’s health. So, I hope you’ve enjoyed this
conversation in regards to some of our awesome
essential oil friends. So, thanks for joining me.