Hey, everybody. This is Nicole Stevens, and I am excited to talk to you
today about staying healthy in all seasons. And I don’t know about you, but
at this time of year, this is such a hard time
for my family. The seasons are changing. The time changes. We’re kind of feeling
run down from the winter. We’re all going stir crazy from
being inside so long. It’s time. This time of year, I am always
grateful to have essential oils to be able
to support our health. And specifically, I want to
talk today a little bit about Frankincense. Now, this may not be what you
think of right off the bat for, you know, staying healthy
through the seasons. But honestly, this is referred
to as the “king of essential oils” for really good reason. It is one of our
absolute favorite, Swiss-Army- knife kind of, essential oils. We can use it topically,
aromatically, and internally, which means we’ve got all kinds
of benefits that we can get from using Frankincense. So for example, using
Frankincense internally, this is a great
way to help support healthy cellular function,
immune support, nervous system support. It’s really a great way
to just have an overall feeling of rejuvenation, of helping
your body in this time of transition through
the seasons. So, you know, it’s super easy
to be able to use a drop in a Vegie Cap, or some people like to
put it under their tongue. There’s lots of ways that you
can use this internally, and remember, it
doesn’t take very much. These are very powerful
essential oils, and a little always
goes a long way. One of my favorite ways to use
Frankincense is topically. This is an amazing essential
oil for the health of your skin. It really does just, kind of,
give this appearance of brightening and supporting
healthy skin when you use it topically. I love to put a drop into my
moisturizer at night, or sometimes if
I have a blemish, it’s a great way to really just
support the skin as it works through that. And don’t forget about the
aromatic benefits of Frankincense. You know, it’s not one maybe
that people throw in their diffuser very often, but I would encourage you to
give it a try. It’s one that
you might be surprised. It’s just, it’s this
amazing aroma. And it, kind of, makes me think
of some of my favorite research that’s come out of
the past, probably, decade where scientists look at people
walking through a forest, and they look and see what
happens to the people. And they have found
amazing things, amazing benefits, from this act
that they call forest bathing. You can look that up. There’s some interesting
research articles on it, and I like to
think of essential oils, especially Frankincense, of,
kind of, my way of bringing the forest into my house
for my family to enjoy, to get those benefits
of rejuvenation. Because in the forest, the
trees are putting into the air essential oil chemicals. And guess what. They’re very similar to what we
find in here alpha-pinene and limonene. And these great small
monoterpene molecules that the plants are sending
out into the atmosphere, and we’re walking in
the forests, we’re breathing those in, and
we’re being rejuvenated. So this is a great way,
even aromatically, to just experience and really support
our families in times when we are having transitions
like this, through the seasons
or whatever may arise. It’s a great essential oil for
supporting us, you know, in whatever way we use it. So if you’ve got a bottle of
Frankincense just kind of sitting around somewhere,
you’re saving it for a special occasion, I would say bring it down,
try it, use it in a few, maybe a different way
that you haven’t before, and see if you can have some
benefits for your family that will maybe be surprising and
certainly be beneficial. So, Frankincense. Love it. Enjoy it. Find a new way to use it. Share what you find on our
social media outlets so that other families can use it and
enjoy it in the same ways too. And together, we’re just going
to stay strong through all the seasons. Thanks so much.