Hey everybody, my
name is Dana Moore, and today, we’re going to talk
about soothing your body with essential oils. And this is an
important topic right now, and something you’re probably
focused on a little bit more is ways to reduce
stress in your muscles, maybe ways to reduce stress in
your emotions, and relax your emotions. And also just stay relaxed
throughout your day. And if you’re like me, you
probably have children at home now, so you’re maybe adjusting and
having to pivot, and so there’s just a
lot of adjustment taking place, and I’m not immune
to any of it. But I do have essential oils
that are helpful, and I’m going to share with you
some tips that I’m doing, that we’re doing as a family, that are making this transition
a little bit easier and are just helping us to
adjust as we’re all kind of, you know, learning new ways to support
things and new ways to do our daily lives. So, one of the first things I
want to talk about is just relaxing muscles. And, for me, that’s kind of the
main way that I carry stress, that’s when—when stress hits, and when things
feel uncertain, or, you know, I feel
just overwhelmed, my body will carry stress. And so I get really tense in
my shoulders, my jaw will carry some stress, and I can just feel it. And that comes out
in a physical way, like, there’s some
physical discomfort, but it comes out
emotionally too. And I can feel, like, this
tightness and kind of this locking up. And we don’t want
to feel that way, we don’t want to live in a
place of stress in any way because when we are
stressed out, it actually is a detriment to
our health, that doesn’t support a healthy life. And so, if we can
stay in a place that’s peaceful and relaxed, it’s good for our bodies. It supports us in a great way. So, one of the things that
I do, and love to do, is to take an Epsom salt bath, or
create and Epsom salt foot soak, or
even perhaps a shower. And so, I say all that because
I know not everyone is a bather and loves to soak in a bath. But I like to soak in the bath, and so my tip for you is to
take two cups of Epsom salt in a nice, warm bath and
soak for at least 15 minutes. And to maximize that, I love to
add AromaTouch essential oil. AromaTouch is a
beautiful blend. It’s warming to the body, and it smells amazing. And so it brings the aromatic
peace over me as well, but it mixes really
well with Epsom salts. So I would just say use about
three drops, no more, with two cups of Epsom salts. And if you don’t love a bath,
if you don’t love a bath, that’s okay, plug your shower, and put the same thing
in the bottom of the shower, and just take your
time in the shower. Maybe that’s a day where you
take extra time to shave or something so your feet are
soaking in the Epsom salts and the essential oils as well, and you’re benefiting from
the aroma. Or you can just sit and soak
your feet like in a basin. Either way, you’re going to get
the benefits of Epsom Salts, which are calming,
and relaxing, and amazing for de-stressing. But you’re also going to get
the benefits of essential oils as well. So that’s one thing. Now, because I’m prone
to stress, I do a couple extra things too. I like to use this jade roller (I mean you could kind of get
these anywhere, even online, so just have it shipped to you). But I like to roll it along my
jawline, where I get tense, right through here, because when I go to bed, I’ll
end up clenching, because my muscles are so tight
or I feel stressed out. And so one of the best oils
that you can use for that, that I think you
could use, is Balance. I think Balance is a
phenomenal oil for really just feeling grounded and secure. And I’ll just take a few drops
of Balance and rub it, you know, just gently along my jawline
and then just take time to slowly roll. And you can even breathe while
you’re doing this, but it’s calming, and relaxing,
and it works that oil in, and you’re getting the benefits
of Blue Tansy, and Frankincense, and
Black Spruce, which are all actually great for
your skin as well. And it can just become a ritual
that you do to set yourself up for being calm before
you go to sleep, which is a great time to
recharge the body too. And then, in addition, one of
the best things you can do, if you’re just uncomfortable or
maybe you’re working out more right now in
this season of life, put some Deep Blue on your
muscles and then put a warm, wet compress on top. So, often I just
use even a heating pad, and I’ll put the Deep
Blue, or AromaTouch is fine, and then add the warm, wet
compress on top and just let that sit and
soothe for a while. And it’s more than just even
the act of the oils and the compress, it’s just being still and
letting your body to heal, and rest, and recharge, and to
find that kind of a peace. So, that’s all about
your muscles. When it comes to your emotions,
in our home we’re pretty proactive with our emotions because I don’t really like to
handle emotional things after someone has flipped out or
after we all feel undone. So one of the things that we’re
doing to combat stress is we’re taking the Adaptiv softgels. And I definitely made sure that
we had enough for this whole period of being quarantined because I want to just make
sure that we have the tools that we need when we
feel stressed, and we do. We feel a stress, as
I’m sure that you do too. And so everybody is taking one
Adaptiv softgel every single morning, or capsule I should say. It’s not a softgel. It’s a capsule. We’re taking one in
the morning, and then we’re also taking
another one at night. And this has been amazing. Even some, one of my children,
who is prone to just feeling overwhelmed or even being
negative about things, his emotional state has just
been so much more steady. I can tell that his emotions
are supported more, and that makes
it peaceful for everybody. So I’m super thankful for that. As well as, we’re using the
Adaptiv essential oil too in our diffuser at the same time,
like, they coincide together. Because as much as these are
incredible and they are long-lasting, this
is really fast-acting. So when we’re
feeling overwhelmed, or we’re getting
snippy with each other, or the stress is just causing
us to show up as our lowest self instead of our
best self with one another, We’re just—I’m smelling this,
or putting it in front of our noses, or rubbing the back of their
neck with it while they’re kind of expressing themselves. And it’s really,
really helpful, and I don’t know what I would
do without this tool in this season. Another great thing we’ve done
is family yoga. Now they don’t last long, it’s
not as, like, glamorous as it sounds. I picked a 17-minute
yoga video last night, and they lasted about seven,
but that’s fine because you know what, it’s progress. We’re learning actually new
things together. We’re figuring this out. And so, we’ll do yoga together
because it’s the act of being still, and calming
the emotions, and learning to breathe, and even just sit with the fear
or sit with the stress. You know? And sometimes we just need to
sit with it and address it before we can get rid of it. But everybody, we use the
dōTERRA blend Anchor, that comes in the yoga collection. And this is one of my favorite
blends just because I personally feel so solid
when I smell it. And so what we’ll do
is take a few drops, and I’ll give them all
a few drops on their hands, we’ll rub it on the bottoms of
our feet, rub it behind our ears, and take a
deep inhalation, and then go about our short,
little practice. And you can search
for, like, yoga for kids. There’s tons of free resources
out there, if you’re brand new to yoga. Don’t be afraid of it. It’s just something that is
good to practice breathing, and practice being calm, and really
getting to be comfortable with this new normal
that we live in. And the last tip for relaxing
your emotions is just taking deep breaths. One of the best things that you
can do to calm your mind, to calm your body, is to breathe. And so I choose Wild Orange
for that, when I just need to take some deep breaths. And I’ll put a
couple drops in my hand, and I’ll
practice deep breathing. And when we breathe deeply,
when we breathe with a certain rhythm, when
we breathe methodically and intentionally, what that does is actually
alkalines our body, which helps us to stay
in a place of health. And so we’re going
to take a deep breath, and I try to count like maybe
four counts in and hold and four counts out and
four counts in and hold. And you don’t want to breathe
once or twice, you want to breathe for like five minutes,
or three minutes. Like, kind of set a timer and
give yourself the challenge to breathe because you’ll feel
your entire mind shift, and you’ll feel a shift in your
body too when you intentionally breathe like that. And at first it can be tricky,
it can be hard sometimes to do something new like that. But I like to think about
things I’m grateful for. I like to think about things
that bring me peace and joy, or things that I’m thankful for,
or just that I can control. I’m thankful that I
can feed my children. I’m thankful that we’re all
under the same roof. I’m thankful
that we’re healthy. You know, those are things that
I can control and have influence on right now when
some other things feel a little bit out of control. And then lastly, just how we
stay relaxed throughout the day because we are all within the
same four walls, right? And I think that’s really wise,
but we’ve got to make this environment thrive for us, otherwise we’ll go a
little bit, you know, stir-crazy. So one thing that I recommend
everybody do is just diffuse every single day. Wake up, you know, whatever
your morning routine is, if you’re making
your smoothies, turn on your diffuser and make
sure it’s something that’s like uplifting and calming. And usually those are
citrus oils, citrus oils are very happy. They make people feel hopeful. And so you can put in a few
citrus oils in your diffuser, or Adaptiv is a great choice. Balance is a great choice. And you can switch it up all
day long, they’re a quick way to shift, kind of, the energy, or the mood,
or the feeling of the home. So diffusing is going to be
probably one of your best friends right now. We also play music
that feeds our soul. And so you know we want to make
sure that this environment is helping with, like, our
creativity and our, you know, our connection, our community
with one another, even if we’re
just doing a puzzle, to play some music that’s just
energizing and feeds our soul that everyone feels,
you know, peaceful about. That’s a really great tip. That’s something easy that we
can all do. And then lastly, I would just
recommend disconnecting from things that don’t
bring you peace. You know, maybe that is like
reading Twitter every day, or consuming content that only
leads to fear, isn’t wise. Maybe that means deleting the
Facebook app off your phone, or whatever it is that’s the
trigger for you, and for everybody
that’s really different. But if it robs
you of peace, you’re— it’s so much harder, you know,
to get back to that nice grounded place, and that’s the best place that
we can all stay in right now. So those are my best tips for
you guys, I hope that they help you as much
as they’re helping me. Thanks so much. Have a good day!