Hi, my name is Ashley Rice and welcome to
my YouTube channel! (music) Okay, you guys! I have another stocking stuffer video for you today and I am so excited to share this product with you. I think it is so amazing for a stocking. But, really quickly, if you are new to my
channel, don’t forget to hit the little bell down below and subscribe to my channel. But, let’s talk about this product! So, the product I want to share with you today
is Hempz. It is a Triple Moisturizer – Herbal Whipped
Body Creme. And this is absolutely perfect for the vegans
or vegetarians in your life. It is a cruelty-free and vegan lotion. And it is amazing. There are actually quite a few different styles
of Hempz lotion. But this one here I actually got as a gift
and I have been obsessed with it. Like, a little bit goes such a long way. Like, I usually do, like, the tiniest pea
size that I can get. Yeah, like, even that’s a little bit too much. But you just, like, rub it in and, like, there’s
already, like, I can put this all up in my arms and it smells amazing. And I absolutely love it and it’s a strong
enough smell that I can smell it. ‘Cause I have little to barely any sense of
smell. Though if you do have a person in your life
who maybe can’t do smells, they do have one that doesn’t have any scent to it so that
it will be safe for them and won’t cause them headaches and won’t have reactions to it in
any way. Whenever I use it my skin feels so soft after
I’m done with it. It is absolutely amazing and Hempz is a really
well known company in the vegan community. And a lot of people use it as a lotion. So, this would be absolutely perfect to get
the vegan in your life, like, they will use this bottle up! Especially during winter time everybody is
drying out. So, this is the version I have today. I am going to leave a link below if you want
to purchase it online. Uh, that is an affiliate link, just a heads
up. Otherwise, I am leaving a link to their website
as well. I know they carry it at Ulta because I walked
through their store one day and I saw a ton of them. So, you definitely should be able to find
this one in a store. Which I think is really, really great. I think the little size here is perfect for
the stocking stuffer. Mostly because the person who gets it can
take it for traveling, or they can leave it in their purse, or they can leave it at work,
or where ever they might desire. And it just works so beautifully. And it makes your skin feel amazing. It does take a little while to soak in but
it’s not like a sticky lotion at all. Like, you just con feel it absorbing right
away. Like, already right here my fingers are completely
dry. I would say within about, like, three minutes
it should totally be absorbed. So, it is pretty fast compared to some other
lotions that I’ve had and it works wonders. Like, my skin can be so dry and I use that
and it just, like, softens everything up again. So, I definitely think this is, like, the
perfect gift to get really anybody. But especially the vegans in your life. I think they would really appreciate this
and they would definitely use it up. It would not be a product that would go waste. But, the triple moisture one I think is amazing. Especially if you have somebody in your life
who does have really, really dry hands. And just so you know this is made with hemp
seed oil – that’s the main ingredient. But 100%, I would definitely recommend. I think this is an amazing stocking stuffer
idea and, like, honestly I would love it if my family, like, put three different types
in the bag so I could, like, play around with them. But also, like, I could smell different scents
and I could just pick the one that I want that day. Like, it would be the best. So, I think that’s it for today, you guys. I would highly recommend this. This is such a well known company in the vegan
community and it is so, so, so amazing. Let me know your thoughts of that product down
below in the comments. Do you know someone in your life who gets
really, really dry skin and could use a smaller container of lotion that they can take with
them on-the-go, they could leave in the car, or whatever the situation might be? Leave that below in the comments. Other than that if you are new to my channel,
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