Let me tell you about another product
that we launched at Convention this year. It’s Young Living Deodorant. This is a
new improved version of our existing Young Living Deodorant. Young Living Deodorant is formulated with Arrowroot Powder to help absorb underarm moisture.
These special formulas were designed by the D. Gary Young Research Institute to
work synergistically with your skin’s microbiome. The skin microbiome is the
ecosystem of micro organisms that live on the skin. The underarm microbiome
helps protect against harmful bacteria and other environmental factors. Unfortunately the environment under your arms is conducive to the growth of odor
causing bacteria. These bacteria enzymatically convert fatty acids in
your sweat to thioalcohols, which are responsible for bad armpit odors. The
unique combination of ingredients in Young Living Deodorants not only absorb sweat
but also inhibit the enzymatic conversion of fatty acids to thioalcohols by the odor causing bacteria. This targeted mechanism has been
clinically shown to help prevent odor causing bacteria from growing while
maintaining a healthy microbiome, and like all Young Living products these deodorants contain our therapeutic grade essential oils to help keep you
refreshed all day.