I spent my early career working in the fitness industry. I like fixing things. I think people are the way to go. I have had a little bit of experience in massaging. I was looking to do something with sports massage and having had a look around at the various types of courses available this one seemed to
absolutely fit the bill. I’ve got such a great understanding of how to train people, how to get people to lose weight, how to get people fit, but I had no real idea of how to put people back together. So someone said to me that you know, you’re spending your life breaking people down so why don’t you spend the other half of your life building people up. I did the Brandon Raynor massage course. What I took from it was confidence going
into massaging. I did the Certificate course first and I went away for a few months and practiced what I’d learned which for me was really beneficial because when I came back for the Diploma course, I could put into practice what I’d learned and obviously, it could all meld together. It was all done very much with a building block approach so that we start off with your brief introduction to the concept of what the Raynor methods are and we talked about the anchor points and build up through how do we work those anchor points? How we track the training as we move through each day about how we build intensity and we can feel through it so it was all very well explained and really well laid out. The first day Dave Taylor explained in the beginning exactly what he expected from us and grew confidence in all of us, I feel, from day one to the fifth day where on the fifth day I was able to do the final exam and be competent enough to pass it. The teacher, Dave, he’s fantastic, great knowledge and you know, he takes people who know nothing about massage to being like seemingly experts
about massage. The great thing about the training course is the confidence that it gives me. You just get stuck in.
There’s no pfaffing about in classrooms, no white coats. You’re hands on, you’re learning. It gives you the confidence.
We learn every day and it builds every day. There is no comparison between the therapy I can give now to the therapy I could give before. I mean in terms of now my ability to deal with people with sports injuries, I think the course has provided me with more than enough knowledge and confidence and skill sets to be able to go away and deal with
those injuries. At the very end, we had strangers come in and we worked on them, and seeing that I actually made a difference to them and seeing the change
on their faces, I realized that I could actually do a good massage. Every day has been superb and I’ve learned something every day whether it’s how not to do something or whether it’s how to do something. Whether it’s from somebody else in the room or whether it’s from one of the trainers. I’ve learned something every day.
So every day has been really good. When you leap into something in the very beginning, it’s always very daunting. You think, how will I manage it?
But it was great. My clients are going to be happy with this added service. I’m a 100% certain that every client is going to want to pay extra and they’re going to want to get involved with a massage at least kind of
once a week. I’m absolutely desperate now to get out and get going. I’m taking it into my industry which is sports and training and fitness so it’s a good element to have. If you’re thinking about doing a training course,
I recommend this one. If I spoke to anyone that was thinking about doing this course, I would really push on them to do it because it could, you know, alter their skills and their massaging and take them to further things in life. I’ve got lots of colleagues that stay in gyms and they stay kind of one-dimensional without looking into doing like therapy with people or they think they can. To anybody, any of these colleagues or for any trainer out there, I would say that if you really want to add something special to your service,
come and do this course.