WhispersRed ASMR Hello, this is Emma, and today’s video is going to be a relaxing ASMR session
working around the head. I’m going to be concentrating
on the scalp, the hair, and ears. This is Mia, and her beautiful, long,
thick, dark hair. And she’s wearing microphones
inside of her ears, One on this side, and this side. So if you pop on your headphones, then
you’ll be able to hear the sound just as though you
were here with us, okay? I’ll move the camera in, and show you what I’m
doing from different angles. Okay, so all you have to do is listen, and watch, and relax. Good. Okay, we’ll start with just some
gentle touching from root to tip. It feels like liquid
running down the head. Like that. Nice and slow. Relaxing movements. Liquid running down the head. It’s nice. Then, brush out the hair. Brush out any knots on the ends. This is my favorite brush for Mia’s hair
because it’s so thick and this is a wide paddle brush with smooth ends on the teeth so it doesn’t cause a lot of damage. Start until the ends. And I find its extra relaxing if I just
don’t apply too much pressure, and do it really really lightly. It tends to pull on a few hairs here at the top. It’s a nice, relaxing scalp pampering. And then, the ends are nice. So I’ll just start working on the hairline, An then gather the hair into a ponytail. Use nails to bring it ’round. So it’s just gently manipulating the hair
into a ponytail and as you do that, you pull on different strands
of hair very gently, all around the head. And just feels super, super soothing Lovely. Okay. Now, take some small sections of hair, and pull them very very carefully.
They’re in the scalp. As if we’re doing sort of a head inspection. Tingly ones. Just carefully move the hair around that using nails. Now, grabbing larger pieces of hair now, moving them around
quite quickly, around the head, and then smooth. Smooth. Smooth down right to the ends. Tapping is always nice. Just touch this side. Tapping lightly around the head, from the front, down the sides, and on this side too. Not forgetting down the bottom, and the neck scratch. Now the ears. I have a cotton bud here, I’m just going to use it to touch the outside
of the ear very gently. Around the top, and around the bottom. Around the earrings, the studs. And the other side, the same with a cotton bud. Around the top, around the lobe, the studs, whisper into this ear. Very beautiful. [inaudible] [inaudible] Good night. Good night. Sleep tight. Lots of love from me and Mia. Sweet dreams. Good night. Good night. Good night.