hey folks welcome back this is Harry today I’m going to show you the simple
and powerful meditation techniques ok so what is meditation meditation is one of the most effective
technique to reduce stress and controlling the mind in the ancient
times so many enlightened with meditation it’s traveled from generations to
generations reaching so many people’s giving them a lot of benefits all over
the time the result is beyond our control it can
change the current lifestyle to the best ever known an ordinary person considered meditation
as a prayer meditation means awareness or enlightenment meditation is a systematic way of making
our mind quiet so that we can contact our true identity technique one breathing meditation this is one of the best meditation
techniques for beginners from ancient time of his most powerful and effective
meditation all the time just by sitting in a comfortable position with the
closing eyes watch your breath or concentrate on your
breathing to get the benefit of this meditation at least you have to do for
30 minutes for day technique – here and now meditation here and now is
a technique which you can perform any time anywhere in any position you have
to follow these three simple steps step 1 remind yourself that you exist here and
now step 2 just be aware of the activities going on
and around you at this moment step 3 from now onwards start doing
everything with awareness technique three mindfulness meditation this meditation
allows you to be fully present in the moment and bringing your attention to
the sensations within your body follow these steps start by focusing on
your breathing then allow yourself to become aware of
other sensations like how you’re sitting where you feel tension or tingling
orders etc the goal here is to become a spontaneous
observation do not try to judge the thoughts that
arise from your mind technique for mantra meditation home is the ancient Sanskrit word used
as mantra meditation by repeating a sacred work or meaningful phrases you
can bring your mind into a state of focus you can say the mantra allowed or repeat
it silently technique five walking meditation sitting on the floor or chair without
doing anything makes so very bored try the walking meditation technique you
can do this in anywhere any time simply focus on your body as it moves and
concentrate on your feet arms and other body parts while walking thanks for watching don’t forget to