Hey guys! Welcome to FabFitFun’s YouTube channel. Let’s dive into our Customize Close-Up. We’re gonna dive into today’s Customize Close-Up. I should’ve said my name maybe. My name’s Leah! I’m going to be showing you three products
that all FabFitFun members can choose from their spring box. So let’s get started! So the first product that I’m going to be
showing you guys is not the egg that broke the internet, but it looks kind of like it. This is the Unplug Meditation aromatherapy
diffuser. It’s pretty cool-looking. I know that I need this in my life personally. It’s supposed to bring zenness and calmness
and happiness, and those are all things that I would love to achieve without having to
eat five pounds of pasta first. So this baby has a 160 milliliter water reservoir. It’s BPA-free, treated so it’s gonna have
zero resemblance to any of your past baggage, ex-boyfriend’s dirty bathroom. I don’t even want to think about the last
time I was in my ex-boyfriend’s bathroom. Ah! This is going to help just clear your energy,
clear your space, clear your desk. It also comes with this essential oil. It’s orange-scented and called “happy.” So it’s basically happiness on a plate, delivered
straight to your door. Oh my gosh. The other cool thing about this is that it
has a USB cord, so you can plug it into your laptop. You can get one of the charger heads and put
it into a wall. And it will light up. Let’s take a look! So the next thing I’m going to show you – I’m
actually so excited about! This is the Show Me Your Mumu Brie robe. There’s no cheese that comes in the box with
the robe, but you’re welcome to eat cheese while wearing it. I know I will be, especially when I’m having
my Saturday night Leah date nights because I’m single. It is floral. It’s knit. It’s easy and light to wear. Fits up to size 16. It’s flattering. Ties in at the waist with a removable waistband. Here it is! It’s also got a high-to-low hem. It’s just the cutest, flirtiest robe in the
entire world, and I’m going to show you exactly what it looks like so you fall in love with
it just as much as I am. I’m feeling snazzy! That’s right! Here I am, and here this is! I’m not for sale, but this robe – you can
get it in the FabFitFun spring box. And I know after seeing it on me, hopefully
you want to! So for context, I am 5’5″, generously 125
pounds, and this robe hits about 2 and a half inches above my knee and it just grazes below
my knee in the back. Little party in the front, business in the
back. I had to think of that saying for some reason. I almost forgot it! It’s springy, it’s floral, it’s flirty, and
sometimes it just feels nice to put something on for yourself that feels good, looks good. And you know girls, treat yourself because
I know I am. Right now, I’m taking this robe home with
me before I get my spring box. So your third option that you can put in your
spring FabFitFun box is this Deux Lux Demi backpack. Okay, okay, okay. I can calm down. I can get through this with you. Vegan leather trim, canvas around it. It’s cream. It’s black. My friends always joke that I don’t like color. I like shades of colors, and this is hitting
the mark every which way. For those music festivals that you might be
going to or if you’re a mom on the go, look at me. I’m a school girl! Here I am! It’s pajama day apparently! And I’m obsessed with it! You can also fit a lot in here, which is exciting
because I hate when I order a backpack and it shows up and I’m like, “Wait, but the dimensions
said this!” And it shows up, like, this big. No, ladies. It’s big. So a couple of features that I want to point
out that make this bag even better than what I’ve already said are a couple of things. The adjustable strap so you can do those right
down here. It makes it super easy to use and easy to
adjust. So you want to give this to your daughter
or your friend, and you know, everyone’s different heights, so it gets a little messy. This makes it easy. Also, once you take back the top, you can
condense this to as tight as you want or as loose as you want. If you need to fit – I don’t know – a baby
in here or something like that, maybe a watermelon or a pumpkin, just do that. And if you’re just doing a couple notebooks
for school, you can just button it right back up. Lastly, there’s a pocket in here. I have one thing to my name that is Gucci,
and it always sits in a pocket by itself because I will be damned if it gets dirty. So you can put your Gucci in there too. If you’ve enjoyed this Customize Close-Up
with me, then please comment below, like the video, and subscribe. We’ll do more. I can’t wait to hear from you. And have a great spring season, guys!