So, first of all, I found you on NiteFlirt. And so I know that you are extremely successful there. Can you tell us a little bit about your work
and how you ended up on that platform? Sam;
So the work I do is there is… and I try to specialize is in erotic hypnosis and also more of the sensual femdom… you know, sensual domination scenarios. One of the things I find being an over 40
provider, is I tend to find clients who are looking for a more mature woman or a mature female to explore, you know, in a very discreet, anonymous way, their fantasies with older women. So it’s been for myself, being over 40, it’s
actually been an extremely fun experience with them. There seems to be a school of thought that says men by default exclusively want young girls and that’s not true at all. I’m finding there are tremendous number of men across the entire age spectrum that find a lot of value in erotic potential with older
women, mature women. The difference being is that they’re not necessarily able to discuss his work or travel and sohe needs to be very private. So there is an enormous field open to mature
women that is fertile with men of all ages. Dyann;
I have to agree. I totally, totally agree with that, but you
do other forms of erotic work as well. Is that correct? Sam: Uh Huh. Dyann;
Can you go into that just a little bit? You provide a number of different services. I love that you describe yourself as a professional consenting adult. I think that’s awesome. Sam;
Ok so let me give you a little background first to put things in perspective. I have been in various parts of the sex work industry since my late teens and early 20s. I’ve been in and around the business at times and learned a lot at all the different venues I worked at. It’s amazing. It’s like each experience was like an island, it’s own little island, it’s own special little world with it’s own special audience. They were like isolated experiences. So at this point, now that I’m here, being
an over 40 provider, I’m a completely different person than at any other time. Most every man and woman who gets to this age becomes more who they are, they become much more authentic. You’re a composite of all your life experiences. So you’re no longer finding pieces to build
your identity with, you become that identity made of all those experiences over a lifetime. So for me involved in sex work, along side
of that, my sex work platform is much more broad. When I was younger I was working in much more specific areas while I was working through different parts of myself, but now I’m much more discerning about who I let in and spend my time with. I’m very restrictive about who I allow to have access to me because I know I can make money in many ways, but I can’t get back time, my time. Dyann;
Wow, I love this, I love the sound of this. Do you have a website that people can go to and see all of what you have to offer? Sam;
Yes, we’re in the process of building it now. It’s called morelovelessnoise.com. My blog is a place where I can process my thoughts. It’s not just this is where I went and what
I did. For example, when I’m dealing with a client who is looking for a mother/son dynamic as opposed to a daddy/daughter scenario when dealing with a mature woman… the minute I hear a guy ask for that everybody flips. So here’s the thing, why is it then when a
man asks you to pretend to be his “daughter” we don’t think he’s necessarily a big pervert, but when he asks her to pretend to be his mother suddenly we’re ready to send him to the electric chair…. like “what is wrong with you son”… right? So I think this has a lot to do with our definition of manhood. There’s a whole lot of social stuff and conditioning stuff that goes with it, but here’s the thing we’re not paying attention to in a roleplay
situation… there’s potentially less danger. Because there’s no way he’s going to go home to his mother and convince her to seduce him. However, in the daddy/daughter scenario the power dynamic mirrors the power dynamic in real life. So this could be a transfer assault. So I spent a lot of time writing blogs posts about this and thinking about it and writing it down and wondering why this bothers us so much. And also where the inherent dangers are in both of these roleplays. So that is typically the type of thing I would write in a blog post. Sam’s site again is morelovelessnoise.com