ERNIE: Hi, there, Bert. BERT: Oh, hi, Ernie. ERNIE: Hey, Bert, you
want to play a game? BERT: Hmm, no I’m reading
right now, Ernie. ERNIE: Hmm. Well, you don’t want to read all
afternoon, do you, Bert? BERT: Yeah. ERNIE: But I know reading is
good for you, reading is great, and reading is a
lot of fun, and all that sort of thing. But, Bert, you need your
exercise, too, you know? BERT: Yeah, I know. I’ll exercise later. I want to read right
now, though, OK? ERNIE: OK, Bert. But incidentally,
Bert, you’re it. Bert’s it. Bert’s it. BERT: What? ERNIE: You’re it, Bert. BERT: What do you mean I’m it? ERNIE: Well, you see,
that’s the game. I just tagged you. And you’re it until you
take somebody else. BERT: No, no, I’m not
playing a game. I’m reading, Ernie,
and I’m not it. ERNIE: OK. But Burt is it. [SNICKERING]. BERT: Ernie, I’m not it. ERNIE: Yes, you are, Bert. You’re it, Bert. BERT: No, I’m not. ERNIE: Yes, you are, Bert. Bert’s it. Bert is it. Bert is it. Bert is it. [SNICKERING]. Bert’s it. You’re it, Bert. BERT: Oh, yeah. I got you. I’m going to get you, Ernie. ERNIE: Oh. BERT: I’m going to get you. Ernie, I’m going to get you. ERNIE: Bert’s it. You’re it, Bert. BERT: I’m not it. OK, all right. ERNIE: You’re not going
to catch me, Bert. BERT: I’m going to
catch you, Ernie. And I’m going to get you. I’m going to get you
over here now. I’m going to get you. There. ERNIE: Oh, you got me, Bert. BERT: Yes, I got you. ERNIE: Very good. You got me. BERT: You are it. I am not. ERNIE: That’s true. BERT: You’re it. [LAUGHING]. ERNIE: That’s true. That’s right. Yep, I am it, Bert. BERT: I am going back
to my reading now. ERNIE: Oh, but Bert,
wasn’t that fun? BERT: Yeah, yeah, yeah. ERNIE: Wasn’t that great to
get all that exercise? BERT: Yeah, terrific,
yeah, yeah, yeah. ERNIE: Aren’t you glad
you played that game? BERT: Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. ERNIE: Oh, good. Because you’re it again Bert. [SNICKERING]. BERT: [SIGHING]. ERNIE: Bert’s it.