Hey everyone! So once again we’re gonna use
the door jamb here, 7-foot sticks. What we’re gonna work on in this drill
is scapular retraction and protraction. So one of the key things here, of of the most important
things is keeping your elbows in extension. Do not flex the elbows when doing this drill. If you flex the elbows you’re gonna be taking away from
the scapular focus that we’re targeting right here. So I’m gonna put one stick inside
the door jamb and the other outside. So on the right hand in this example I’m gonna be pulling or retracting the scapula and on the left I’m gonna actually protract the scapula. I’m gonna set up and what we’re gonna do first is push
the sticks into the floor so they don’t slide out, and once that takes place
you’re gonna engage those lats. Exhale. I’m pushing down at about 50% tension. You’re gonna feel that deep front line connect
the upper extremities to the lower extremities and then I have right scapula retracting,
left scapula protracting. Go about five or six reps on that and
then simply just change the sequence. Set it up, give it a shot.
Let us know how it feels.