atleast in maharashtrians we have that kind
of tradition..Griha Shanti ok…now
for all the it doesn’t matter how many satyanarayana poojas
that you do for the untruth that you are generating with
your day-to-day living no satyanarayana pooja can save you
the greatest satyanaranaya pooja that you can do is
you’re truthful to yourself at least you’re unable to be truthful with others
I will leave you for that but at least with yourself you must be 100%
truthful, isnt it? that’ll be wonderful satyanarayana pooja that
will produce immediate results anyway your satyanarayana pooja you don’t
perform somebody else performs for you
maybe he will be benefited, but about you who knows
you get smoked and you catch a bad cold, next day your
sinus all burnt up and swollen
generally your house is totally smoked with satyanarayana pooja…no smoke? oh you don’t use the smoke..oh
in south, lots of smoke they’re making it smaller and smaller but
the old poojas used to be real smoky and you know
if satyanarayana is smart ,he won’t come anywhere near there
you…you be truthful, that’s the greatest satyanaranya vratha you can take up is..that
you take on his form atleast with yourself
if not with the world at least with yourself
with the world also you can take it up, it is very wonderful
but if that is not possible for you, with yourself being absolutely straight
you will see life becomes so beautiful now this vaastu, I dont know which… you
are talking about just that pooja that is done on that day of entrance
or about building the building with a certain
house warming is one thing see one thing is, when new buildings are constructed
not always not always, sometimes, when new structures
are constructed sometimes certain negative airs can be trapped
because of certain reasons
so the idea was to create
a new positive energy by chanting and the homam also had some impact, the agnihotris
and other things that they did cleared up certain atmosphere
yes above all you are moving into a new space
you are not somebody who is beyond everything you’re not somebody who is so aware, if you
see here, you know exactly this is what it is
you’re not in that state of awareness so you need a psychological boost also to
enter a new space because your basic emotion is fear, please see
your most basic emotion is fear so any small thing
your whole life can get disturbed suddenly you believe
you came into a new house, either because of paint smell or whatever, you are unable
to sleep and now you think what is this? in my old
house I was sleeping properly, this new house, maybe ghost
you’re finished you know you’re finished, lot of people can never extricate
themselves out of the single thought they will just go on and on and on and on
and finish themselves so
a little bit like this it clears and it also has some science behind it
certain utterances of sounds and smells creates a certain
atmosphere there and you tied that ashgourd because
it is very highly pranic it revebrates with prana
that slowly positive energy spreads but you put it into your belly. its even better, you know
this whole science is taken to a very peak in the form of temple
building see you must understand this
the Indian temple was never built as a place of worship
or prayer if you go to the temple
nobody told you in the tradition to pray
or to send requests to god about how to fix your life or something
they told you if you go to a temple you must sit there for a while
isn’t it?…because these places were energy centers
they were not places of prayer no Indian temple ever, there is somebody leading
a prayer, isn’t it? see, suppose if it’s some other place of worship
somebody is leading a prayer there is no such thing at any time in the
Indian temple because this was made as an energy center not as a
place of prayer before you start your day you have a shower
go there, sit there for sometime and then go out into the world
this is like public battery charging place and it is also said
if you are on a spiritual path, you don’t have to visit the temple everyday, do you
know this yes, are you aware of this?
those who are on the spiritual path need not go to the temple everyday. why?
because they have self charging mechanisms right now you are doing your pranayam, meditation
these are self charging mechanisms you don’t have to necessarily go to a
public charging place you don’t have your own private charger
you go to the public booth and charge yourself
when the shape of the temple you know the outside parikrama
the sanctum sanctorium, the shape and size the shape of the idol and the size
the mudras that the idol hold, the mantras that are used to conscrete these, if all
these things are properly matched it will have a very strong field of energy
around it you just go there, sit there, imbibe it and
come this is not the time for you to do blah blah
blah blah or
you know somebody else is doing it it’s for you to just sit quietly
and if there is something, to imbibe it, most of the temples we have killed
because we do not know how to maintain them anymore
the necessary dedication the necessary science of what it is, has been
lost and it’s been lots, hundreds and hundreds of temples have
died, only the stone is there this was a science of converting the stone
into the divine but if you are unaware you will again convert
the divine into a stone…you know there is a whole science
as to how to make the stone into divine to energize it in such a way
that it is a much higher possibility than yourself
but you can just decimate it maybe some of you, you got the dhyanalingam
brochure maybe the pictures, if you want to see, the
book is there outside you must come and sit here
this has been energised not through mantras but through prana pratishta
it has taken an enormous amount of work in a way
what I’m doing now, this is not my work, I am
fundamentally I came just to consecrate the linga
just out of something else I got involved in this and I am
doing something fooling around for a while otherwise my fundamental work was just to
consecrate that I never intended to stay beyond consecration,
it was always planned that I will leave as soon as the consecration is done
for some reasons I stayed on and things are going on
you just enter this temple, you don’t have to believe in any shiva
any nonsense you simply come and sit there. it’s a multi-religious temple. thats why people from all religions
come there, just to be there just sit there, it will shake you from the
root of your spine the vibrations are so powerful
because it is consecrated in such a way it’s prana pratishta, you can’t kill it
it is no more dependent upon the stone lingam stone lingam was used only as a scaffolding
to form an energy lingam now once it is on, if you want we can remove
the stone lingam, still it will not change the quality
the seven chakras are established and locked properly
it is eternal, if you destroy the planet still you cannot destroy this form, that’s
how it is this is a whole science in the yogic lore
it’s a very deep science as to how to make this happen
people who were there during the process of consecration, those who were witness to it
you won’t believe the kind of things that happened there
now, right now, your energies are so identified with the body, there’s very little
you can do out of it if your contact with the body becomes minimum
you can do much more it’s like
let’s say you took some clay and made ten pots
now you didn’t burn it yet, it is still fresh
now you can again crumple it and put it back and make it into twelve pots if you want
make it into twenty pots if you want because still the clay is malleable and you
can work so samadhi state means it’s going back to
that stage where again the clay is loose where you can take it out and do things out
of it normally when people are in samadhi states
we protect them we keep them in very protected atmospheres
because smallest disturbance, they may leave the body
somebody’s in a deep state of samadhi, you just do this
he may leave the body you know, because
it is so subtle small little bit of something
it may happen so to train people to be in that state and
learn to be physically active takes an enormous amount of training
it took twenty years for me to prepare this situation gradually
finding the right kind of people and bringing them all together and making this happen
you must experience it, in your life you must experience it once, it’s something
that you must see you don’t have to believe in anything
you just come and sit there you will see, it’ll just take you