Parallel Universes Exist.
Here’s How They Affect You Eighty four is a significant number today
in our lives, whether we are aware of it or not. Why 84 is significant is, this existence has passed through 84 happenings. Eighty four times it has happened; this is
the 84th time. Today modern science proves that the whole
existence is just vibration. It is not my invention, it is a scientific
fact. Where there is a vibration, there has to be
a sound. Yes? Is that okay? I am trying to go logically step by step. There are other ways to go; just with this (Claps) I can make you know
it in a different way but we want to go step by step. Where there is vibration there is bound to
be a sound. Is that so? So you are not just a vibration, you are a sound, a noise rather. Those who are making the sounds and those
who are not, all of you are just one piece of sound. This is what modern science is telling you. And somewhere way back somebody told you,
first there was a word and the word is God. Hmm? You know they told you long time ago. A sound is a word, isn’t it? A word is a sound rather. Right now if I say yes, because you know English language,
you are attaching a certain meaning to it. If you did not know English language, as far as you are concerned,
I am just making a sound, isn’t it? Because you don’t know their (Gestures) languages, you are thinking they are making some crazy
noises. No, they are saying something. (Laughter) If I speak in a language that you do not know,
you would naturally think I am making some crazy sounds. Isn’t it so? If I speak right now in Tamil or Kannada or Telugu or some other language
that you do not know you would think I am making some… you don’t know whether I am really speaking
a language or making up some nonsense. Isn’t it so? Yes? So word is just a sound. So they said that word is God because anybody who has looked at the existence closely can see that what you call as creation
and what you call as the creator cannot be separated. If you separate it, creation will cease to
exist. Unless it’s constantly supported
by the source of creation, not for a moment can this creation process
go on because creation is not a done thing,
it is an ongoing thing. Yes? Are you an ongoing thing or you are a done
thing? I hope you are not a done thing. You are an ongoing process. Without the involvement of the source of creation,
how would the creation be an ongoing process? It is constantly involved. It cannot be separated. So it is because of this they said,
first there was word. That means from total un-manifest existence
when it began to manifest, the first thing that happened was sound. Even the scientists agree it was a big bang. A bang means a sound, right? (Laughs) In India, it’s very beautifully expressed. The first and only one God who existed in
that part of the world was Rudra. Rudra literally means one who roars, a Roarer. So why they called him Rudra is that is the
beginning of creation because it’s a roar. The scientists call it a bang. Now the scientists are withdrawing the bang
theory, that one big bang theory and they are saying
there were series of bangs. So one very popular physicist right now
who’s written very popular books Recently he wrote a book,
I didn’t read this, I met him. (Laughs) He wrote a book called, ‘Endless Universe.’ Yes, ‘Endless Universe.’ Always science has believed that
everything has a beginning and an end. Now physicists are talking about an endless
universe. The yogic system has always been talking
about an ever-expanding universe. For the first time, top levels physicists are beginning to recognize
that there is no beginning and an end. It is an endless universe. It is a popular theory going on right now
among the scientific community that universe may be endless. So when I was in conversation with him I asked
him, ‘Is it possible that it was not a bang
but it was a roar, a continuous roar?’ He thought about it, he looked at many things
and then he said, ‘It’s possible. Maybe it was not just a bang, it was a roar. It didn’t happen in one instant,
it roared for a certain length of time and slowly creation began to happen.’ So the first form, the first God was known
as the Roarer. Rudra means the Roarer. So I asked, ‘How many times
do you think he could have roared?’ He said, ‘We cannot say, we cannot say because we have
no way of knowing how many times but obviously he has roared more than one
time.’ Then I said, ‘Some day if your research
takes you there, keep this as a guide point. He has roared eighty four times.’ He asked, ‘How do you know,
on what basis are you saying?’ I said, ‘By looking into my system I am
saying creation has roared eighty four times and it will roar further, many more times. A maximum of one hundred and twelve times
it will roar. When it roars the last time, then there will
be no beginning and an end, it will be a perpetual creation.’ That’s too far but I told him, ‘You hold this eighty four
as some kind of a guide post and you have machines and mathematics. I didn’t learn 1+1 how much. You learnt all those things, you work on this
some day. Some day if you arrive at a number, you will
arrive at this number, it will be eighty four.’ ‘How is this possible?’ he asked. I said, ‘See if you cut a tree today, people look into the rings of the tree and
talk about, in the last 1000 years when a drought happened,
when excessive rain happened, when a fire happened, everything, right? If you cut into this system with your awareness, the very history of this creation is written
into this one. Eighty four times the creation has roared. We are in this eighty fourth roar, what has
happened as a result of that eighty fourth roar is
where we are.’ Out of the 84 creations that have happened,
83 have happened, this one is happening. Out of these, as creation is happening ongoing,
the dissolution also is ongoing. So the dissolution process started for some
creation and they started dissolving and
dissolving and dissolving. Out of this, only 20 are still in the process
of dissolving, in different levels of dissolving; the others are completely obliterated, except you can look at them in your awareness, looking at this creation because in some way
it contains the residue or the experience of
all that. Just as you carry your experience of life
into everything that you do, the process of creation also has been carrying
the experience of every creation into the next one and the
next one though they’re completely different, though they may be completely different. See, you went to school and played soccer and that was 25 years ago. Now suddenly it happened you’re 45 years
of age and a burglar entered your house. When a burglar enters your house, you are
not going ‘Keeaaaaaah’ (Gestures) like this. You will go like this. (Gestures) Hmm? Because your soccer game, suddenly something
that you have completely forgotten, somewhere it is there in your system, it pops
up; you kicked the burglar like a soccer ball
not like a karate kick or a Kalaripayatu
(Kerala martial art) kick or something else. So the experience – you might have played
soccer just for a month, maybe three months, but that experience, somewhere the residue
of that experience is still ingrained in you and it finds expression somewhere else
in a completely unrelated space. This is the way you’re growing all the time. This is what we are calling as karma. So this is the individual karma, what we are
talking about, but there is a universal karma; there is a karma of the creation itself
because creation itself is a karma, isn’t it? The act of creation, is it not an act? Act means karma, it is a karma. The residue of that karma is always moving
into the next phase of creation and the next level
of creation. Like this, totally 84 creations have happened
or 83 have happened, 84th is on. In that the older ones have
managed to completely dissolve. They only exist in terms of experiential imprint
in the next one but they don’t have a living status, but the 20 behind this are still having
different levels of living status. Some have become very, very wispy, some are little stronger, some are little
stronger, some are almost real like this. They are almost like this (Gestures), but
they are in the process of dissolution. There active process of creation is not happening;
that’s all dissolution means. See, right now what death means for you is when you are a child, the number of new cells that you are producing,
if… let’s say in a year you are producing hundred billion cells, when you become 35 it is dropped a little
bit. When you become 45 it’s dropped a little
bit; when you become 55 it’s dropped further; when you become 75, it’s dropped further. A time comes when what you are
producing and what is dying, what is dying is more than what you are able
to replace. So this is how old age is happening. Exactly the same process
is happening with the creation. The dissolution is always happening. Even here dissolution is always happening,
but new creation is happening, so it’s vibrantly on. That new creation dwindled and stopped, so over a phase of time, over a period of
time this just went down – only dissolution started
happening and then after some time only memory imprints are left, no living imprint
is there. So in this… in this sense only 21 are still
having a… some kind of an existence. The other remaining whatever 63, is it – 63,
they are completely gone. You cannot see them anywhere,
it doesn’t matter how you see but you can see them as memory
imprints within your own system because that imprint and that experience is
still here. This one is the real thing; everything else
in receding order they’re active. In this there are two – in the current one there are two – one is the physicality which carries
the memory of everything, another is the source of creation,
which is the basis of the future. Either you can let your past become the future… When you allow your past to become the future
we look at you and say, ‘It’s her karma.’ When we say, ‘It’s her karma’ what it
means is she is allowing her past to be her future, there is no fresh possibility in her, that’s
what it is. When we look at someone and say, ‘Karma,’ we are just saying they are allowing their
past to become their future; there is no future for
them really, it will repeat itself. So when you say, ‘I’m working on a spiritual
path’ what you are trying to say is – on one level the statement that you’re making is that you do not want your past to repeat as future, you do not want your life to be cyclical,
you want your life to go forward, you don’t want to be part of the cycle. The last chant that you were singing just
now is ‘Punarapi jananam, punarapi maranam’ means this cycle, I want to break it somehow because once you get into a cycle, once you
get into a circular moment you are not going to go anywhere. If you say somebody is going in circles,
what is the expression mean to you? It simply means he is not getting anywhere,
isn’t it? So when we say, ‘It’s his karma’ that’s what we are saying,
‘He’s not going to get anywhere’ because on the circle he thinks it’s a new
journey, it’s a new journey because he has very short
memory. Everybody is in a state of dementia. What is before his mother’s womb or what
is in his mother’s womb also he does not remember. They are in a state of dementia, so the circle
looks new; every time they go through it, it looks new. They are like animals in a loop, you know,
in a circus they put animals on the loop? This is just like that. In India, particularly in the yogic culture
– probably it’s there somewhere in the… maybe it’s in the Yoga Sutras itself, this
example – they are compared to the bullocks at the oil
mill. What they do to the bullocks in the oil mill
is they blind them; that means they blindfold them. They tie something over their eyes or they
tie everything like this (Gestures) and just leave
this and it’s on an oil mill. As far as the bullock is concerned
it thinks it’s going somewhere. It’s like you go on a treadmill. (Laughter) It feels like you’re going somewhere, but
you are not going anywhere – that is karma. So this dimension that you are
looking at right now is in two levels – one has happened, another is happening. So the 83 of them have happened. If you want to talk in numbers, the 83rd one
is happened, but still happening. In a residual way it is still happen…
Your birth has happened. Is it happened? Your birth happened, but still happening,
isn’t it? Your death also has happened, but still happening. You know what I’m saying? Your death is a foregone conclusion, isn’t
it? It’s already happened. The moment you were born, your death happened. First step towards your death happened,
but still happening. You are waiting for it to become complete
or you’re wanting it to be delayed, but it is happening, isn’t it? And it’s already happened. So there is another dimension within you for which the birth has not happened
nor will the death happen to it. Only if you touch that dimension, you have something called as a future,
otherwise you have just karma. Karma means you are repeating your past as
future. You may be changing the color, you may be
changing the style of how you do it, but still the same stuff, nothing different. Same stuff what the caveman was doing,
you are still doing the same stuff. Style and capability might have changed
but it’s the same stuff. Isn’t it so? This is like anchor… this is an anchor. You throw in an anchor and
you’re trying to move your boat – at the most it can only go in circles, isn’t
it? So we are trying to pull in the anchor or
cut the rope which hold us to the anchor so that next time we power, it will go away. So the whole spiritual sadhana is based on
this, that you want to become free. Free does not mean you have to forget but you have to become free from the memory
which rules you and the memory is not just in your mind. Every cell in your body carries memory. This much is very clear to us,
through genetic science and other things, you are carrying the memory of your forefathers
and you’re still behaving like them. You’re still having a nose like them, look
at this, unless you had a nose job done recently. Yes? There are many, many symbols or there are
many, many aspects in the body which clearly say that the memory of these eighty four
Creations are still there in your body. It is there in every atom in the Existence. So what you’re trying to cleanse is,
you want to cleanse it from the memory, because this memory binds you. This memory gives you a sense of belonging,
at the same time this memory binds you; it doesn’t let you go. So when you do sadhana, you are trying to
cut everything because without cutting that… without cutting your anchor
you’re not going to move ahead. ‘So why this memory is holding me back?’ It is that memory which has given integrity
and stability to your body and the structure of who are
right now; without that… without this memory
this body couldn’t be created. Without the memory of a single celled
animal being within you, without all that information being carried
through the evolutionary process and you sitting here, without that memory this body
cannot be structured and held together. So memory is not your enemy, it is just that
you don’t know how to hold it. You are into it, that’s the problem. You are into it. Now you want to get out of it, you want to
make use of the memory but you want to… you don’t want to be used by your memory
– that is spiritual sadhana. You want to have a future which is
different from your past.