Sadhguru chants Yoga Yoga Yogeshwaraya Sadhguru chants Vasta Vattide Pota Vattide Sadhguru: Namaskaram. Namaskaram to everyone, wherever you are. Well, right now everything has become
corona-related in the world but you must understand that
viruses and bacterias are not new. It is just this particular one
is a little new to our systems. The important thing to understand
is how to handle this human being because if you do not know how to handle this one
then you are handling everything else only by accident. So this is what karma means,
that is you become conscious. You become conscious of your actions, physical action,
psychological or mental action, emotional action and energy activity, you become conscious of all this. The more and more this activity
becomes a conscious process, the more and more you gain
control over the nature of your life. What happens within you, for sure. What happens around you, also to a large extent. So this time, this forced holiday
that most of you have got… this break that you have from your
normal chores, work, business, variety of other responsibilities and
duties that one may have in their life, this break can be made use of to turn inward. Turning inward means this, turning means that everything
that we have gathered is outward. The world around us for sure outward,
things that we possess in our life, our home, our clothes, our automobiles, our relationships, well even our body. Because this also we gathered over a period of time. So everything that we’ve gathered is outward, including the content of your mind
which you gathered from outside and the karmic substance that you
gathered through the process of life. So leaving the outward if you sit here creating a little distance between
you and everything that you have gathered, you have naturally become inward. So the difference is just this,
what is me and what is mine. This distinction needs to happen in your experience. For this there are many methods. Today or probably by tomorrow
morning we are packaging two things, one is a chant, another is a Isha Kriya together. This is a good time to do it because this is a good time to distance yourself
from everything that you have gathered including your virus if you have gathered it. If there is a distance between
you and what you have gathered, your ability to manage situations, above all your
ability to manage yourself is so greatly enhanced, so greatly enhanced that people who
do not know how to manage themselves almost start thinking you’re superhuman. Well, as I’ve said many, many times. This is not about being superhuman,
but realising that being human itself is super. So now a whole lot of people are complaining. What do we do with our time, we can’t go to office, we can’t go to business,
we can’t go out, we can’t go to restaurants. What do we do at home? When did home become such a terrible place? If home has become such a terrible place, you must take this fifteen days to fix it and make it
into a wonderful place, because that’s where you live. That’s your base. If your home base is so horrible in
your experience, isn’t it time to fix it? Well I’m telling you, the problem is not with your home, the problem is with yourself, because you have to spend
time with yourself, which is scaring lot of people. Well, if it is so, that being with
yourself is such a big problem, I want you to appreciate the problem that the world may
be having working with you, being with you, your family, people who work with you, your friends. How much trouble they must have with you when
you are terrified of spending time with yourself. It is very important that we fix that. Also, this is a good time to do that, because, well, in some way hope the loss of life
will be very minimal for all of us. But whether it happens or not right now, the fear of virus
means essentially mortality is staring in your face. If mortality is staring in your face,
you understand how fragile human life is. So at a time like this it is good to make a distinction
between what is you and what is not you, what is me and what is just mine,
what belongs me is all right. What is me, is of vital importance. Whatever may belong to you, you may
spend a lifetime gathering things, but well there is no container
service at the end of your life. So we have come here with a limited
amount of time and energy. Now there is a remainder of our
mortal nature by a microorganism. Well, I want you to understand that the organism
is not against you, it is just trying to make its life. Unfortunately, its aggressive
way of making life takes your life. Like human activity, human beings in search of their well-being,
how they’ve destroyed life on this planet, how they’re threatening the very life of the planet itself, not with bad intention of course,
just with the intention of living well. So similarly the virus just wants
to thrive, and you are the host. It is just doing what we are doing
to the planet. That’s about it. Nothing more, nothing less. But it is right now not a time to philosophise
and remind ourselves of this and that. Right now, your fundamental
responsibility is to stay alive, and to keep everybody around you,
especially those who are vulnerable, alive. We have to pass this test. This will only happen out of response and action. Right now in India, nearly the entire country is like going
into a lockdown in the next twenty four hours, I think. Ah… till 31st, that means nearly ten days or nine days. Well, instead of going half-hearted at
these things, it is better to go full hog. That’s what goverment has decided. The state governments have
also made up their minds on this. So, airlines are all grounded, trains
are cancelled, no public transport — except a few essential services everything is down. This resolve is very necessary to
make this into a successful process, otherwise half-hearted resolve just causes
substantial amount of trouble without results. We must go all out, and we must be
ready for a two or three-week lockdown. I know this is very expensive, economically,
in terms of business, in terms of livelihoods, many problems are there. But all these problems are better than being dead. Being alive is the most important
thing. Problems, we will handle. We will pick up the pieces of our life after this
situation is over and see how to build back our lives. Institutions, businesses, individual
people, everybody will take the hit, but it is important that we do not allow people to die. We do not allow people to perish,
simply because of irresponsible action. It’s extremely important that you stay alive. That’s the most important thing right now. Rest of it we will see later. But at the same time, the economic
activity need not one-hundred percent stop. Today is the era of… this is the time of technology. With this, a whole lot of things can be kept going. Not all of it, at least parts of it can be kept going. Ah… Let us not panic, let us not create distress. Because if you worry too much, you will
double the trouble, that’s all that happens. There’s already enough trouble, don’t multiply
the trouble in your mind and create panic and fear, we will deal with this to the best of our abilities. Our commitment, our focus should be that
least amount of mortality should happen, we should not allow widespread
deaths to happen because of the virus. This is a responsibility, both in India and rest of the
world, every society and every individual must take. I thought there are questions from various people. Questioner: Namaskaram Sadhguru. The first question is from Rithika. “Sadhguru… Sadhguru: Where is she from? Questioner: She’s from Bangalore. “Sadhguru, I recently read that in Italy the
dolphins are coming closer to the shore. In Poland deers are walking on the street. In China and many other countries,
pollution has come down. Is it nature’s way of teaching us a lesson? Sadhguru: Well, we are referred to as human beings. No other creature on this planet is referred
to as a being, we are human beings. That means the basic
qualification is we know how to be. Unfortunately, humanity is going out trying to defy this. Well, I’ve been saying this in many, many ways. If we don’t learn to do things right consciously,
nature will teach it to us in a very cruel way. The most important thing in all this is population itself. Right now, what is it that is
bothering us with this corona — there is a density of population
which makes it jump all over the place. But nobody wants to address. Generally, leaders in the world have not addressed this,
because nobody wants to go against religious groups, who are always against this, for whatever
reason, this is going on for too long. So one basic thing is population. This is really the only problem if you ask me. That is, we are nice, but we are just too many. Now, we took death into our hands with medical
sciences, vaccinations, and everything. Once we take death it into our hands, it’s just
simple sense to take birth also into our hands. But we believe is God’s work. Death we want to ensure we are
responsible for it, and we will handle it. Birth also should be handled with the same thing. If death is postponed, birth needs to
be postponed. This is an important thing. The human footprint has become so big, so very big,
that there is no room for other creatures to live. Now, this may not be scientifically
correct, probably it is not. But suppose you are a virus, suppose you are a virus and you live in other animals,
and animal population is going down and down, would you not choose a new habitat. Maybe that is what the virus has done,
because there are not enough animals. One thing is wild animals have
dissipated in a very tragic way. Another thing is, every day other
animals are being slaughtered in a year. We are slaughtering over
seventy billion animals for food, seven billion people killing seventy
billion animals across the world. I’m sure we are not eating that much,
but that’s how wantonly we were living. So, if the animal hosts are disappearing,
maybe the virus is mutating to even a human being. This is not… I’m not talking science, just simple logic. If you were a virus would you not do that. Definitely you would do that,
because if your habitat is disappearing, you would like to find new
habitats, new places to survive. So, in a way, it is but this is not
a time to talk about these things. This is not a time to say you did this,
so this is what is happening, you deserve it. No, this is not a time for that. This is a time for sensible action. If people are infected and they are suffering,
they need your compassion and attention. This is not a time to talk about all this. But long term we must think about these things, that if we don’t make room for every
other creature to survive in this planet, then you will see, even we will not be able to survive, because our life is not independent of all
other creatures particularly microorganisms. They are very much a part of our life. You can live without your relatives and friends, but you cannot live without microorganisms,
they are making so many things happen. For all you know this virus also may
turn friendly over a period of time, because that is how these pathogens work — they are looking for a place to live and thrive. So, their activity is going on a certain way. Is this a teaching? See in every situation there is a
teaching, if we are willing to learn. If you are willing to learn, calamity does not happen. Every day, every moment,
there is a teaching, there is a learning, but unfortunately we don’t learn, we wait for calamities
to happen, and then we want to philosophise about it. Please do not philosophise. Please do not go about saying, well we got it and
you actually we deserve it or people deserve it. Those people who did this deserve that. Leave this nonsense. This will not take us anywhere. Right now, the thing is to see how not to carry the virus. The important thing is you don’t
become a carrier, you don’t get infected. Make sure nobody else gets infected – the simple
thing is distance right now, distance from everything. This is the time to be alone,
this is the time to turn inward. Well, I’ve been trying to turn you
spiritual for a long time now. It looks like it needed a virus for you. Please. Questioner: Namaskaram Sadhguru. Is there anything, all the Isha volunteers, all over the
world can do in making this situation a little better? Sadhguru:  All these millions of volunteers we have
right now, the best thing is to stay off the streets. Stay away from people around you. Keep five to six feet distance, and the simple preparatory etiquettes
that everybody’s talking about – manage this right now there’s nothing much to do. In the local areas here around the Isha Yoga Centre, we thought of launching an
awareness campaign for the rural folk, that is still in consideration because what I gather is most people are already aware because of
the television and the social media that is on. So they’re pretty well informed, even in rural areas. The next step is, well if things go out of control – If there is a massive diffusion of this, if such a
thing happens, hope it doesn’t with this lockdown. I hope it… we don’t get there but yesterday in my
conversation with the health minister in Tamil Nadu, we have offered that if it becomes necessary that
you need thousands of disciplined volunteers, we are available and we will come and serve. So this commitment we have taken. Similarly, wherever you are in the world,
this is something that you can offer. Well there is a risk to this,
of course, there is a risk going out. You yourself should be extremely disciplined
to see that you don’t add to the problem, instead of trying to solve the problem, you should not go
there and you yourself become sick add to the problem. Every person who gets infected
is adding to the problem. This is what we need to stop! Right now, the best thing is to stay away
from people, stay at home, or if you’re… if you’re not in a city if you’re somewhere in more spacious areas like rural areas or hills or somewhere – It’s best to be outdoors rather than indoors. Instead of being cooped up with the family of five or ten,
in small building with four walls, it’s better to be outside. The important thing is you maintain, at least two
metres space around you all the time till this passes. Well is this going to pass off just like that? Maybe not, but if we hold it for long enough,
our ability to handle it, could be greatly enhanced. This is what all the scientists and doctors are saying. Questioner: Next question is from
Zayed. Namaskaram Sadhguru! I have been bingeing on your videos
from the last few days of lockdown. I must say you’re a rockstar. I want to know what’s the next step for people like me who have
not learned any of your spiritual practice so far. How can we start our spiritual journey. Sadhguru: Well, you’re… I don’t
know why you’re downgrading me. I’m a yogi but now, you’re
downgrading me to be a rock star, because as far as I know,
most rock stars lived a very bad life. I’m not living a bad life, I’m living a very
good life within myself and around myself. So, don’t put me down. You can call me a yogi, because I am one. I know what you’re trying to say. That’s fine. Well, see this is the whole thing – Only when… most human beings
do not have enough intelligence, to do what is most vital in their life when
things are happening well in their life. They need a calamity. They need a disaster to wake them up. Fine it has come, hope it doesn’t turn into a disaster,
but an impending calamity is staring us in the face. So this is a time you want to turn spiritual it’s fine. I don’t know, or I don’t care for what reason you turn
spiritual as long as you make your life profound. First of all, let us understand what is
spirituality and what is a spiritual practice. Everything that you’ve gathered is largely physical
in nature, including relationships and works. It’s all physical things. That which you did not gather that which is life itself. This is spiritual process. Essentially, what you’re saying is, should I do a spiritual process means should
I find a means to delve deep into myself, know the profoundness of my existence,
or should I live just on the surface. Should I just live with a heap of things that I’ve gathered,
or should I know the nature of my existence. This is the question you’re asking. You should. You did not do it all this time. Now you think I’m a rock star. So if you like
that, it doesn’t matter how it works for you. But as I said we are putting out
a package of a certain chant, and a certain practice called Isha Kriya, it will
be available on the app, you can make use of it. The chant is about generating samat prana
or heat in the system – ushna in the system. Ushna, the English word would be just heat,
but it is not in terms of temperature, but there is something called as ushna and sheeta,
which in English language translates into heat and cold, but that’s not what exactly it means,
it indicates that direction, but it does not mean that. So if you generate enough samat
prana and create ushna in the system, your immune system will function much better. So the chant is about that. The chant will generate a certain amount of strength
in the immune system, because it generates heat. You ever heard, probably, you’ve not but most Indian
people would have heard a word called tapas. Tapas means… Taap means heat, tapas means
a process which generates heat in the system. Because, keeping the immune system at a
high level of resistance is most important. If we want to go through life in a comfortable way without small things throwing us
off from the purpose of our life. Colds and coughs and fevers
are throwing people off their… whatever they wish to do in the life, simply because the
immune systems are not as good as they should be. So we will teach you this chant, and Isha Kriya, which will help you to hold yourself litlle away, little away from everything that you’ve gathered,
including your body and the content of your mind. If you do this, the important thing is just this, see, you know only two kinds of suffering,
physical suffering and mental suffering. Once you create a little distance between you
and your body between you and your mind, this is the end of suffering. So this is a time when you should make yourself
in such a way, you are beyond suffering. Once you’re beyond suffering, you will naturally
want to explore the very depth of your existence. Questioner: This question is from Sergie,
dear Sadhguru, I live in France, but I’m an Italian. All my family is in Italy. How can we not panic and be calm, in this situation? It is very difficult for me to stay quiet. Thank you for your help and take care of you. Sadhguru: Well, different people around the world
are placed in different situations. Just yesterday I was talking to
somebody that I know very well. That her son is in New York City
infected with Coronavirus. Here, mother and father are here in India. The boy is alone there in his apartment. And they’re terrified. Now, she’s telling me, why do
we send our children so far away? Can’t they be happy and well here, where we are. We send them so far away and now
he’s infected with Coronavirus. And I don’t know what to do. So, I reminded her – Well ten years ago you were also very far away
from your parents, now you’ve come back, maybe before you die he will also come back. That’s not the point. The point is just this that you need to
understand human well-being will not come because of going here or going
there or doing this or doing that… The wonderful rain out here we are outdoors. So, I understand the struggle that people
who are dear to you are elsewhere, particularly in a place which is
going through throes of infection and I’m sorry, you know, hundreds of deaths per day. Definitely, you will be concerned. But by worrying yourself to sickness,
by panicking you’re not going to solve any problem. As I said, the more you worry
you will only double your trouble. There is trouble right now, nobody can deny that there
is genuine trouble for all of us. No question about it. But, shall we deal with the trouble
to the best of our capabilities? Or shall we multiply it in our mind? This is the choice we have. I would advise, please do not multiply this in your mind.
There is enough problem in the world already. All of us let us see how to deal with this. How to minimise this problem for
ourselves and everybody else around us. This is the focus. This is what it should be. And this is what we should execute, because
this is what is needed, out of a human being. Questioner: This question is from Tejas. Namaskaram Sadhguru, I recently read an
article mentioning that after lockdown in China, divorce rate went up. Now that we are starting it in India.
Do you have any tips for us, Indian couples? Sadhguru: Well, if your marriages are surviving
only because of separation, it is a sad state. Well, at least the virus has made them realise,
they’re in a marriage, which actually they did not have. Because, staying together for a couple of
weeks is going to break up everything. Well that means you really didn’t have a
marriage, you just had an arrangement, which was going on because of your
absence, not because of your presence. I don’t think that will be a big issue in India. I’m sure, here, those who have been busy all their
lives, they will enjoy being with their families. They will bond well, and make their families more
meaningful for themselves and for everybody else. That’s how we deal with this here. I don’t think we have to implant that when a society becomes absolutely about
how to use everything for your well being. If you’re only thinking in terms of how
your husband or wife should serve you, whether they’re useful for you or not if this is the
constant thought this kind of thing will happen. Let your life be in such a way that you’re always
looking at how to make somebody else’s life beautiful. You being beautiful is a project
that you should finish within yourself. And now your project should be about how
to make everybody else’s life, beautiful. Thank you very much. Let’s close here, it’s pouring rain.. Sadhguru chants Yoga Yoga Yogeshwaraya