Hi this is Gaili Schoen from Upper Hands Piano and I wanted to give you a quick demonstration of the rubberband hand
strengthening exercise. I have three rubber bands here I got this one from… it
was around my broccoli, this one was around a bunch of carrots, and this one
was a around a bunch of kale. So this one from the broccoli is just really
too small it’s very small and very difficult to use so this one won’t work
unless you’ve got a bigger bunch of broccoli and a bigger rubberband.
So let’s forget about that one. But these two work. The smaller one is going to
give you a little bit more of a stretch so you might try two different sizes So
what you’ll do is you’ll take this rubber band from your kale or your
carrots and you are gonna put it around your fingers right below the first joint
this way and you’re gonna keep the fingers 2,3,4,and 5 curved.
Not the thumb, the thumb doesn’t have to curve but the rest will. And you’re going
to go like this, you’re going to stretch ten times as far as you can: one two
three four five six seven eight nine ten. Notice that my (2,3,4,5) fingers stayed curved. Then you can do five really quick ones: one two three four five. Okay and then
ten stretching as far as you can go etc. You’re going to do that with each
hand. You’re going to do ten big stretches, five small and then ten big
ones, and then five small again. And then switch the other hand. And you’re gonna
notice that you’re gonna feel strengthened in your fingers in your
wrist in your arm and all the way up to your shoulders. It’s a great exercise for
playing piano, also guitar and other instruments that use curved fingers like
this, so just remember to keep your fingers curved when you stretch out. If
you feel a lot of pain or tension in your arm just relax for a second. Just wait a few seconds and then start again. I mean
if you have a considerable amount of pain you definitely don’t want to do this
exercise, but you should definitely feel some strain and once you’ve been doing
it with the bigger one for awhile you can switch to the smaller one which will
give you a little bit more resistance. And it’s a great exercise, doesn’t cost a
thing, and you can do it every day. Try to keep it maybe in your car or by your
television or somewhere where you can just pick it up when you’re doing
something else and do the exercise every day. All right thanks! Bye